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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELEASE

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Magic, 595:of the etheric web which will result in the release of energy. Such information is too dangerousMagic, 612:of his freedom from this illusion and of his release into the clear air and pure light of hisMagic, 614:into the kingdom of God and brings about his release. It is this maya itself which [615] serves toMagic, 635:so seriously, and you will find that you will release yourself for freer and more potent work. TakePatanjali, 129:unit within the form can bring about eventual release. For the time being and during the process ofPatanjali, 130:the central mystery is contacted. The method of release is seen, the law is well fulfiled, and manPatanjali, 157:of that form and the eventual perfection and release of that life from the form at the conclusionPatanjali, 248:When thinking has completed its task of release, it has done what it had to do and ceases." (FromPatanjali, 285:knows therefore what acts must be performed to release the few remaining effects. Through strictPatanjali, 379:The physical plane method. 2. Drugs The release of the astral consciousness. 3. Words of PowerPatanjali, 381:the use of alcohol and of drugs can and does release the astral consciousness, as also the practiceProblems, 66:people. Because of the triumph of science - the release of the energy of the atom - the future ofProblems, 66:will be the steadily growing problem of the release of man power from the grueling labor and theProblems, 67:and races are discovering this "secret of release" and the future security of humanity is,Problems, 81:aftermath of world war is before our eyes. The release of the energy of the atom is definitely theProblems, 81:frankly selfish motive of self-preservation. The release of atomic energy has not only put intoProblems, 82:these resources of energy and the mode of their release remain in the hands of the people's chosenProblems, 82:nation should own the formula or secret for the release of energy. Until mankind, however, hasProblems, 82:is a problem which when faced and solved will release the creative energy of man into channelsProblems, 82:of man into channels undreamed of today. The release of atomic energy is the first of many greatProblems, 83:in all the kingdoms of nature; the great [83] release still ahead of humanity will bring intoProblems, 110:are now following a program leading to the release of Africa into the hands of its own people. AtProblems, 134:it along political lines and hope for relief and release through some form of government action orProblems, 135:waiting, as philosophically as possible, for the release which death will bring, asking only aPsychology1, 64:- a destruction of forms which brings about release of power and permits "entrance into LightPsychology1, 64:and characteristics of this Lord Who brings release may be gathered from the following sixPsychology1, 80:when applied by man to himself, works his release. When applied by man to man, it has produced thePsychology1, 116:that true picture of the world's need which will release you from your own ambition and set youPsychology1, 184:demand for light, so earnest in their cry for release from the present blindness, and so anxiousPsychology1, 185:mediums and with apparatus hitherto unknown. The release of the potencies in an atom will mark aPsychology1, 188:of their very need, and the power they thereby release is great. Those on the inner side arePsychology1, 198:initiators of the animal world. The secret of release for the animal nature is hidden in thePsychology1, 200:in himself all ways of approach and of release, and all achievements, and synthesizes in his lifePsychology1, 200:prepare him for the great liberation and for the release of that quality of synthetic apprehensionPsychology1, 284:The solving of the sexual problem will release the minds of men from an inhibition and an unduePsychology1, 362:to safeguard infant souls. The seventh ray will release the developed souls from the nursery stagePsychology1, 382:3rd ray of intellect. 5th ray of knowledge. "I release the Light." Great Britain 1st ray of powerPsychology1, 396:ever travel free. They hold not what they have. Release yourselves, and enter through the gates ofPsychology1, 430:3rd ray of intellect. 5th ray of knowledge. "I release the Light." Great Britain 1st ray of powerPsychology2, 31:nature that it can only be described in terms of release, of negation, and through the emphasis ofPsychology2, 34:endeavoring to do? We are treading the Way of Release, and on that way, all drops from our hands;Psychology2, 36:you. Adherence to the rhythm of the planet will release the hidden Blessed One and order bring."'Psychology2, 36:Word, and the using of the light, - these will release the Blessed One, deep hidden in the ark.' "Psychology2, 37:One that golden thread which will provide release from all the maze of earth existence.' " Ray FourPsychology2, 39:express the Plan of Deity! For this Blessed One release is found in work. He must display hisPsychology2, 44:negates intense outer activity but which does release them from wordy criticisms, feverishPsychology2, 77:to a general and undefined desire for release. The processes, in detail, of appropriating A body orPsychology2, 83:which marks the progress of the soul towards release and the ending of the period of appropriation,Psychology2, 88:sacrifice as a means of salvation and eventual release and liberation. Such is the blindness andPsychology2, 94:- the death of that which is lower in order to release that which is higher, or - on a larger scalePsychology2, 94:in the order and scale of being, in order to release that which is lower. But the lesson needs toPsychology2, 105:children that the lesson is learnt which can release them for initiation. They hold their childrenPsychology2, 105:to hold, one must detach, and to keep, one must release. Such is the law. The soul has also toPsychology2, 116:analogies in mind, for they can often arrive at release from the limitations of their lives and atPsychology2, 121:releases us from our misery, even if we fail to release or relieve the sufferers. Service isPsychology2, 129:of love; harmlessness is the key to the release of the lower nature from the grip of the worldPsychology2, 130:bring light into a distracted world, and release human energies in right directions. It is not herePsychology2, 156:the imperative demand of his own soul for [156] release from the search for outer, material,Psychology2, 156:upon the Path of Purification, this demand for release becomes stronger and clearer, and when thePsychology2, 157:Service and obedience are the great methods of release, and constitute the underlying causes whichPsychology2, 158:concentration upon a specific center would release us from the wheel of life and identify us withPsychology2, 160:love for all beings, and not desire for his own release. Through an understanding of the pairs ofPsychology2, 189:dissipate the ancient thought-forms. They will release the light and peace which will illumine thePsychology2, 206:the sensitive, struggling people, who long for release from failure and from existence in the worldPsychology2, 207:own consciousness. The souls who have achieved release from all the limitations of the form naturePsychology2, 220:pain and sorrow. On the life side, it results in release, liberation and subsequent expansion.Psychology2, 256:this way will there come to us not only eventual release, but also the strength to live in thisPsychology2, 262:to "go in and help the sorrowing planet and thus release the prisoners held in durance hard by lowPsychology2, 355:search. The word goes forth from soul to form: 'Release thyself from all that stands around, for itPsychology2, 361:this entails first of all a disentangling and a release from his own ideas. This process takes muchPsychology2, 403:correct integration and coordination and the release of the individual to a life of usefulness,Psychology2, 404:fields of investigation to be benefited by this release will be that of psychology. OrganizedPsychology2, 423:of sufferers. It might perhaps be said that the release of many whose cleavage lies primarily inPsychology2, 453:pronouncedly physical. These effects may mean release through the proper expenditure of thePsychology2, 456:to extrovert the mystic and thus give proper release for the recognized inflowing energy. As longPsychology2, 461:of frustration in which the man attempts to release the results of his inner brooding along thePsychology2, 461:some form of creative imaginative emotional release is provided. This is often the struggle pointPsychology2, 476:wise aspirants and disciples so that they may release themselves from its thralldom, for otherwisePsychology2, 478:the most powerful at this time? The task of release from the thralldom of astral sensitivity isPsychology2, 478:here. But certain words hold the keynotes of release and three basic suggestions will aid thePsychology2, 483:in terms or a lesson to be mastered would spell release from negativity and blind, unintelligentPsychology2, 618:Age groups to arrest their [618] thoughts and so release their leaders from the disastrous impactPsychology2, 641:to stop war, solve the economic problem and release humanity. It might be stated that the failurePsychology2, 659:methods which will eventually bring about the release of mankind from its present limitations andPsychology2, 691:believe that on that day there can truly come a release of spiritual energy of sufficient potencyPsychology2, 700:analogies in mind, for they can often arrive at release from the limitations of their lives andPsychology2, 703:that liberty and that freedom which will [703] release them from the three worlds of human endeavorRays, 33:has any conception. It means, secondly, the release of the faculty of spiritual perception and ofRays, 53:the expression of something from which they seek release. The aspirants and disciples of the WorldRays, 87:down into hell (figuratively speaking), carrying release for those to be found there. There will beRays, 93:about an arrangement or an alignment which will release an evocative Sound which will beRays, 134:will be recognized some day as the "blow of release" and as the signal for that which is better,Rays, 149:one, once he has grasped the fact that he must release himself from the world of seeming and ofRays, 164:about the dissolution of the form and the release of the life. Death comes to the individual man,Rays, 187:know, upon the astral plane, and bring complete release both from that plane of glamor and from theRays, 223:of the disciple; also that the release of the life aspect from the confines of the causal bodyRays, 229:of the human consciousness. The effect of this release is to awaken the intuition (governed as youRays, 412:training. This the premature discovery of the release of atomic energy has well demonstrated to theRays, 417:consciousness, and yet at the same time to bring release to the myriad forms of His creation. TheRays, 498:truly [498] accomplished is there the complete release of the Lives informing our solar system from
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