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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELATIONSHIP

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Psychology2, 378:of Duality would serve to elucidate the relationship which should exist between the two rays ofPsychology2, 378:quite symbolic. We were there dealing with the relationship of five rays: Those of the personality,Psychology2, 379:and mental energy (3) are also brought into relationship; one potent vortex of force is then set upPsychology2, 380:These four types of energy are then brought into relationship with the ego or soul. This bringsPsychology2, 383:sentient nature, the astral body (thus revealing relationship and responsibility); it bringsPsychology2, 392:to be a part. The word "unity" expresses his relationship to the whole. It will be apparentPsychology2, 394:the Ray of the Divine Pattern, or of beauty in relationship. It involves on the part of thePsychology2, 416:condition of manifestation which we call the relationship of positive and negative, of male andPsychology2, 437:surroundings. Lack of understanding, of right relationship, and inability correctly to blend thePsychology2, 484:of esoteric development, the goal of a similar relationship to the Master or the Hierarchy is heldPsychology2, 488:looking for help. This is largely a brain relationship, electrical in nature, established byPsychology2, 504:manner, the spiritual status and hierarchical relationship of the patient. Psychology2, 521:indicate certain lines of development and relationship anent the seven major centers, the sevenPsychology2, 531:in place of desire and attraction, of divine relationship instead of human relations. But thisPsychology2, 543:of divinity without and within, plus the relationship of the man to some extraneous Factor calledPsychology2, 620:they violently disrupted the tie and severed the relationship, causing much distress andPsychology2, 702:to humanity and to establish a more definite relationship and a closer contact than had beenPsychology2, 704:and the plans to make possible a closer relationship between humanity and the Hierarchy werePsychology2, 714:from the [714] making of statements as to relationship or status. It might be well for us to ponderRays, 4:energy (the two opposite poles) are brought into relationship, a third type of energy is produced,Rays, 13:following groups: The emanating Avatar and His relationship to the Lord of the World, our planetaryRays, 16:by far deeper seated factors latent in the relationship between spirit and matter and inherent inRays, 46:the interesting transferences of meaning and of relationship which occur in the Ageless Wisdom. TheRays, 68:the Hierarchy makes contact with Shamballa and a relationship is then set up between the "brightRays, 80:initiation, the initiate is "occupied with the relationship of the 2 and the 4; these, when placedRays, 89:of evocation, seeking to bring about a closer relationship between all the three great planetaryRays, 111:as souls, the nature of the soul (which is relationship) begins to have an effect; men becomeRays, 111:of the separated self vanishes, and group relationship and group interest supersede that intenseRays, 111:supersede that intense personal and interior relationship and interest which have made evolving manRays, 112:the human consciousness into the realm of group relationship, group life, group reactions and groupRays, 134:the kingdoms in nature in united inner and outer relationship - will be the medium of recognizedRays, 136:us and from us to Him. This dual thought of the relationship between humanity and the Hierarchy,Rays, 141:possible focused relation. The mystery of relationship becomes revealed to him. Then the entireRays, 147:course, only relative but the expression of this relationship may elucidate the problem somewhat,Rays, 161:the three major centers and the nature of their relationship, and not specifically to the Trinity.Rays, 180:of the deva evolution. God is love. God is relationship. God is consciousness. These are the threeRays, 184:other septenates could also be related, but such relationship is not required by the initiate whoRays, 206:must not be unduly elaborated in the detail of relationship. The major characteristic of theseRays, 209:sentiment - that curious, emotional reaction and relationship which links all the members of aRays, 213:it needs also those who have facility of relationship with the inner Ashram and are thereforeRays, 218:body and the establishing of a direct line of relationship between the pure Ashram and a group ofRays, 219:with His mission, with world need, and with relationship with the Father or with the Monad. ButRays, 223:complete at-one-ment and have achieved perfected relationship; triplicity has given place toRays, 231:mainly the intensifying of the hierarchical relationship to Shamballa, and therefore affects everyRays, 239:These older methods, built around the direct relationship between a Master and a disciple, reachedRays, 257:the three planetary centers arrive at the needed relationship, and another great triangle reachesRays, 264:The Law of Synthesis has reference to this relationship and to the factual nature of the tremendousRays, 276:life of the spirit and the horizontal life of relationship must be expressed simultaneously in someRays, 276:by the synthesis of purpose and of spiritual relationship which exists between Those Who areRays, 277:concept. The nearest description of the true relationship might be said to be as follows:Rays, 277:of life, upon the cosmic physical plane; this relationship is focused through Sanat Kumara Who isRays, 277:planning which results in the growing "forms of relationship" which today seem to be takingRays, 282:(soul contact) and horizontally (human relationship), yet he stands at the center of hisRays, 289:the divine Idea. It is to the knowledge of this relationship and of its effects that the first wordRays, 299:in spite of the fact that the physical plane relationship is usually non-existent and outerRays, 306:who have moved or are moving from an affiliated relationship on the periphery of that HierarchyRays, 333:man has to learn the art or science of relationship to other men and to his environment, soRays, 333:so humanity as a whole has to learn its relationship to that which lies above and beyond mankindRays, 340:Sacral center 7th ray Physical plane Beginnings Relationship Sex Magic Initiation 2. Baptism SolarRays, 343:a sense of group solidarity. The subjective relationship is assured by an objective contact.Rays, 352:dies out and solar fire takes its place, and the relationship between the two higher forms ofRays, 354:Crosses which stood side by side and to the relationship between those who hung upon them. In theRays, 366:many Ashrams and creating an "invoking area" of relationship for the supreme Head of the Ashram,Rays, 367:The fact of the Hierarchy, The nature of its relationship to Shamballa, The spiritual nature ofRays, 370:in the world, and draws them gradually into relationship with itself and finally into its magneticRays, 379:of many Ashrams, creating an "invoking area" of relationship for Sanat Kumara. The Christ, aided byRays, 383:centers [383] will be preserved, but the inner relationship and the spiritual fusion will steadilyRays, 394:than you can imagine, for it signifies a new relationship of a spiritual nature and deeplyRays, 397:point which can be presented to you is that of relationship. All these seven Paths lead to someRays, 397:Venus, thereby in Their turn establishing relationship. Remember also that all the seven rays areRays, 397:Ray of Love-Wisdom, which is ever expressive of relationship, implemented under the Law ofRays, 405:the Great Bear to the Pleiades, and their dual relationship (a higher correspondence toRays, 413:anent this connection, and the particular relationship of this fourth Path to humanity, the fourthRays, 414:[414] Such, however, is the case. There is a relationship of very ancient date between our Lord ofRays, 414:themselves objectively. The mystery of this relationship is partially revealed at one of the higherRays, 414:choose this way to the cosmic center. 2. The relationship as it expresses itself is between theRays, 414:Sun. The energy evoked in response to this relationship enters the Hierarchy via the Heart of theRays, 422:as one of the seven Paths produced ultimately relationship to the Pleiades, so this Path relatesRays, 442:highest aspect in the three worlds into a close relationship; later, he brings his physical brainRays, 452:or balancing aspect, which is love or group relationship. (See Education in the New Age, PagesRays, 455:process, and there is then a straight line of relationship between the monad and the lower personalRays, 464:of sensitivity The Love Aspect The nature of relationship Wisdom. Understanding The method ofRays, 470:the Science of Magnetic Rapport, in which right relationship is brought about by mutual invocation,Rays, 489:in the nature of an active energy, drawn up into relationship with the point of tension; it thereRays, 499:situation, or of [499] better interracial relationship. That this vision is oft distorted, that itRays, 511:Students would do well to reflect upon the relationship of the imagination to the intuition and ofRays, 519:in all forms, which produces interplay and relationship, and which is the cause of all progress orRays, 520:is, in fact, the recognition by the part of its relationship to the Whole, plus a constantlyRays, 536:is the expression of the energy of love. The relationship also enables them eventually to pass offRays, 547:was deemed by us to be timely and wise. Relationship to the Ashram and contact with the Master areRays, 554:generally unconscious of their hierarchical relationship. Their appearance evoked an immediateRays, 557:ray energy; each initiation establishes relationship between the initiate and the ray energyRays, 562:of initiation; the initiate then enters into relationship with rays which are conditioning him atRays, 565:intention. In giving you some insight into the relationship of the rays and the initiations, I findRays, 571:seventh ray is, par excellence, the medium of relationship. It brings together the two fundamentalRays, 571:processes. It consequently governs the sex relationship of all forms; it is the potency underlyingRays, 573:intelligible manner the ever-existent sense of relationship and thus bring about upon the physicalRays, 575:of the initiations; we shall then find that the relationship between the pituitary body and theRays, 575:to help his fellowmen, and thereby establish relationship with them, and to make his life creativeRays, 582:to mass ideals, with no understanding of their relationship to the need of the time or to their
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