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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELATIVELY

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Externalisation, 448:an abortive effort [448] well intentioned but relatively useless, as later happenings proved. OneExternalisation, 451:because they have laid the emphasis upon their relatively brief history and have been brought up onExternalisation, 490:and will use it widely; they will do this on a relatively larger scale than the intuitional, theExternalisation, 511:the educational field. All of them are as yet in relatively static condition, and all are as yetExternalisation, 545:efforts may appear to the casual reader as relatively unimportant. This is a superficial point ofExternalisation, 576:is arduous and difficult. Things will be relatively easy for the senior Members of the HierarchyExternalisation, 580:of the bartered goods when they are relatively small and unimportant - and by a planned scale ofExternalisation, 582:designs, will an Ashram be prominently active or relatively inactive. The ancient activities of theExternalisation, 588:but has remained unrecognized, owing to the relatively few people who express, as yet, its quality.Externalisation, 592:holds the thinking world in thrall, even though relatively few have really attempted to demonstrateExternalisation, 612:lies your challenge. What I have to say is of a relatively simple nature - so simple that it mayExternalisation, 613:with perplexities and anxieties, the problem is relatively simple and twofold in nature. First ofExternalisation, 629:It is here [629] that the majority fail. It is relatively easy today to raise money for the RedExternalisation, 638:and in which men everywhere could work, relatively unopposed, towards right human relations. ThisExternalisation, 639:and fostered by Russia, which has lead to the relatively new concept of blocs against. Along thisExternalisation, 643:the groups or (to use a technical word which is relatively unimportant) through the Ashrams of allExternalisation, 669:for this generation. In this particular though relatively short cycle, my Ashram is in a keyExternalisation, 682:one of these, and another Master also Who works, relatively unknown, in North America. I haveExternalisation, 683:years ago, the population of the world was relatively small compared to that today; contact betweenExternalisation, 696:work. Some will not pass through these relatively limiting phases, but will pass back and forthFire, 178:the periphery of the causal body, yet that relatively permanent body is built and enlarged,Fire, 199:the Self with all forms from the lowest to those relatively refined. This is under the Law ofFire, 240:of the same cosmic Identity, or the relatively perfected quality worked out by Him in a previousFire, 292:of the present, and from the angle of vision (relatively limited) of the Heavenly Man of ourFire, 295:high order the solar Logos is an Intelligence as relatively low in the order of cosmicFire, 303:or through a root-race, whilst others are as relatively unimportant to him as the manifestation ofFire, 303:are by no means to be discounted, and are oft relatively of more importance than the physical. InFire, 310:great Entities became active, including such relatively unimportant Beings as our solar Logos andFire, 430:for harmony in a new manner. This will work out relatively well in the sixth subrace. It should beFire, 509:great Entity, the planetary Logos, through the relatively unimportant liberation of the force ofFire, 514:atom. The physical permanent atom has a position relatively close to the positive center, and theFire, 522:and the Three Fires On every plane we have, relatively speaking: Electric fire demonstrating as theFire, 562:is true fundamentally of all forms. Where the relatively unimportant forms - such as thoseFire, 575:through that very struggle, they progress with a relatively greater rapidity than the devas. TheyFire, 617:or Angels, who give mind to man, and create the relatively permanent body of the ego, or HigherFire, 661:kind or another. Even when man has reached a relatively high stage of evolution, the demonstrationFire, 686:and the devas of the internal furnaces became (relatively speaking) highly evolved, the "fires ofFire, 687:where a Heavenly Man is concerned, or relatively in connection with a human unit. Considering theFire, 690:them [690] is impossible during manifestation. Relatively therefore, during manifestation, man isFire, 702:life of the individual cell, and brings about relatively its intelligent cooperation in group work,Fire, 716:of "domestic animals" as we call them, and their relatively high stage of intelligence as comparedFire, 870:the physical brain consciousness owing to the relatively inchoate stage of the bodies, and theFire, 898:Herein will be found one reason why men of a relatively low type of physical body, and having anFire, 935:of the fourth ether. The mineral kingdom is relatively nearing its possible manvantaric perfection,Fire, 940:stages through the fiery to the solid, or to the relatively solid where a subtle body is concerned.Fire, 941:and with that of the devas connected with those relatively permanent focal points - the permanentFire, 963:fire, which any particular Ego is embodying (relatively little prior to the third Initiation) or isFire, 968:thought forms created by average man are only relatively effective, and this within greatFire, 1044:with the planets, and it is equally, though relatively, true, of the atom of substance, or theFire, 1085:a systemic or a cosmic Logos is as mysterious relatively as the effect individuals have upon eachFire, 1086:but theoretical and conveys only to their relatively limited consciousness the general nature ofFire, 1156:concept of the nature of that which will be seen relatively so soon. The centers, as we know, areFire, 1213:kingdoms, man has not so erred, though relatively little progress has as yet been made, and few areFire, 1241:is needless for us to try and comprehend (at our relatively low stage of evolution) what is theGlamour, 8:composed. To some types of people this study is relatively easy; to the majority it is not easy atGlamour, 28:in a state of glamor or illusion or is kept relatively free from these conditions. Second, that theGlamour, 30:the wings of illusion and his incarnation is a relatively profitless one. In a few rare cases, thisGlamour, 32:that, in Lemurian days, glamor and illusion were relatively unknown from the human standpoint.Glamour, 32:remembered that the other kingdoms of nature are relatively free from glamor and illusion. In ourGlamour, 37:own immediate way begins to clear, and he stands relatively free from the fog of his ancient andGlamour, 44:White Magic. They will constitute a series of relatively short volumes, and must therefore beGlamour, 101:so much theoretically but have worked out [101] relatively so little. I ask myself whether I do notGlamour, 101:perception is becoming accurate and he stands relatively free from deception and wrongGlamour, 112:their consciousness, even though few in numbers relatively speaking. Illusion is rapidly growing asGlamour, 119:physically, but the causes producing these relatively similar conditions are totally different -Glamour, 137:unique in their contacts and there have been relatively few of Them as yet. Those who are on theGlamour, 137:range all the way from those who have a relatively clear vision of the cosmic picture andGlamour, 158:when the Aryan race has reached maturity and a relatively high water mark of development.Glamour, 158:and the world disciple do see the issues today relatively quite clearly. Will expediency win orGlamour, 168:procedure, sure in its eventual success but relatively slow also in its establishment andGlamour, 169:upon the esoteric knowledge of the few, the relatively few, to whom the facts and the informationGlamour, 175:the mental perfecting process has reached a relatively high degree of development) the apprehensionGlamour, 176:intuitives present the next phase of truth in a relatively pure form even though at the time ofGlamour, 186:that they reach the ears of the world thinkers, relatively unchanged. All revelation, however, whenGlamour, 212:be emotionally polarized, yet, in group work relatively free from astral control. This astralGlamour, 213:see, consequently, that what I am outlining is relatively new. The faint impression of the comingGlamour, 214:which - if employed by those whose lives are relatively free from glamor, who are realists and whoGlamour, 214:and who are recognized by the group as thus relatively free, and who are animated by good intent -Glamour, 223:responsive to a glamor as to all glamors in a relatively temporary manner but one which isGlamour, 225:free from personality frictions or they must be relatively unknown to each other as personalitiesGlamour, 251:The inner or divine eye is quiescent and relatively inactive, being only the organ of observationHealing, 21:a greater law, and its power can be, as we know, relatively offset, for each time that we see anHealing, 25:is all-powerful in the masses. This leads to a relatively negative etheric body which is tuned inHealing, 49:at this time) work out into manifestation is a relatively simple matter. In the astral vehicle ofHealing, 63:to these dangerous characteristics. A relatively advanced stage upon the evolutionary path whichHealing, 69:causes of disease back to the subtler bodies is relatively meaningless. The best reaction which theHealing, 76:and transmission. There is no symbol so relatively accurate to the whole [77] creative process asHealing, 90:statistical failure: The fact that very few, relatively speaking of the race are mentally polarizedHealing, 91:is done in the world of today, is done by the relatively few. The rest are occupied with feeling,Healing, 110:and will be the only mode of dealing with this relatively dangerous subject until such time as aHealing, 126:by them, he then [126] enters upon the relatively simple life of the initiate. Does that phraseHealing, 135:clearer comprehension of my thesis if it is kept relatively free from the technical terms and theHealing, 141:its various interlocking directorates. This is a relatively tangible network of energies and forcesHealing, 143:of matter and substance - the matter being the relatively static aspect, and the substance theHealing, 143:relatively static aspect, and the substance the relatively fluid or quality-endowing agent. TheirHealing, 175:of the soul life and experience, this is of relatively small moment; in the short cycle of theHealing, 181:spine, and supports all the other centers. It is relatively quiescent at this time, for it is onlyHealing, 215:intricacies of the entire process (within the relatively limited experience of the disciple) are soHealing, 230:was not stable as it can be now, but even its relatively brief tenure was a tremendous stepHealing, 310:disease or difficulty; this can be serious or relatively unimportant; it can be dangerous to life
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