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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELIGION

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Astrology, 46:this triple karma which brought in the "serpent religion" and the "Serpents or Dragons of Wisdom,"Astrology, 212:through Mars, rules Christianity. It is a religion of devotion, fanaticism, of high courage, ofAstrology, 212:theology. It is however pre-eminently a religion which has waged a cruel and oft illogical war uponAstrology, 213:Christianity, making it a definitely militant religion, oft cruel and sadistic (as witness theAstrology, 252:and this a study of any book upon comparative religion would prove. I cannot trace for you atAstrology, 299:as a humble disciple. Later, when the new world religion is founded and is working, we shall findAstrology, 355:in an unique way to Gemini. In the coming world religion this fact will be noted and in the monthAstrology, 355:between soul and form, so in the new world religion this fact will be recognized. Appeal will beAstrology, 374:world synthesis, human interests and the world religion, so humanity, the world disciple, isAstrology, 524:of evil men, ecclesiastical dictators in any religion, business dictators in any business group inAstrology, 545:When I say this, I mean not the death of religion or of forms of thought. I refer here to death asAstrology, 545:that Germany has responded. The destruction of religion which Germany sought to bring about is notAstrology, 546:atheistic approach of Russia to the problem of religion at the time of, and during the period of,Astrology, 546:the spiritual life of the nation because religion in Germany was not corrupt as it was in RussiaAstrology, 582:expressed, will be the theme of the coming world religion and has been the impulse lying behindAstrology, 678:to votive offerings to the dead, in the Buddhist religion, are ornaments of a "cross formed of twoAtom, 17:by the union of these three lines of science, religion, and philosophy we may get a workingAtom, 44:to be scientific truths. We need to make religion scientific. There is a very interesting SanskritAtom, 49:advancing towards that period when science and religion will come to the help of each other, andAtom, 133:recognition we shall have the simplification of religion. We shall have the great central factsAutobiography, 1:fused and blended before the true and universal religion - for which the world waits - could appearAutobiography, 4:of much that was worthless in the field of religion, of education and of the social order. And thatAutobiography, 10:lies just around the corner." I never found that religion, or common sense platitudes - as usuallyAutobiography, 74:we asked riddles and never once did we talk religion and never once did I refer to their iniquitiesAutobiography, 80:steadily and forcefully preaching the old-time religion. I remained appallingly orthodox or - toAutobiography, 120:taking advantage of the Gentiles. But the Jewish religion lays no emphasis upon immortality or uponAutobiography, 120:me - part of the answer. The Jews hang on to a religion which is basically obsolete. I asked myselfAutobiography, 120:taboos, for the Jewish faith is largely a religion of "Thou shalt not." That which conditionsAutobiography, 127:therefore, completely disillusioned by life, by religion with its orthodox presentation and byAutobiography, 210:world. He had just published a book called "The Religion of Love" and was anxious to have it moreAutobiography, 233:that they had reverted to a past and obsolete religion which they should have left behind. TheAutobiography, 237:as to rituals upon which the new world religion can be founded. The need has long been apparent forAutobiography, 238:books have a definite bearing upon the new world religion. The time must come when the work of theAutobiography, 238:elaborates in His pamphlet, The New World Religion. He indicates that the [239] work of the BuddhaAutobiography, 289:Students belong to every nation and every religion. The school lessons and papers are available inAutobiography, 289:which knows no distinction of race, nation or religion. The new Invocation which is used by all theAutobiography, 298:conservative pattern, her understanding of religion and her allegiance to the Church of England wasBethlehem, 3:whole question of the validity of the Christian religion remains to be determined. Claims are madeBethlehem, 4:easiest way out of the impasse. The problem of religion and the problem of orthodox ChristianityBethlehem, 4:so-called truths, is based upon the fact that religion has been largely superseded by creed, andBethlehem, 4:and entirely separated expression of spiritual religion. They thereby destroy its background,Bethlehem, 5:us that "that which is called the Christian religion existed among the ancients, and never did notBethlehem, 5:Christ came in the flesh, at which time the true religion, which already existed, began to beBethlehem, 5:called Christianity." (Quoted by W. Kingsland in Religion in the Light of Theosophy) The WisdomBethlehem, 6:our most priceless possession, and into it the religion of Christ must, and does, fit. God hasBethlehem, 8:Christianity is, for us today, a culminating religion. It is the greatest of the later divineBethlehem, 10:a part of that revelation. Christianity is not a religion of the same order as the others; it is,Bethlehem, 10:the others; it is, as Schleiermacher said, the religion of religions. What does it matter if withinBethlehem, 11:have - through the loving-kindness of God - its religion of religions, synthesizing all the pastBethlehem, 12:about a truer understanding of all of them. The religion of the Buddha, though preceding that ofBethlehem, 12:the Buddha is its interpretation of his life." - Religion in the Making, by A. N. Whitehead, p. 55.Bethlehem, 12:of Lao-Tzu can also serve the same purpose. Religion must eventually be composite, gathered fromBethlehem, 13:all men may unite, and on which the coming world religion may be based. This may perhaps be foundBethlehem, 17:well to remember that Christianity is a bridging religion. Herein lies its great importance.Bethlehem, 18:its great importance. Christianity [18] is the religion of that transitional period which links theBethlehem, 18:unified world. It is outstandingly a religion of cleavage, demonstrating to man his duality, andBethlehem, 33:given out, with the exception of the Mohammedan religion. We have seen that the emphasis of theBethlehem, 33:We have seen that the emphasis of the Christian religion has been laid upon the unit in the humanBethlehem, 61:Carpenter, p. 50. Any student of comparative religion can investigate the truth of theseBethlehem, 63:days to these constellations is as old as religion itself. Whence came the signs, and how the [64]Bethlehem, 71:from man, group from group, nation from nation, religion from religion. Where there is goodwillBethlehem, 71:from group, nation from nation, religion from religion. Where there is goodwill there must beBethlehem, 72:This is [72] what will bring into being that one religion which will be the religion of love, ofBethlehem, 72:into being that one religion which will be the religion of love, of peace on earth, of universalBethlehem, 99:by fire. Fire, under the universal symbolism of religion, is ever symbolic of the mind nature. ThisBethlehem, 105:from the spirit and reflected in the body." (The Religion of Love, by the Grand Duke Alexander ofBethlehem, 111:spirit to have felt forsaken, even by God." (Religion in the Making, by A. N. Whitehead, p. 9.)Bethlehem, 125:there is no question that "at the heart of all religion and all religions there is an experienceBethlehem, 139:is this basic integration or unification which religion should aim to produce, and it is thisBethlehem, 163:of the risen Christ must the new world religion take its stand. Christ upon the Cross, as willBethlehem, 163:and upon this truth must the new presentation of religion be built and, later, the new theology beBethlehem, 169:poignant question "What is the primary aim of a religion worthy of existence?" and goes on to tellBethlehem, 177:was unprecedented. No student of comparative religion will question the Christian parallels toBethlehem, 183:for the sign Taurus, the Bull, which was the religion immediately antedating the Jewish revelation,Bethlehem, 185:stars bear testimony and which the history of religion has so successfully veiled, and todayBethlehem, 187:liberate us from the form side of life, of religion and of matter, and demonstrated to us theBethlehem, 188:past, we shall then have the emergence of a new religion which will be as much divorced from formBethlehem, 188:from matter and the body nature. Orthodox religion, as a whole, can be regarded as cross upon whichBethlehem, 188:by what they resign, and this is true also of religion at this time." (The Supreme Spiritual Ideal,Bethlehem, 192:sinned. Again, every great organization or group religion or cult of any kind has originated with aBethlehem, 198:for human sin." - A Student's Philosophy of Religion, by William K. Wright, p. 178. In view,Bethlehem, 200:greater spirituality and a truer expression of religion than at any other time in the history ofBethlehem, 257:we are entering with great rapidity. Science, religion and philosophy are today occupied withBethlehem, 260:man, based upon the Fatherhood of God. No other religion or era has thus emphasized these points.Bethlehem, 263:of the familiar structures of society and religion, may simply be part of the process ofBethlehem, 272:the new and coming kingdom. The new religion is on the way, and it is one for which all previousBethlehem, 284:leader, some cause, some school of politics or religion. The time has come when service must expandDestiny, 39:Nations - The Influence of the Rays Today Pure religion, undefiled and spiritually focused, is theDestiny, 39:to be found all forms of dogmatic, authoritative religion as expressed by the organized andDestiny, 43:of the seventh ray. Spiritualism was the religion of old Atlantis and the seventh ray dominatedDestiny, 45:ancient forms of civilization, of government, of religion on the one hand and of the newer emergingDestiny, 59:told you in an earlier book, the whole field of religion will be reinspired and reoriented fromDestiny, 61:is the eternal guarantee that a true and living religion and culture will finally emerge. Out ofDestiny, 61:special sense - will emerge that new and magical religion about which I have so often told you. ItDestiny, 61:but to the appearance of a great and spiritual religion which will justify the crucifixion of aDestiny, 61:held aloft by a vital Russian exponent of true religion - that man for whom many Russians have beenDestiny, 98:of evil men, ecclesiastical dictators in any religion, business dictators in any business group inDestiny, 127:The lines of demarcation between science and religion are a striking instance of this and have beenDestiny, 127:this, we must also recognize that orthodox religion has temporarily separated the two greatDestiny, 127:thought and teaching, thereby pushing apart religion and science. The task of the new age workers
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