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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELATIVELY

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Discipleship2, 65:They are oriented to Shamballa; they are relatively unaffected by affairs and happenings in theDiscipleship2, 68:angers to which all disciples are prone are relatively of small importance. They pass and, in theDiscipleship2, 87:probationers. It will consequently always remain relatively small. It is a school for adultsDiscipleship2, 100:over those years, I am forced to realize how relatively little you have profited by this teachingDiscipleship2, 107:at exactly the same point in evolution, would be relatively futile and useless? Such a group wouldDiscipleship2, 108:for such contact. This means that they are relatively dominant men and women in their own setting,Discipleship2, 125:one's duty. OM OM OM This meditation process is relatively simple if you familiarize yourself withDiscipleship2, 128:so-called informative aspect of these reports is relatively negligible as such to groups like this.Discipleship2, 131:the great need of the group was to develop the relatively simple attitude of instantaneous relationDiscipleship2, 135:will, purpose and strength can pour. This is a relatively new achievement within the Ashrams of theDiscipleship2, 150:and will use it widely; they will do this on a relatively larger scale than the intuitional, theDiscipleship2, 223:which is called the Plan; this covers such relatively brief periods as civilizations - whereDiscipleship2, 231:but the organization, as it now exists, is of relatively modern days. In this instruction we willDiscipleship2, 261:point of attainment [261] but the phraseology is relatively meaningless, except to those who areDiscipleship2, 272:purpose. You can appreciate, consequently, how relatively impossible it is for any of you to doDiscipleship2, 276:disciple and the initiate is now so advanced (relatively speaking) that the old methods would noDiscipleship2, 297:sense or entirely new avenue of perception and relatively close to and an aspect of the will aspectDiscipleship2, 323:or of Karma. I have here condensed into a relatively few short paragraphs much important teachingDiscipleship2, 323:happens to the well-intentioned aspirant, and as relatively unpredictable and unexpected. I haveDiscipleship2, 329:must realize that their limitations, their relatively petty points of view and their circumscribedDiscipleship2, 331:or an individual attack upon an Ashram. The relatively feeble efforts of a person are unavailingDiscipleship2, 338:of divinity. The whole concept is, however, relatively very simple. Every initiation, and everyDiscipleship2, 350:of humanity as a whole. This, being a relatively new unfoldment, has not yet made the necessaryDiscipleship2, 352:mass initiation and will be made possible by the relatively new process of group initiation,Discipleship2, 353:obstruction from any outside force. This is the relatively new spiritual technique, and it is aDiscipleship2, 353:the Masters are handicapped (as usual) by the relatively few upon whom they can depend, and by theDiscipleship2, 359:aspect." So this second hint runs. This sounds relatively simple and to be a rather triteDiscipleship2, 366:the spiritual will; these three activities are relatively new to the aspirant and present as yetDiscipleship2, 412:of intelligence and has reached its present relatively high stage of mental understanding andDiscipleship2, 462:energy to the mental body, you should find it relatively easy and possible to get the desiredDiscipleship2, 486:old, though none of you are as old as I am; in a relatively short time all of you will drop theDiscipleship2, 502:of the ordinary aspirant, the choice is relatively unimportant because the time equation is of noDiscipleship2, 507:ground is very hard, very stony, and at present relatively unproductive? So be of good cheer. YourDiscipleship2, 519:Way, but a major center of related states and a relatively static energy - energy held ready forDiscipleship2, 537:in the business office or within the radius of a relatively small circle of friends. In the case ofDiscipleship2, 568:November 1948 MY FRIEND AND BROTHER: There is relatively little that I have to say to you in thisDiscipleship2, 588:himself, and this will involve on a small and relatively unimportant scale the same processes, theDiscipleship2, 608:that has hitherto not been given out or which is relatively new, and hence the value of readingDiscipleship2, 637:connected with the realization that there are relatively only a few years ahead for the [638]Discipleship2, 656:When - as in your case - the personality is of a relatively high order and well integrated, theDiscipleship2, 672:instruction is that this instruction will be relatively short? The last instruction was theDiscipleship2, 679:the Hierarchy are highly individual even though relatively free from personality reactions. EachDiscipleship2, 680:see happen but at present you stand isolated and relatively useless between these two alternatives.Discipleship2, 681:wants to see certain things accomplished in the relatively brief interlude which is left to her.Discipleship2, 709:ray line of teaching. You are one of the people (relatively few) who have a sound and beautifulDiscipleship2, 732:it be on all levels of advancement, even such a relatively unimportant effort (from the point ofDiscipleship2, 732:Dwell no longer on the past but make the relatively few years which are left you of this life,Discipleship2, 752:are) should be radiating centers of light on a relatively large scale. With you this potency ofDiscipleship2, 754:of concrete knowledge or science. This should be relatively easy for you. Then see the rays of theDiscipleship2, 754:an outpouring of love. This again should be relatively easy of accomplishment as your astral ray isDiscipleship2, 756:or failures. These are inevitable and are relatively unimportant, because a disciple at your pointDiscipleship2, 760:been utilizing this monthly opportunity but with relatively little results; this has somewhatDiscipleship2, 761:that I have assured you that such a contact is relatively easy for you; the implications of thisEducation, vii:the rest of the Orient, but whereas Japan was a relatively small country, China, India and theirEducation, 5:humanity the bridging work can go forward on a relatively large scale. On this I need not enlarge,Education, 28:The objective of evolution in form is now relatively complete. When this stage has been reached,Education, 37:behind the mind, progress in education will be relatively at a standstill; the child will notEducation, 41:a character that it does not deal with the relatively small minority who do sense these largerEducation, 51:intellect and intuition. Their numbers were relatively few in the early stages of mankind'sEducation, 58:and modern, and that which is superficial and relatively worthless, is so vast today that it isEducation, 60:energies, he denies their source. That is of relatively small moment; later he will recognize theirEducation, 63:people of the world include this relatively new area of human thought and its internationalEducation, 118:persons. From the altitude at which they stand (relatively high from the human standpoint, andEducation, 146:and the means of ever expanding contacts, comes relatively late in the evolutionary process. TheExternalisation, 12:be completely deceived. Its vibration is of a relatively high order. Its mental effect is like aExternalisation, 30:grasped as a result of group endeavor. This is relatively a new thing. In the past, a man had aExternalisation, 31:at-one-ment. All this is, however, so new and relatively so rare that these groups remain as yet inExternalisation, 38:The work of the Destroyer Aspect has been kept relatively in the background and only during theExternalisation, 50:due to two facts: The masses of men are, as yet, relatively so little evolved that the task of thisExternalisation, 80:in all of you, is - on its present large scale - relatively new and is one of the factorsExternalisation, 86:can be potent in the extreme. This impact, being relatively a new one to humanity, evokes in theExternalisation, 91:case of the Forces of Materialism, you have a relatively temporary - though apparently permanent -Externalisation, 123:word "spiritual" would not yet apply, except relatively) and in destroying those who were wronglyExternalisation, 124:attitudes adequately clear. Owing to the relatively low stage of the [125] universal humanExternalisation, 126:victims of authority, of control, and remain relatively unthinking and childlike. This means thatExternalisation, 126:of the masses; the result upon them has been relatively good as it has led to the formulation andExternalisation, 127:- of the different nations. In every nation a relatively small group of people decide all importantExternalisation, 127:humanity to pass into the new Aquarian Age relatively free and with a clearer understanding ofExternalisation, 128:but are - as I pointed out in earlier writings - relatively futile to control the situation as yetExternalisation, 149:spiritual pole is a new activity, and as yet relatively an untried experiment on the part ofExternalisation, 169:in humanity. This effect in the Hierarchy is a relatively new one and is due to the participationExternalisation, 182:weight upon the side of the material goals. A relatively small group is throwing the weight ofExternalisation, 183:conquerors were outstanding characteristics. A relatively small number of people were involved. TheExternalisation, 201:is very close at hand and the differences are relatively superficial. The new world religion isExternalisation, 227:of God (still unidentified by man, owing to his relatively low stage of evolution which makes itExternalisation, 250:The Great Invocation was rendered relatively powerless, from the angle of dynamic usefulness,Externalisation, 252:to an immediate finish. Would that it were so relatively simple a matter; but the laws of nature,Externalisation, 270:receptivity. Though They can [270] be reached relatively easily, it must be through the massedExternalisation, 278:to the death of the body or form, for that is relatively unimportant; but to the "power toExternalisation, 297:the sons of men." These fall mainly into four relatively minor groups: 1. Racial Avatars. TheseExternalisation, 298:3. Ray Avatars. These great Beings come forth at relatively long intervals when a ray is comingExternalisation, 300:became a factor in human consciousness. It was a relatively new truth to be grasped by humanity. ItExternalisation, 308:the lasting power is less and the effects are relatively temporary. In the processes ofExternalisation, 320:a steadily emerging cleavage between the relatively few who have vision and want actively to helpExternalisation, 324:The art of invocation has been, however, relatively unknown, especially in the West. It employs theExternalisation, 361:procedure, sure in its eventual success but relatively slow also in its establishment andExternalisation, 362:upon the esoteric knowledge of the few, the relatively very few, to whom the facts and theExternalisation, 388:that is desired and required. These people are relatively few in number, when compared with theExternalisation, 394:1936 can be traced to two sources. The work was relatively so successful that it called forth aExternalisation, 406:of them are of less importance affecting only a relatively small part of mankind - a nation or a
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