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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELEASING

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Astrology, 148:always been faced with these conditioning and releasing circumstances, and today humanity itself isAstrology, 361:fact that our Earth is uniquely the "planet of releasing sorrow and of purifying pain," the energyAstrology, 361:of purifying pain," the energy producing these releasing factors being focused through Mercury andAstrology, 363:recurring, divine triplicity and its work of releasing the soul from the influence of form. We haveAstrology, 442:ever before but it is restricted to the field of releasing from slavery and alleviation of painAstrology, 519:planetary Logos. He, the Lord of the World, is releasing new energies into the form aspect, i.e.,Autobiography, 274:disrupting and disturbing the old schools and so releasing those who are ready for the newerBethlehem, 148:"God is a consuming fire." (Deut., IV, 24.) The releasing activity of this form of God's spiritBethlehem, 268:of the subconscious self or mind; nor is it the releasing in man of the flood of ideas and [269]Destiny, 35:real progress will be made in the process of releasing humanity from the thralldom and theDestiny, 76:conflict but which is essentially a process of releasing the soul to fuller expression. It is ruledDestiny, 95:The Lord of the World, the "Ancient of Days," is releasing new energies into humanity, transmutedDestiny, 121:for its appearance at this time, because, in the releasing of the life into the new and improvedDiscipleship1, 138:to a cultivated joyousness which will end in releasing you to fuller service. Will you work onDiscipleship1, 262:which you have dedicated yourself, you need the releasing power of the tide of love which is theDiscipleship1, 451:picture and issues, and who are pledged to the releasing of humanity. It is not force (as appliedDiscipleship1, 476:and immediate objective expressed. For you, the releasing power of love is essential but it must beDiscipleship1, 482:each day of a diary which will embody certain releasing forces and which can - if truly andDiscipleship1, 489:will tend to make your service more effective by releasing you in your personal life from theDiscipleship1, 494:love which can pour through the personality, releasing it from limited expression and at the sameDiscipleship1, 519:influence can be lasting and can carry with it releasing power to those we love, whereas the otherDiscipleship1, 533:with you along life's path has had much to do in releasing you, for the major liberating force inDiscipleship1, 546:would find it wise to make; these would have a releasing effect upon your soul influence, and thusDiscipleship1, 734:Tension, when focused rightly, is the great releasing power. So many disciples focus tensionDiscipleship1, 757:to take the Master's place eventually, thereby releasing him for higher and more important work. AsDiscipleship2, 131:instructions. Your duty lies in the daily releasing of steady illumined love, free from allDiscipleship2, 380:absent: theologians refuse to recognize that the releasing of the energy confined and imprisonedDiscipleship2, 399:and removes all individual [399] obstacles, thus releasing the initiate into that vortex of forceDiscipleship2, 512:plane selflessness which has been powerful in releasing others. You need now to demonstrate anDiscipleship2, 533:in all lives which are deciding and frequently releasing factors. A major one for all disciplesDiscipleship2, 535:approach to daily living is in a measure a great releasing - a releasing of hidden beauties,Discipleship2, 535:living is in a measure a great releasing - a releasing of hidden beauties, unsuspected and seekingDiscipleship2, 676:the hallmark of an enlightened soul and a basic releasing agent from an occult and scientificExternalisation, 5:relationships between the constellations are releasing new types of force which are playing throughExternalisation, 46:- psychological, bringing in the soul; psychic, releasing the lower psychic nature from illusion soExternalisation, 78:that the law is working out and incidentally releasing him for a greater future. There must, at theExternalisation, 275:reception of this revitalizing, stimulating and releasing force. Thus Shamballa, the Hierarchy andExternalisation, 303:created which may prove a more effective way of releasing energy and a safer way, than the focusedExternalisation, 340:requirement - the winning of the war and the releasing of humanity from the threatened slavery, theExternalisation, 358:untold thousands on to the Path of Probation. Releasing new life into the planet through the mediumExternalisation, 491:investigation. By this first step in the releasing of the energy of the atom this has beenExternalisation, 497:the subject of experiment and investigation, the releasing of the energy of the atom. This willExternalisation, 500:prove itself a "saving force" for all mankind, releasing from poverty, ugliness, degradation,Externalisation, 510:the process of transmuting the old form and so releasing the imprisoned life, there are two thingsExternalisation, 658:when He reappears and has the responsibility of releasing its potencies on earth. The task of allFire, 492:will enter into a temporary obscuration, thus releasing energy for [493] the use of the remainingFire, 1068:atom becomes, through this conductive faculty, a releasing agent; and they consequently cause whatFire, 1068:These burns are the result of the process of releasing the essential life of the atom of physicalGlamour, 69:and forge a way through it, have the task of releasing soul energy and mind potency. Among theseGlamour, 114:Every soul in incarnation which succeeds in releasing its consciousness from the world of illusionGlamour, 145:humility is one of the most potent factors in releasing the illuminating power of the "mind, as itGlamour, 165:untold thousands on to the Path of Probation. Releasing new life into the planet through the mediumGlamour, 184:new light upon an old, old truth may penetrate, releasing the truth from the trammels of orthodoxy,Healing, 5:all kingdoms. The art of the healer consists in releasing the soul, so that its life can flowHealing, 42:a gradual and slow process of dying and of thus releasing the soul. A cure then will not beHealing, 133:all kingdoms. The art of the healer consists in releasing the soul so that its life can flowHealing, 313:or group of energies which caused it or by the releasing power of death). Where possible, and whenHealing, 471:divine aspect, the aspect of the destroyer, releasing the life. "God is love" connotes the secondHealing, 524:as a soul. "The art of the healer consists in releasing the soul." Think for a moment what thisHealing, 532:all kingdoms. The art of the healer consists in releasing the soul so that its life can flowHealing, 538:all kingdoms. The art of the healer consists in releasing the soul so that its life can flowHercules, 75:of Prometheus, who signifies God incarnate, releasing him from the torture of the vultures of old.Intellect, 94:yet the result of that apparent tragedy was the releasing in their midst of the form of a fourthMagic, 333:the subject of experiment and investigation, the releasing of the energy of the atom. This willMagic, 518:in them, he goes forward with the work of releasing the "prisoners of the planet"; and in them heMagic, 529:magical work, to the salvaging of souls, to the releasing of the prisoners of the planet. This isMagic, 535:how, to be practical, can a man become a releasing agent for the "prisoners of the planet"? WhatMagic, 537:Planet In touching upon the work of humanity in releasing the units of which it is constructed, andMagic, 537:the units of which it is constructed, and in releasing the prisoners in the vegetable and animalMagic, 537:thing. I have given no specific rules for releasing the prisoners of the planet. I have made noPsychology1, 406:personality. The second Initiator - the Christ. Releasing the love nature. The final Initiator -Psychology2, 118:outlines of this science, for it is the major releasing factor in the disciple's life. Secondly,Psychology2, 173:he must employ in achieving and attaining the releasing equilibrium. When these ideas are dominantPsychology2, 174:before the Angel and takes away his sword, releasing thus the Angel unto a higher task. He himselfPsychology2, 428:and utilized, they will produce the self-releasing of all the problem cases which are found in ourPsychology2, 431:it will then be found to be, in itself, a major releasing agent in any moment of crisis or anyPsychology2, 545:is thrown into an abnormal activity, thereby releasing all kinds of astral forces into thePsychology2, 689:brevity as this abstruse subject permits. The releasing of certain energies which can potentlyRays, 86:the rocky grave of humanity is breaking open and releasing men to a life of resurrection. ForgetRays, 189:some changes in hierarchical techniques, releasing some of the hierarchical workers for other andRays, 335:for permission to move along the Way. The releasing of the "saving force" because the hour ofRays, 416:and forms the motivating power of that great releasing Agency; it is that which provides a "pathwayRays, 583:a tendency to clarify the world atmosphere, thus releasing the energy of goodwill. The productionRays, 628:through Conflict is to bring this about, thus releasing France into the light. Reappearance, 74:of calm, emotional quiet and mental poise, thus releasing humanity into a new phase and experience
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