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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELEGATED

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Destiny, 4:is written at this time which will have to be relegated to the discard as useless, as notDiscipleship1, 9:growth and for spiritual satisfaction is relegated to a secondary place. The groups within eachDiscipleship1, 209:major significant lesson. When understood and relegated to its rightful place and when wisely used,Discipleship1, 623:the personality. When the personality is being relegated to its rightful place as an instrument andEducation, 121:and the true values have been temporarily relegated to the background. This was permitted toExternalisation, 195:when racial differences and racial quarrels are relegated to the unholy past and only a future ofExternalisation, 665:the evil has to be subdued and dissipated, or relegated to its right proportional place, beforeHealing, 2:dearly held truth is not really lost, but only relegated to its rightful place in a larger scheme.Healing, 614:one time was of importance but today should be relegated to a minor position and below theIntellect, 59:may temporarily fade into the background and be relegated for a time to the realm of theMagic, 310:diaphragm. The solar plexus will then again be relegated to its old function as a directing agentMagic, 383:plane of the intuition, and the mind is steadily relegated into the background till it becomes aMagic, 392:of consciousness, it is however, eventually relegated to a subordinate position. God, for instance,Magic, 491:the esoteric value of that phrase), will be relegated to the background so that the new horizonsPatanjali, 133:the soul is known as it is and the not-self is relegated to its rightful place as a sheath, vehiclePatanjali, 204:life, form and rebirth become evil and must be relegated to a position outside the life of the ego.Patanjali, 305:was [305] dominant in Lemurian days but is now relegated to the domain of the fully functioning andPatanjali, 326:but they must be regarded as instruments and be relegated to the form side. It must be realizedPatanjali, 412:not exclusive. In the Yoga Sutras, the mind is relegated simply to the position of an instrument,Patanjali, 412:be known, contacted and obeyed once the mind is relegated to its rightful place as an instrument ofPsychology1, 245:value at this time of world urgency may well be relegated to a later time. Psychology1, 341:of phenomena (emotional and physical) must be relegated to their right place in the background ofPsychology2, 16:of personality achievement will eventually be relegated to their rightful place. Galvanize thePsychology2, 181:personal growth and spiritual satisfaction is relegated to a secondary place. This contemplatedPsychology2, 441:this time becoming increasingly aware) will be relegated to a similar position and will drop belowPsychology2, 459:mind, however, cannot control and is definitely relegated to the background; it remains useless andPsychology2, 531:imaginatively in his consciousness and is not relegated to a balanced place among the otherPsychology2, 585:Lack of psychic control should also be relegated to the same category. The [586] medium is eitherRays, 138:below the threshold of consciousness; they are relegated to the realm of the subconscious -Rays, 318:Transfiguration initiation will eventually be relegated to its destined place, and what is meant byRays, 670:life is then regulated and not atrophied, and is relegated to its rightful place as one of theRays, 688:activity. The physical appetites are subdued and relegated to their rightful place; the desireSoul, 78:as to the soul and its nature were increasingly relegated to the theologians. In the 17th century,
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