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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELATIVELY

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Astrology, 166:of being the world disciple, and vast numbers relatively stood upon the Path of Discipleship andAstrology, 208:and inevitable. When the mind has reached a relatively high stage of development, the memory aspectAstrology, 240:his position upon the Fixed Cross and begins the relatively slow process of mounting the CardinalAstrology, 325:- and the entire theme must therefore remain relatively obscure until initiation has been taken.Astrology, 331:play through this constellation which even at a relatively high point of development and upon theAstrology, 334:that the astrologer knows whether the subject is relatively unevolved, whether he is an advancedAstrology, 343:of the remaining signs there will be relatively less to say than before, because I have alreadyAstrology, 346:has been active. Its present Jewish coloring is relatively modern and not necessarily enduring, butAstrology, 382:- is the sign of beginning, it constitutes, relatively speaking, a very complex aggregation ofAstrology, 403:his unique futility. But this is only due to the relatively undeveloped state of his "receivingAstrology, 490:of energy, shewing, therefore, that: Ray IV - is relatively inactive. [491] Ray VII - like Ray I isAstrology, 491:disciple or initiate. Libra is also found relatively inactive in the triangle of Ray III. TodayAstrology, 491:matter is so violent that the Libran force is relatively quiescent. Ray III is expressing itselfAstrology, 509:detail. Modern astrologers have worked this out relatively [510] satisfactorily, for the housesAstrology, 516:order to prove the fact, the statement remains relatively useless to the intelligent human being;Astrology, 521:centers in the planetary Life which are as yet relatively quiescent as far as any world effect isAstrology, 522:as in the United States; it has enabled two relatively antagonistic divisions of the ChristianAstrology, 557:the integrated soul and personality. This is a relatively brief stage. Second, the stage wherein -Astrology, 572:second part of [572] the Great Invocation was relatively limited. It was repudiated (almostAstrology, 572:place upon the ladder of evolution and marked a relatively useful point of service, but one whichAstrology, 586:of the forces of evil. This, I realize, is a relatively new idea to many of you; to others of youAstrology, 588:- a contact made by certain selfish minds of a relatively high quality, aided by the Black Lodge.Astrology, 614:nature. This begins to take place and reaches a relatively high stage of unfoldment upon the PathAstrology, 632:with the third ray; their significance is relatively clear. Autobiography, 43:myself most comfortably in those comfortable and relatively inexpensive days. I had a firm beliefAutobiography, 46:II Chapter II Thus ended the carefree, the relatively irresponsible and the easy part of my life.Autobiography, 47:in my thinking and activities that I was relatively unaware of them. I had made a clean break withAutobiography, 144:in a cottage on Beechwood Drive. Hollywood was relatively unspoiled in those days. The movieAutobiography, 176:This whole section of my life, 1921-1931, makes relatively dull reading. I find it difficult toAutobiography, 216:therefore, growing quite steadily but was still relatively small. We had moved from one location toAutobiography, 225:and the teaching given shifted from a relatively high spiritual plane to that of academicAutobiography, 262:esoteric schools today. All of them are relatively modern and have come into existence during theBethlehem, 81:acceptance of all that theology can tell us. Relatively easy to believe, this is the line of leastBethlehem, 116:of each difficulty, test and trial may differ is relatively immaterial. That the tests may first beBethlehem, 135:through which Christ passed would have been relatively overlooked in favor of the Crucifixion hadBethlehem, 223:world need (of which our own is a part, though relatively incidental) that unite us with Him. It isBethlehem, 247:gain in meaning. The body which we now have is relatively worthless; the sum total of moods andBethlehem, 269:when the standard of intelligence is of a relatively low order. Inspiration is something entirelyDestiny, 5:are predominantly the second and the third. Relatively large numbers of first ray egos are also toDestiny, 6:creative ability of the future will emerge on a relatively large scale in the realm of creativeDestiny, 8:imposed authority. Those ideas which are relatively new such as Nazism, Fascism, and Communism,Destiny, 11:proportion. In this way, the new culture for the relatively few and the new civilization for theDestiny, 16:within certain personality limitations of relatively negligible moment, made good use of first rayDestiny, 18:of time, but the cycles of the Hierarchy, though relatively frequent, have not coincided with thoseDestiny, 25:all is taking place. The time of fruition lies relatively far ahead but in the meantime humanity isDestiny, 35:potent as they are today. The situation was then relatively simple. It was part of the [36]Destiny, 71:race are illustrations. Other nations are, relatively speaking, very modern, as for instance theDestiny, 89:is for this reason that such a small percentage, relatively speaking, of French people migrate toDestiny, 96:are two centers on our planet which are as yet relatively quiescent as far as any world effect isDestiny, 96:as in the United States; it has enabled two relatively antagonistic divisions of the ChristianDestiny, 113:when needed, to make sacrifices. This is a relatively new phenomenon and one that should beDestiny, 114:This discriminating taste has reached a relatively high stage of development during the past twoDiscipleship1, 55:cohesion and of non-separativeness. A few - relatively a very few - of the disciples and intuitivesDiscipleship1, 70:yet we are only dealing with the a.b.c. of these relatively new sciences and much of our initialDiscipleship1, 70:the soul and the higher mind - thus linking that relatively lower triplicity with the unity, theDiscipleship1, 96:are not distinguished by such service and are of relatively small importance in world affairs?Discipleship1, 111:there exists a powerful psychic body at a relatively high state of development. This you have neverDiscipleship1, 117:on the astral plane and is contacted relatively easily. A consideration of the above may indicateDiscipleship1, 126:your critical attitude and your isolation, relatively speaking. It is this combination which hasDiscipleship1, 131:to put you to work in this group because you are relatively free from glamor (I did not say freeDiscipleship1, 134:these days. As I have earlier told you, you are relatively free from glamor but the forces todayDiscipleship1, 135:of mine. You need to learn the lesson that it is relatively of no importance what you do. ThatDiscipleship1, 146:to you to reach the world with ideas that are relatively new; that which you write can be printedDiscipleship1, 163:and the policies and activities will be relatively stable and unalterable. This is a responsibilityDiscipleship1, 185:This I think you know. Such a contact should be relatively easy for you as you have four rays outDiscipleship1, 188:complete those for which you are responsible is relatively brief can constitute a glamor of a mostDiscipleship1, 219:some individual. This is now only occasional (relatively speaking). You are learning to leaveDiscipleship1, 228:moments of realization and of exaltation become relatively rare. Points of crisis, of spiritualDiscipleship1, 232:chelas to the recognition of the temporary and relatively unimportant nature of any one particularDiscipleship1, 270:crisis produce any definite after-effects of a relatively permanent nature in the lower bodies?Discipleship1, 277:for now you travel not alone. Your life has been relatively free up to this time, but the choosingDiscipleship1, 293:to you. You have worked at them for a relatively brief time and I shall not, therefore, change themDiscipleship1, 328:verbal inaccuracy. You have so little to do (relatively speaking) in order increasingly to become aDiscipleship1, 333:They increase responsibility but remain relatively useless for they are futile upon the physicalDiscipleship1, 339:- a thing from which you are at this time relatively free though you are not free from certainDiscipleship1, 367:this past year and have passed out of a relatively static condition into one of increasedDiscipleship1, 406:the pranic elements and through you unimpeded (relatively speaking) soul force can flow. But, asDiscipleship1, 450:have cleared away one of the most potent of the relatively few things which hold you back from aDiscipleship1, 469:psychological far more than physical; they are relatively simple in definition, though hard toDiscipleship1, 480:disciples upon the Path (and such am I) , it is relatively as unpleasant from the vibratory angleDiscipleship1, 493:end. Your isolated first ray personality at its relatively high point of integration has now undueDiscipleship1, 496:limitations and hindrances and shortcomings are relatively small and unimportant. They could beDiscipleship1, 521:that though the environing conditions may remain relatively the same, you yourself are not theDiscipleship1, 526:(for one of your devotion and mental capacity) a relatively easy thing to break down, and so walkDiscipleship1, 532:may almost disappoint you, yet there is relatively so little to do before the inner beauty findsDiscipleship1, 546:This meditation comes at the close of this relatively brief communication which has for its mainDiscipleship1, 553:little need to change your work. You have been relatively so short a time in the group, and thereDiscipleship1, 581:is essential that you focus yourself and remain relatively static within your chosen center for aDiscipleship1, 587:easy to gather around you many little people, of relatively futile accomplishment (from the angleDiscipleship1, 592:limitations of the personality. Your problem is relatively simple and your service twofold. YouDiscipleship1, 654:are gifted, wise and powerful, but all this is relatively negated because you cannot step out ofDiscipleship1, 685:In this statement lies the enunciation of a relatively new truth as far as human knowledge isDiscipleship1, 707:[707] In the Aquarian Age (which is now so near, relatively speaking), there will be anDiscipleship1, 726:the higher sensitivity, this stage can be relatively short. Two lives sometimes are sufficient toDiscipleship1, 727:relation to the whole Ashram of which it forms a relatively small part? When this question isDiscipleship1, 734:How can a group within an Ashram (constituted of relatively new disciples and beginners on the PathDiscipleship1, 759:for directive processes. Being, at this stage, relatively free from glamor, he is able to respondDiscipleship2, 7:I am going to ask you to give two relatively brief periods of time each day to definite and definedDiscipleship2, 46:which is the goal of the disciple. Goodwill is relatively simple of expression and all of you knowDiscipleship2, 62:of their souls and who are groping their way (in relatively large numbers) toward the Hierarchy.
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