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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELIGIOUS

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Discipleship2, 51:symbol than has hitherto been the case in the religious life of the race. 4. This pathway of lightDiscipleship2, 53:by humanity to the Hierarchy. In the past, the religious emphasis upon the esoteric side ofDiscipleship2, 57:nature. Thus the skeleton structure of the new religious ceremonial [58] can be dimly seen andDiscipleship2, 137:thinkers and esotericists of the world, by the religious people of enlightenment, by broad mindedDiscipleship2, 166:interest in current world affairs and not in religious and church matters only; he is distinguishedDiscipleship2, 166:and not just in his own particular brand of religious belief, and also by his capacity to live hisDiscipleship2, 188:student who has thrown over in disgust all old religious practices, and believes that he has noDiscipleship2, 200:and ask you to remember that I refer not here to religious meditation, strictly understood, or toDiscipleship2, 202:and creatively; there are churchmen and religious leaders (in [203] some one or other of the worldDiscipleship2, 225:are the hearts of the average followers of any religious doctrine, enunciated by the theologians ofDiscipleship2, 234:of physical plane expression and not simply the religious or the philosophic modes of thought. TheDiscipleship2, 294:country and of all schools of thought and of religious persuasion are today making. I have told youDiscipleship2, 435:the time the idea of God Transcendent dominated religious thought. But the revelation accorded is,Discipleship2, 508:contacts, particularly if presented in non-religious terms. Count, therefore, on this and try toDiscipleship2, 694:schools of thought and with social, political, religious and circumstantial thought-forms (usingEducation, xii:now. The word "spiritual" does not refer to religious matters, so-called. All activity which drivesEducation, 3:militancy, and its separateness in all fields - religious, political and economic. But the age ofEducation, 9:It should be noted here, however, that the religious implications of meditation are needless.Education, 10:under which heading one would group those with religious, artistic and the more impracticalEducation, 39:usually biased, influenced either by national or religious prejudices, serving thus to make a man aEducation, 39:the idea that predominated was basically sensory religious idealism or mysticism, expressing itselfEducation, 40:to the deity was equally sensitive, and their religious activities were mystical and devotional,Education, 42:The Atlantean civilization was definitely religious in its attitudes; religion was the commonplaceEducation, 49:problems - economic, social, political and religious - should be considered and the man or womanEducation, 49:in the Kingdom of God is not essentially a religious activity, to be handled by the exponents ofEducation, 88:when the children of the world are taught that religious differences are largely a matter of birth;Education, 88:a Protestant and so on. He will learn that the religious differences are largely the result of manEducation, 90:there will be no racial, national or separate religious consciousness present in human thinking. ItEducation, 96:is associated in the minds of men with religious matters. But that relates only to theme. TheEducation, 100:few, but leading up gradually (usually via religious organizations) to that mass education andEducation, 101:In those conditions where the school bias was religious (as in Church schools of any kind), he wasEducation, 101:to remember facts (historical, scientific, religious and other) had been developed, even though hisEducation, 113:It is this which produced the scientist, and the religious man. [114] From a study of theseEducation, 116:not necessarily be people who could be termed 'religious' in the ordinary sense of that word, butEducation, 120:[120] race - political, educational, social and religious paternalism. This may be either theEducation, 124:with some political, social, educational or religious philosophy, based on some school of idealism.Education, 124:of the world educational groups and the world religious groups (to mention only two out of manyEducation, 127:when there was no racial, national or blended religious consciousness such as is expressing itselfEducation, 136:consequence, Birth. 4. As yet, it is only the religious person who thinks in terms of the twoExternalisation, 29:to be found who - having themselves made the religious and the mental approaches to truth definiteExternalisation, 54:involving as it must the new age patterns, and religious incentives are lacking in theirExternalisation, 54:place. In view of the steady progress towards religious unity which has proceeded apace during theExternalisation, 54:and tact. The moment any idea enters the religious field, it gains immediate momentum from the factExternalisation, 63:or of influence, and hatred of ideas and of religious beliefs. Fundamentally, it is caused by theExternalisation, 84:the churches, the [84] great religions or the religious organizations. I am concerned with theExternalisation, 85:(political [85] for the most part, or religious), and affecting both the reactionary bodies andExternalisation, 89:Planetary heart center. Conditioning the soul. Religious. Spiritual. Second Ray. Inspiring.Externalisation, 114:and deterioration had set in. Worn-out religious dogmas and the grip of theology and the orthodoxExternalisation, 114:life; humanity is deeply spiritual and innately religious but needs today a new form with which toExternalisation, 114:a cry for change and for those new forms in the religious, political, educational and economic lifeExternalisation, 127:can thus determine the policies and methods - religious, political and social - of the differentExternalisation, 135:and our particular political, economic and religious training. But all these leaders are simplyExternalisation, 183:have come and gone. Political regimes and religious forms have played their part, have persisted orExternalisation, 186:religions use it, except in so far as the religious expression is a part of the generalExternalisation, 193:and separative creeds. The essentials of religious and political beliefs must be taught and a newExternalisation, 193:nations and governing bodies - political and religious - are men of vision, spiritually motivatedExternalisation, 194:problem, the problem of government, and the religious problem. The Racial Problem There is no wayExternalisation, 200:- Section II - The General World Picture The Religious Problem When we come to consider religion inExternalisation, 207:world position, subversive of no government or religious attitude and are innate in theExternalisation, 212:passing human attitudes. I have no particular religious preferences, knowing as I do that all roadsExternalisation, 212:spiritual objectives and political schemes, religious orientations and territorial syntheses areExternalisation, 213:and satisfactory international relationships, of religious understanding and of the much needed andExternalisation, 222:this recognition according to the trend of their religious and psychological training and theirExternalisation, 222:give the title, "Spirit of Peace." Those with no religious or metaphysical bias recognize, however,Externalisation, 223:the inchoate longings of men everywhere, of all religious beliefs, political views and groupExternalisation, 228:swayed by propaganda of a political, national or religious kind, and deciding for yourself whereExternalisation, 234:economic thought; it is not to be found in the religious field, where the struggle is going onExternalisation, 242:federation, of economic interdependence and of religious unity, plus social and nationalExternalisation, 243:to relinquish past gains, disturbances in the religious and social areas of consciousness,Externalisation, 244:word Selfishness - national, racial, political, religious and individual selfishness. The practicalExternalisation, 244:things: Eliminate prejudice, national pride, and religious antipathies out of your consciousness.Externalisation, 255:one indivisible whole. Then petty nationalisms, religious differences and selfish idealisms (forExternalisation, 255:ideals must be relinquished; petty political, religious and social schemes must be discarded, andExternalisation, 278:the new modes of life, of education, of religious presentation and of government [279] are slowlyExternalisation, 290:unfoldment, resulting in a new and enriched religious approach to the center of life. SomeExternalisation, 297:to minor crises, to national dilemmas and religious necessity. They have taken the form of thoseExternalisation, 320:and the selfish many who - for political, religious or personal reasons - will fight every effortExternalisation, 329:can only be undertaken by people who have no religious bias, no political antagonisms and no senseExternalisation, 330:larger group of mine. 7. Leaders of spiritual, religious and esoteric groups, as well asExternalisation, 339:for the whole of humanity and not simply as religious and theological interpretations. SpiritualExternalisation, 340:national differences and points of political and religious disagreement must all give place to theExternalisation, 348:This theme will eventually underlie all religious observances, color all approaches to the divineExternalisation, 357:where racial hatreds, caste distinctions and religious differences will form no barrier toExternalisation, 357:and the Axis order of master races, determined religious attitudes, and enslaved peoples. The wholeExternalisation, 363:outstanding theme of all progress - educational, religious and economic - until 2025 A.D. Today, asExternalisation, 376:(hereditary or financial) still remained. Religious differences were rampant, racial hatredsExternalisation, 396:work done by you and all men of goodwill, by the religious and spiritually minded people everywhereExternalisation, 401:did because He has shown us how. Such is the religious background of the spiritual thinking in theExternalisation, 407:and their progress are determined, just as the religious movements, the cultural unfoldments andExternalisation, 415:It is with these techniques that the true religious teaching should primarily concern itself. Externalisation, 416:the skill of the knowers will erect to house the religious spirit of man, three more fundamentalExternalisation, 418:has been given in this day and age. This new religious science (for which prayer, meditation andExternalisation, 420:of a certain uniformity in the world religious rituals will aid men everywhere to strengthen eachExternalisation, 435:- each in his own place and manner - into a more religious channel. The growth of spiritual desireExternalisation, 439:destroying old forms - political, social and religious - but at the same time this power was seizedExternalisation, 439:and very good. The old social, political and religious forms were stultifying the human soul andExternalisation, 446:of human activity (political, educational and religious) so that they may take right action andExternalisation, 448:of a marked pacifism or a dominating, religious, temporal control. The long rule of the variousExternalisation, 448:This balance will not be expressed in religious terms and in so-called spiritual terminology. ItExternalisation, 449:working under spiritual direction as much as any religious leader and this will increasingly be
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