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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELEASE

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Astrology, 96:which hold the man to the wheel of birth and his release from the control of the Common or MutableAstrology, 97:system during manifestation is "initiation or release into the air," so that the bird of life outAstrology, 97:the individual and the human family as a whole, release the soul into three great planetaryAstrology, 102:turning of the wheel in two directions - brought release in Capricorn and produced the world serverAstrology, 116:is called the final death, when the complete release of the life aspect from the life of form takesAstrology, 117:in its occult significance and the consequent release of the indwelling lives into a higher stateAstrology, 117:serve constitute a scientific mode of achieving release. In Aquarius, the sign of world service,Astrology, 121:stands for the death of the personality and the release of the soul from captivity and its returnAstrology, 121:inevitably the "death of the fishes" and the release of the imprisoned life into new forms or newAstrology, 127:form in order through form experience to achieve release and the "uplift of matter" in Vulcan.Astrology, 128:to deal with the energies which these planets release, subordinating them to the energies releasedAstrology, 131:again you have the six potencies which produce release from the bondage of form, entered into inAstrology, 158:only again to undergo destruction, prior to the release of the life and the rebuilding of the form.Astrology, 179:with the pairs of opposites, and finally release into full spiritual service. In connection withAstrology, 180:is released into full governing activity. This release takes place in two stages: Stage 1 - WhereinAstrology, 180:is laid upon the struggle of the personality to release itself from the grip of lower desire in theAstrology, 180:desire in the first case, and in the second to release itself from surrounding world glamor whichAstrology, 199:there comes liberation from form control and the release of the conscious individual. Again,Astrology, 248:precipitates the crisis which is required to release the man from the planetary influences whichAstrology, 333:The House Humanity 5. Leo, Keynote: Leo seeks release in Scorpio The Lower Self The Higher Self TheAstrology, 333:8. Scorpio, Keynote: Scorpio stages the release of Leo Unity of selfishness Conflict with dualityAstrology, 342:along the way of incarnation. The instrument of release is, in the last analysis, the right use andAstrology, 343:in preparation for unity, freedom and release. Some are lost in the illusion and know not what isAstrology, 357:treading of the burning ground and subsequent release. Ray 5 - Concrete Knowledge or Science, underAstrology, 361:also on to the Path of Discipleship through a release from its present self-centered policy, itsAstrology, 367:as governed by Gemini, that the final release can be mentally achieved. Ponder upon this statement,Astrology, 398:Liberation - the way that brings about his own release and at the same time sweeps him into thoseAstrology, 398:him into those activities which bring about the release of others. In Scorpio, the man who hasAstrology, 402:is to achieve initiation in Capricorn and thus release the soul from the revolving wheel andAstrology, 402:the form nature in the Taurian subject and his release through the Venusian Son of Mind. The MoonAstrology, 473:the culturing care of Virgo and the final self-release in Pisces. We might here give a little timeAstrology, 473:soul from its first incarnation until its final release, it will be found that seven majorAstrology, 476:man's evolutionary development and eventual release from the Great Wheel of living existence. SevenAstrology, 477:they draw upon the resources of the heart. They release the light of wisdom within the field ofAstrology, 490:III - Cancer: The mass movement towards liberty, release and light, so dominant today, is caused byAstrology, 499:all this. Once there is a measure of nervous release from strain and once the swing of theAstrology, 544:relations. They are [544] working for the release of Germany from the glamor which descended uponAstrology, 583:place from whence it came and would aid in the release of humanity from the terror which is todayAtom, 64:of its inadequacy. Then comes the happy release which we call death, that great moment in which theAtom, 65:into a fuller measure of activity, and the release of the life from the crystallized vehicle and anAutobiography, 31:came into money - not a great deal but enough to release her from earning a livelihood. But sheAutobiography, 68:except that I went there for a month once to release Miss Ashe, who was in charge. In each of theseAutobiography, 127:anything that I had to take if it would only release me to a more useful life. I told Him that IAutobiography, 128:it. All the time plans were being laid for my release, but I was quite unaware of it. Unseen by meAutobiography, 146:of the British is something from which they must release themselves, and the certainty of theAutobiography, 252:the freedom of the whole of humanity and for the release of the suffering people. This necessarilyAutobiography, 269:by the power of their own souls. They thus release some Master, now active in the world, for higherBethlehem, 15:From the Buddha he can learn that the way of release is to be found in detachment, dispassion andBethlehem, 16:the individual and his self-initiated efforts at release and illumination, with the final objectiveBethlehem, 22:turned within to find the light and peace and release so ardently desired. Christ gives us aBethlehem, 147:hidden beauty, unrealized, but struggling for release. Bethlehem, 185:the assumption of matter into heaven, and the release of God from the cosmic crucifixion. The poet,Bethlehem, 217:the Baptism episode, which signified purity and release through the purification of the waters ofBethlehem, 226:the kingdom is our duty and also our method of release from the thralldom of human experience. WeBethlehem, 226:grasp this; we must realize that we shall find release only in the service of the kingdom. We haveBethlehem, 242:the stupendous episode of dying. Death brings us release - temporary perhaps, though eventuallyBethlehem, 249:the flesh is a trial and a probation; death, the release and the return to the soul's destiny; toBethlehem, 272:of this new and higher kingdom, which powers release one into a wider world, and tend to make oneDestiny, 49:3rd Ray Intelligence. 5th Ray Knowledge. I release the Light. Great Britain 1st Ray Power. 2nd RayDestiny, 75:that needed internal conflict which will release France from Leo and from the control of herDestiny, 75:and strike one of the major blows for the release of humanity from bondage. This has twice occurredDestiny, 80:by Pisces, the world Savior, can do much to release the Piscean personality of Germany. Here liesDestiny, 94:the planetary centers and the energy which they release is naturally of great interest and, couldDestiny, 140:the third great center, that of Humanity. This release and readjustment leads to creativeDiscipleship1, 10:the potency of such an effort or of its power to release each other's bonds and to lift the groupDiscipleship1, 10:this demonstration your endeavor. You will thus release for each other all that is needed to bringDiscipleship1, 10:intelligence and an abiding strength and thus release that light and power which will eventuallyDiscipleship1, 37:the ancient deceptive thought forms. They will release the light and peace which will illumine theDiscipleship1, 57:is one of the quickest ways by which to release the Self from personality claims? This is not theDiscipleship1, 58:of the liberating forces which must precede the release of energy for use after initiation. HeDiscipleship1, 100:the personality life is frequently the agent of release, if rightly apprehended; that which willDiscipleship1, 101:that was believed possible. It will constitute a release, self-achieved and self-initiated. ThisDiscipleship1, 104:of disciples whom I am seeking to train needs release from something. For you, it is release fromDiscipleship1, 104:needs release from something. For you, it is release from form in your work of service. You willDiscipleship1, 107:of the head type." Therefore, for you the way of release is the way of Love and the note of loveDiscipleship1, 139:for you that measure of liberation which will release you to fuller service. If you have questionsDiscipleship1, 140:use of the spiritual will on your part that the release to full liberty of action will come. YourDiscipleship1, 147:as the work proceeds. Go forward to a fuller release and, therefore, to fuller power to serve. Discipleship1, 149:to your particular life cycle, will come for you release into service. This service will makeDiscipleship1, 158:the true significance of beauty and you of joy, release and fuller service will be yours. Discipleship1, 165:attainment must be laid. This cyclic rhythm will release from strain and yet enable the workers inDiscipleship1, 170:on joy, happiness, gaiety and bliss; these release the channels of the inner life and reach - in aDiscipleship1, 175:general condition) that this consciousness of release is one which you greatly need. The deepDiscipleship1, 179:find your chosen field of service. Your personal release lies in the production of harmony throughDiscipleship1, 182:winter's work. Like many today, relief and release [183] appear to lie in concentration upon yourDiscipleship1, 185:to a higher level of contact and brings release and the power to communicate, which is the hallDiscipleship1, 186:or waste of time. It has been for you a time of release and of liberation, little as you may graspDiscipleship1, 187:as you react to the massed psychic impression. Release yourself from [188] it in the assurance thatDiscipleship1, 206:of service rendered. You have now also gained a release from much ancient responsibility; thisDiscipleship1, 209:when wisely used, you will experience an amazing release. The implication of these words is farDiscipleship1, 225:lessons of divine indifference, once mastered, release the soul to union with the One. Surely itDiscipleship1, 252:How can it be achieved. The terms of release are so simple, my brother; the art of conformity is soDiscipleship1, 258:from soul levels. This is a hint to the way of release for you. However, as you seek to bring aboutDiscipleship1, 262:heart more closely. You are on the verge of real release and I tell you this for your comfortingDiscipleship1, 263:this life stepped out into a greater measure of release than was anticipated by your soul or byDiscipleship1, 272:man's attitude to it will eventually come world release. If this cannot take place, then some direDiscipleship1, 281:of organizing the personality but of your release from time limitations. Be the ruler of your timeDiscipleship1, 283:in achievement along this line will come for you release and the establishment of beauty. There isDiscipleship1, 286:hope) that all things are working towards your release into greater expression of beauty andDiscipleship1, 294:bringing about of a better alignment would also release more fully the love of your soul into your
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