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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELATIVITY

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Astrology, 383:involves, as you can see, a deep mystery of relativity, of interplay and of eventual revelation.Discipleship1, 452:see the issues clearly and in their true relativity, and can inspire the young ones also to see.Discipleship2, 619:your identifying yourself with the world of relativity in which you find yourself. Your personalityEducation, ix:By geodesies in the space-time manifold of relativity theory? This would be cold comfort from aFire, 1041:or less, and to realize that it is the Law of Relativity, or the relation between all atoms, whichFire, 1208:some idea of the significance of this and their relativity can be gained by a consideration of theFire, 1241:and who has grasped the basic essential relativity of the three aspects to each other has arrivedHealing, 150:spine and passing through the head. The idea of relativity is one that must ever be held in mind asMeditation, 55:in this earth and in this fourth cycle. The relativity of it is such that it is difficult for youProblems, 11:upon the expressed mental attitude, the sense of relativity and a general national assertiveness.Rays, 438:aspects in a still more perfected form. But the relativity of these matters does not really concernSoul, 149:a special study of Einstein's newest theory of relativity. As a result of his investigations
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