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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELIGIOUS

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Intellect, 12:he came and whither he is bound." - Jacks, L.P., Religious Perplexities, page 46. Intellect, 15:a wide connotation! I do not here speak of religious truths; the formulations of the theologiansIntellect, 15:the theologians and the churchmen in all the big religious organizations, both Eastern and Western,Intellect, 21:is practically divorced from the control of the religious bodies, and lies in the hands of theIntellect, 21:body of teachers are trained by the state; any religious bias is ignored on account of the manyIntellect, 21:is ignored on account of the many differentiated religious bodies, and the trend of the teaching isIntellect, 21:two methods - individual and mass education - religious and scientific - that the way out will beIntellect, 24:liberation from the control of theologies (religious or scientific) are the war cries of theIntellect, 37:cause. We are perhaps, too apt to confuse the religious spirit with the mystic search. All clearIntellect, 38:to naive unreflective perception; the religious attitude, with acknowledgement of Divine Purpose,Intellect, 38:reach this highest stage, as they deem it, the religious attitude affords the supreme exemplar ofIntellect, 119:of the meditation process has presumably been religious, yet the same results can be equally wellIntellect, 127:an endeavor after the mystic experience, or the religious impulse. But no matter by what name weIntellect, 128:power. It stands for "the specific non-rational religious apprehension and its object, at all itsIntellect, 128:through meditation, as practiced by a few in the religious field, many have arrived at a pointIntellect, 191:stronger sense of duality than perhaps any other religious esoteric system, except the ChristianIntellect, 202:which may be noted in the world of organized religious effort. Confucius taught us, centuries ago,Intellect, 241:of general welfare and of group betterment; all religious concepts and all outer knowledge of theIntellect, 249:thinker, or to the massed concepts of the religious world; they register, on mental levels, theIntellect, 266:- the scientific field, the political, the religious, the educational and the philosophical. TheyMagic, 20:of aspects can be seen functioning in the religious world as the esoteric teaching, the fundamentalMagic, 56:of human life (political, social, economic, and religious). They are begged not to narrow down theMagic, 56:recognized by the conservative as the so-called religious or spiritual lines. All that tends toMagic, 56:of humanity on any plane of manifestation is religious work and has a spiritual goal, for matter isMagic, 134:the scientists of the world, the truly advanced religious men, the Spiritualists, the ChristianMagic, 191:and right thinking are the platitudes of all religious systems and have lost weight from our veryMagic, 241:ray group who delude and deceive, work through religious agencies, through mass psychology, and theMagic, 263:love of art, or science or philosophy, the life religious, scientific, or artistic - to them heMagic, 307:that it may take the form of a war, of a religious inquisition, of financial stringency orMagic, 308:eventuates in a world war, a financial panic, a religious revival, or a lynching. It is this alsoMagic, 325:the future. The thoughts of men have ever been religious. There has never been a time when religionMagic, 327:comparison and deduction, - are being applied to religious belief. The history of religions, theMagic, 331:knowers of all time. This is the trend of the religious impulse at this time and this is the gloryMagic, 331:that this band is not confined to the strictly religious types. Men and women in every branch ofMagic, 347:the Christ and the Manu, according to the line, religious or political, with which you may beMagic, 394:the head of organizations and of parties, of religious and political bodies and of nations in someMagic, 395:the words "spiritual growth" is largely that of religious growth in understanding. A man is deemedMagic, 395:than their manifestation through the medium of religious and mystical literature and organizationsMagic, 401:members in all fields - political, scientific, religious, and economic - and give to them the signMagic, 406:into four major divisions; cultural, political, religious, and scientific. In more modern timesMagic, 407:servitude, and servile obedience; they exemplify religious sectarianism and dependence uponMagic, 407:neighbor, and where the motives underlying all religious, political and educational activities areMagic, 409:together again in its earlier perfection. The religious groups have likewise been many, - so manyMagic, 410:selfish competition. This cannot be said of the religious and political groups. In relation to theMagic, 414:of service is cultural, political, scientific, religious, philosophical, psychological orMagic, 414:of tolerance, international synthetic communion, religious inclusiveness, and all trends of thoughtMagic, 415:This will enable a man to leap over racial and religious barriers. When this is present also thereMagic, 417:opinion which will eventually divorce man from religious sectarianism, national exclusiveness, andMagic, 417:are free from the limitations of past political, religious and cultural theories. They, the membersMagic, 419:rest back upon traditional authority, whether religious, scientific, cultural or any other form ofMagic, 430:laboratories are also there; churchmen and religious adherents from all the [431] world religionsMagic, 507:and to erect the new temple desired for the religious impulse. Under its influence the work of theMagic, 536:for men, and through the agency of scientific, religious and educational endeavor, the humanMagic, 552:and the driving inner urge which we call religious, but which is, in fact, the drive towards truthMagic, 589:and from thought to soul control; through religious propaganda and the efforts of the manyMagic, 609:of the past world war, bewildered by the social, religious and economic pressure of the present,Meditation, 41:will have social order and rule; instead of the religious differences and the differentiated sectsMeditation, 41:of the many so-called religions, you will have religious expression itself regulated into form andMeditation, 45:Effect, as demonstrated in the groups national, religious or family. Four Groups connected with theMeditation, 69:to deal with social, economic, political and religious problems as they arise, studying the effectsMeditation, 127:by the aid of mantrams and ceremonial (such as religious ritual). Qualified persons will use theseMeditation, 165:a much distorted degree - in the services of the religious bodies in all lands. Some light on themMeditation, 165:as Masonry, various esoteric societies, and religious bodies) the old mantrams will be given backMeditation, 167:life within the form, with the implanting of religious ideas and with the development ofMeditation, 191:worshipping of the Deity and the performance of religious rites in unison is so much a part of theMeditation, 249:be expressed in terms of sound and color. The religious teaching of the world and the inculcationMeditation, 251:be objectively possible. Think not that only the religious devotee or mystic, or the man imbuedPatanjali, 66:of every theological [66] dogma, whether religious or scientific. Only thus can the reality bePatanjali, 140:as follows: Yajna Vidya - The performance of religious rights in order to produce certain results.Patanjali, 182:in number and are frequently [182] called the "religious observances" because they relate to theProblems, 7:among groups in any nation, by political and religious parties in any nation and among the nationsProblems, 10:are as unwarranted today as foul language in a religious meeting. Nations are split and dividedProblems, 11:barriers, by party [11] differences and by religious attitudes. These inevitably bring disorder andProblems, 22:aware of great possibility, animated by a deeply religious, though unorthodox spirit, handicappedProblems, 28:political parties and farsighted statesmanship, religious groups, fanatically occupied with theirProblems, 31:theologies - political, social, economic and religious - and work for the good of all peoples? WillProblems, 35:will inevitably succeed and thus salvage the religious spirit. Then let us endeavor to see what theProblems, 37:high, but it is biased and influenced by religious and national prejudices which are instilled intoProblems, 56:problems - economic, social, political and religious - should be considered and the man or womanProblems, 56:for citizenship in the kingdom of God is not a religious activity to be handled exclusively by theProblems, 61:when the children of the world are taught that religious differences are largely a matter of birth;Problems, 61:a Protestant and so on. He will learn that the religious differences are largely the result ofProblems, 64:there will be no racial, national or separative religious consciousness present in human thinking.Problems, 83:the new foundation for all our political, religious and social reorganization and must provide theProblems, 87:the separative tendencies which the differing religious systems have fostered and which today theyProblems, 87:continue to foster. The narrowness of religious creeds is a potent, contributing cause. Problems, 89:of the undeveloped to the developed, or of one religious faith to another more powerful andProblems, 89:as a scientific one and not as a pious, religious hope. God has made us all of one blood and thatProblems, 90:God down the ages and in every land and by all religious faiths. In considering our theme we needProblems, 94:are clamoring for attention and adherents; religious groups are spreading dissension and seeking toProblems, 94:those who form the various groups - political, religious, educational and labor - are men and womenProblems, 99:him (under an outer inferiority) in his religious faith. This faith is one of the oldest in theProblems, 100:relation to other people is lacking in their religious presentation, though love of Jehovah isProblems, 103:has built up a wall of taboos, of habits and of religious observances which separate him off fromProblems, 107:tribal wars, sanitation, and a more enlightened religious system in the place of the barbaric cultsProblems, 107:in the place of the barbaric cults and crude religious practices. Much evil followed the explorer,Problems, 107:those of the missionary. The Negro is naturally religious and mystically inclined, and the majorProblems, 107:focused Negro. Behind the many separative religious cults of that dark land, there emerges aProblems, 120:to spread goodwill. A prejudiced person, a religious fanatic, or a staunch nationalist have a hardProblems, 122:ground. There is no justifiable quarrel with the religious spirit; it exists and is essential to a
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