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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELATIVE

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Fire, 775:of the triangle, do not always hold the same relative position as regards the center of the lotus,Fire, 782:(to the substance of a man's sheaths) a position relative to that which the physical sun holds toFire, 786:evolution of the entity involved will reveal its relative significance. All that has been here laidFire, 792:of time, and must be considered as a period relative to a day or year of Brahma. One of the secretsFire, 794:and substance from the sun, but owing to their relative insignificance, they have not yet beenFire, 827:greater cycle; this is signified by the ten of relative perfection. 63, 64 The interplay betweenFire, 843:remembered that the term "unmanifest" is one of relative importance only, and concerns man'sFire, 882:inheritance. - S. D., II, 47, 3. Knowledge is a relative subject, and varies according to the gradeFire, 967:web. The caliber of his physical body, and its relative refinement. It is necessary here to warnFire, 989:and the "imperfect Gods" will have achieved a relative perfection. Thus will the karma of theFire, 990:then again cosmic evil will be negated, and a relative perfection achieved. This will mark theFire, Chart:through a study of such triangles as to the relative attainment of the planetary Logos. Within theFire, 1101:your attention to the four points we considered relative to motion [1102] in the physical andFire, 1133:or individuality, and therefore relative permanence in time and space. The permanent atom may beFire, 1139:is not possible to give much further information relative to the periodical appearing of theFire, 1140:all, though the response to the law may be relative and in degree. This law has the generic name ofFire, 1198:of force from out of the many. Some idea of the relative point in evolution of the solar Logos mayFire, 1209:will be somewhat comprehended, and their relative importance assigned. Study of the matter in eachFire, 1214:these two holding towards each other the relative position of Father-Mother. The purely humanGlamour, 15:That understanding will necessarily be only relative, but in the course of the next few years, yourGlamour, 98:are less prone to it than are the others. Their relative freedom from it was one of the reasons whyGlamour, 101:proceeded from a crisis of duality to one of a relative unity, only to have that sense ofGlamour, 133:some standard of comparison whereby to grasp the relative value of the true and the false, of theGlamour, 222:First ray people can overcome glamor with relative ease once they become aware of it as aGlamour, 268:points of strength which can be transmuted with relative ease into points of tension; on the whole,Healing, 10:still await mastering. These limitations and relative imperfections may cause definite effects inHealing, 62:- if they choose to employ it. They can, with relative ease, transfer the sex impulse to the throatHealing, 275:stage of development, then there will be relative freedom from disease. They are to be found,Healing, 383:is as yet basically uncontrollable, and the relative simplicity of surgery seems at present theHealing, 396:medium (in or out of trance) and the bereaved relative or friend is not between the one who hasHealing, 419:the experiment has been made, the objective (a relative one from life to life and from incarnationHealing, 432:have consequently a just appreciation of the relative importance of life in form; the destructionHealing, 598:not at this time concerned. Incidentally, the relative freedom from the plagues and epidemics whichHealing, 600:sound foundation for all work to be done; their relative simplicity is such that it will be obviousHealing, 636:of the earth is yet very far from even the relative perfection of which a conscious human being isHealing, 681:little as you may think it. This distinction, relative to the process of obedience, is interestingInitiation, 51:carefully remember that all these details are relative, and that the work and personnel of theInitiation, 71:disciple is one who realizes simultaneously the relative insignificance of each unit ofInitiation, 105:Manu (these names are given in order of their relative evolutionary stage) it was decided to watchInitiation, 179:the thought must ever be borne in mind of the relative value and place of the unit, or cell, in theInitiation, 221:The result of manifestation. Generally used in a relative sense for phenomena or objectiveIntellect, 187:an effort is to be made to go beyond our relative empirical consciousness... The most importantIntellect, 188:power in our possession. The intellect... is relative in its activity... The Buddha before hisMagic, 13:of man serves to demonstrate the fallibility and relative uselessness of the powers of the animalMagic, 24:as to the nature [24] of this one life is purely relative. Those who are engrossed in the form sideMagic, 39:may be regarded as the unified sentiency and the relative awareness of that which lies back of theMagic, 128:meditation form as you now have it. Enter with relative facility into the state of contemplation.Magic, 204:of the One Life. Then he sees even humanity as relative and fractional, and becomes immersed in theMagic, 334:be noted and become objectively apparent, the relative capacities of old souls, and young soulsMagic, 376:in the process of manifestation we work from a relative unity, through duality, to another unity,Magic, 426:to impress one another and with no thought of relative numerical strength; they will demonstrate noMagic, 454:their differing orbits, holding their stated and relative positions, active as independent andMagic, 543:the work on etheric levels, and hence the relative brevity of the elucidation. Magic, 596:it indicates the measure of soul control and the relative purity of the vehicles, and the variousMagic, 634:the vision and has therefore a truer sense of relative values than ever before. Men know themselvesMeditation, 90:foresee events and occurrences and to know the relative value of a personality. This can only beMeditation, 125:the over-development of the mental, and of the relative weakness of the emotional and physicalMeditation, 126:bodies. In case three the weakness is entirely relative, due to over-accentuation of the mentalMeditation, 232:matter to the downflow of force or life, and its relative density or rarity accounts for much ofMeditation, 356:The result of manifestation. Generally used in a relative sense for phenomena or objectivePatanjali, 64:these obstacles are given in the order of their relative power over average man) is inability toPatanjali, 86:is racial and group realization, the other is relative to the not-self and to man's relation to thePatanjali, 137:to its highest stage by the adept, is but a relative overcoming. As long as the Logos of our solarPatanjali, 157:and the nature of his liberation is only relative to the greater whole. 1. The specific division ofPatanjali, 195:by very definite difficulties. Truth is entirely relative whilst evolution proceeds, and isPatanjali, 267:one. In time and space all characteristics have relative values. The goal is one; the origin isPatanjali, 309:considerably if he can grasp the idea of the relative localities in the body which are energizedPatanjali, 356:in conclusion that this capacity is in itself relative, for the adept is freed from limitation inProblems, 5:are now faced. Some of them can be solved with relative rapidity - given common sense and aProblems, 24:the emphasis is so purely material indicates its relative unimportance, when seen in trueProblems, 101:during the middle Ages, then after a period of relative quiescence again the displaced Jews were onPsychology1, 103:until A.D. 2025, when there will come a cycle of relative stability and of steady shining withoutPsychology1, 137:of the quality of the soul in all forms and the relative subsiding into the background of the powerPsychology1, 152:of each other's power;" they preserve their relative distances, and vitalize their planets, but atPsychology1, 224:kingdom can, for ordinary uses, be accepted as relative fact. But two points should be considered,Psychology1, 318:of Intelligence. This warrants thought. It is a relative achievement, for this is the fourth round,Psychology1, 348:following statement may give some idea of the relative "values" of these ray influences. Ray threePsychology1, 354:for the race. That [354] purpose aims only at a relative perfection and not at the ultimatePsychology2, 61:expressed - Divinity. It is, however, a relative expression of Divinity. When each of us standsPsychology2, 62:is a reflection, in time and space, of its "relative age" or point of development. [63] This,Psychology2, 106:on under the Law of Sacrifice, and that only a relative outer unity can be at this time achieved.Psychology2, 202:accepts all these hypotheses as correct, but as relative in time and space, and as having referencePsychology2, 264:coordination, owing to his endowment and the relative stability of his emotional nature, and hisPsychology2, 340:who are capable of expressing as low a state of relative development as the Lemurian consciousness.Psychology2, 449:crisis is of great importance, owing to its relative rarity. Human crises are frequent and - fromPsychology2, 562:Mystics Extract 2 Hearing gives him an idea of relative direction, and enables a man to fix hisPsychology2, 562:to locate himself. Touch gives him an idea of relative quantity and enables him to fix his relativePsychology2, 562:of relative quantity and enables him to fix his relative value as regards other bodies, extraneousPsychology2, 569:purpose) to make a contact with a friend or relative via a medium. Such cases are known and usuallyPsychology2, 593:head, for in these three centers and in their relative "light and radiant brightness", the wholePsychology2, 669:conclusions, and to bring about a period of relative quiet in which to order the newer ways ofPsychology2, 703:When all that occurred was an interim of relative silence and a period wherein nothing seemed toRays, 80:following after the number 7, which is that of a relative perfection. It is the number of theRays, 147:in him." This again is, of course, only relative but the expression of this relationship mayRays, 200:block Their vision and Their moving forward. A relative freedom has been gained and the initiateRays, 204:time and space; that means that there was only a relative and limited manifestation of that fusingRays, 244:incarnation at this time is the reason for the relative interlude in the production of humanRays, 251:Let me briefly state them in the order of their relative importance: The Teaching on Shamballa.Rays, 393:to guide humanity along correct lines - a relative few among the countless millions of theRays, 434:subject, when you first approach it, seems of a relative simplicity, but a closer consideration of
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