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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELATIONSHIP

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Healing, 129:physical plane and with the organization of the relationship between spirit and matter into form.Healing, 136:not, as yet, brought into any real or factual relationship to man and his body. The basic theoryHealing, 142:be an idea of some novelty to the orthodox. The relationship of the circulatory system of the bloodHealing, 143:or quality-endowing agent. Their interplay, relationship and unified function are an expression ofHealing, 144:and the Spiritual Triad and their dual active relationship. In this statement is hidden the key toHealing, 157:The regeneration of humanity through love. The relationship, firmly established, between a rapidlyHealing, 157:Humanity - are brought into a close contact and relationship. As the Bible says: "the love of GodHealing, 158:to the soul, and thus to the Hierarchy. Relationship to the Hierarchy automatically takes place asHealing, 158:aspects of the Hierarchy. It is this established relationship, with its subsequent interplayHealing, 158:of the soul body or causal body as the relationship reaches its highest point of intensifiedHealing, 161:is the Hierarchy. He is drawn into close service relationship with humanity. His growing sense ofHealing, 196:medical men in the New Age. When this relationship existing between the nadis and the nerves, andHealing, 196:the nadis and the nerves, and their joint relationship to the centers and spinal column isHealing, 197:It does not yet recognize the fact of the relationship of the glands to the centers, with theHealing, 204:"embryonic") much will be later learned of their relationship to the centers, and much experimentalHealing, 214:beginning to function, and definite conscious relationship is being set up between it and the otherHealing, 214:personality integration. From the six centers in relationship into the highest head center.Healing, 216:The stage of energizing the conscious life of relationship via the heart center, thus bringing: TheHealing, 218:case, then the ductless glands, through wrong relationship and incorrect and unbalancedHealing, 222:it may appear to those who idealize purity of relationship, or how ruthless its application is atHealing, 233:things, but now, for the first time, mental relationship between individual action and death wasHealing, 274:actuates all parts of the physical organism. The relationship existing between the centers, theHealing, 302:force is migraine, which is caused by a lack of relationship between the energy around the pinealHealing, 330:Nervous System In the right understanding of the relationship of the etheric or vital body (withHealing, 345:a problem for me to deal with in this place. The relationship of the two Masters you mention can beHealing, 382:of the Hierarchy and Humanity into a closer relationship. The blending (slowly going forward) ofHealing, 392:souls in bodies with which he finds himself in relationship; this loneliness only disappearsHealing, 406:institution of direct, unimpeded continuity of relationship between the Monad and the personality.Healing, 427:life in manifestation. [427] In this process of relationship between Father-Spirit andHealing, 430:with all these triplicities there exists a dual relationship to the life principle: The heart, inHealing, 431:The astral body. The solar plexus center. This relationship has hitherto received little attentionHealing, 443:and the distortions of the [443] true relationship and intercourse between the sexes. I refer notHealing, 467:forces can again interpenetrate the body. Relationship with all the withdrawn forces is, up to thisHealing, 475:etheric body, loosened from all nervous relationship through the action of the nadis, begins toHealing, 476:retains his vital interests and his awareness of relationship to others even whilst losing his gripHealing, 496:soul. They may also provide a measure of group relationship, where the soul experience is long andHealing, 521:and those which are incurred through his group relationship, environal, national or planetary. IHealing, 522:is pre-eminently conscious. Therefore, this relationship of the higher or greater and the lower orHealing, 532:and will be considered by me in their rightful relationship. I have asked A.A.B. to give here aHealing, 548:he should embrace, with his understanding of the relationship of the soul to its vehicles ofHealing, 552:function in unison; this will entail a positive relationship between the two. When the patient isHealing, 555:healing the establishing of a sympathetic relationship. As an ancient book in the Masters' ArchivesHealing, 571:the energy of the Spiritual Triad. This esoteric relationship is only set up when the soul isHealing, 582:As he imagines, through visualization, the relationship of these interlaced triangles,Healing, 584:two words you have the key to the problem of the relationship of energies. Free energy, from theHealing, 588:of the same essentially divine nature, but the relationship established has produced the problem.Healing, 588:of the situation (either good or evil) is the relationship aspect. This statement is of majorHealing, 599:is the number of initiation. This numerical relationship brings man to the point where he isHealing, 600:healing are both of them aspects of the great "relationship" system which governs allHealing, 620:which eventually produces correct, unimpeded relationship; this is another name for alignment. ItHealing, 621:desirable) are correct alignment, right relationship, and clear channels for the seven energies inHealing, 622:lotus," and the petals of that lotus have a relationship and a definitely qualifying effect (bothHealing, 634:innate coherency, of unity, of synthesis and of relationship. Physical or planetary prana (theHealing, 645:is an unbreakable (though probably unrealized) relationship between the healer's etheric body andHealing, 645:circulation of energies. The channels of relationship can be conductors of many different types ofHealing, 653:can bring his soul and the patient's soul into relationship; in [654] fact in some cases theHealing, 654:of the healer simply consists in holding the relationship steady; no interference must be permittedHealing, 700:of the two parties concerned are brought into relationship. In Discipleship in the New Age the raysHercules, 10:together they embody the entire story of the relationship of spirit and matter, of life and form,Hercules, 29:the Father in Heaven. We shall next consider the relationship of sign and constellations, and closeHercules, 64:upon the cross of matter, is tied up with the relationship (presumed from most ancient times toHercules, 75:by promises; they build up a strong personality relationship, and by utilizing the sincerity andHercules, 131:of the soul directing the ungainly body. This relationship in which each aspect achieves dueHercules, 158:many, the fact that they are human beings with relationship to other human beings just does notInitiation, 81:time elapses, and they are brought into closer relationship with the two Masters with whom they areInitiation, 98:Great Bear whose ensiling life holds the same relationship to our Planetary Logos as the Ego doesInitiation, 110:affairs and with group activities to have any relationship with a man until he stands upon theInitiation, 122:connection with those plans in their planetary relationship. This brings the initiate through aInitiation, 147:includes an oath of secrecy as to the realized relationship of the Solar Logos to the PlanetaryInitiation, 202:so simple as it may appear. Egoic vibration and relationship may exist, yet the outer personalitiesIntellect, 32:and understanding in reality, bear the same relationship to each other as nature and Spirit.Intellect, 82:the ordered stages of the meditation process, a relationship is gradually and steadily establishedIntellect, 128:happen: the idea of the holy, of Being and of relationship to that Being enter in as dominatingMagic, 5:relationships. This will include its group relationship as a preliminary step. Demonstrate theMagic, 18:man's achievement, but an idea as to their relationship and their general coordinated function mayMagic, 23:the triplicity of man, his divinity and his relationship to the life in Whom he lives and moves andMagic, 23:religions deal in analogous phrases with that relationship. Magic, 58:angel or soul. It will also be realized that his relationship (through the form side) will be toMagic, 86:represents is forgotten. In the solving of this relationship will come racial initiation, and it isMagic, 87:we are primarily concerned in this rule. A later relationship, which in no way concerns us, is [88]Magic, 90:appreciation of the way in which this essential relationship can work out practically. This can beMagic, 116:It embodies a conception of the ego in his relationship to others. A principle is that whichMagic, 130:sensing of the plan for humanity have a close relationship. Idealism is analogous to the thoughtMagic, 150:cover the entire soul experience, and the relationship to the three types of breath, touched uponMagic, 172:of the full moon in May. He finds also that the relationship between Master and disciple isMagic, 196:force or divine energy and their direction. The relationship of the head center to the base of theMagic, 301:sex perversions and the distortions of the true relationship and intercourse between the sexes. IMagic, 326:a Power and have attempted to define their relationship to that Power in terms of fear, ofMagic, 331:when a man has found his soul and recognizes its relationship to its mechanism of expression, theMagic, 410:his essential unity with all creation and his relationship, intrinsic and vital, with all forms ofMagic, 415:without any real comprehension of that body-soul relationship which leads to really intelligentMagic, 427:Later as a result of their telepathic relationship and their united conferences, there may emergeMagic, 499:be carefully handled so that there is no loss of relationship and no false expenditure of energy. Magic, 545:a true black magician on the astral plane. This relationship is only possible when there have beenMagic, 628:out and finds its logical consummation in the relationship - consciously realized - of the soul andMeditation, 23:of the causal body on these planes and with the relationship of the causal body to other bodies onMeditation, 23:itself, with the egoic consciousness and its relationship to the lower self. Later I will deal withMeditation, 23:the same consciousness on its own plane and its relationship to other egos and to the Hierarchy.Meditation, 23:might word it otherwise: - I will deal with the relationship of the Higher Self to the threefoldMeditation, 23:and the gradually increasing strength of that relationship through meditation. This increase is
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