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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELIGIOUS

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Psychology2, 671:of right understanding. It is the same in the religious field, but the religious differences of thePsychology2, 671:It is the same in the religious field, but the religious differences of the race are [672] of suchPsychology2, 672:distinctions, the racial differences, and the religious feuds in both hemispheres, have reduced thePsychology2, 672:and racial hatreds be ended? How can the many religious groups pursue their work of leading men toPsychology2, 673:is based on good will and love of all men, of religious unity, and of cooperative interdependence.Psychology2, 674:ideals of world unity, economic synthesis and religious cooperation are to be expressed andPsychology2, 674:party, some form of national government, some religious, [675] social or economic attitude. TheyPsychology2, 675:produce a third party, free from political and religious hatreds. As yet they are unknown,Psychology2, 675:no partisan spirit, fomenting no political or religious disturbance, and feeding no hatreds, eitherPsychology2, 676:and those who are fighting against, any group, religious organization, political affiliation orPsychology2, 680:political party, any economic strategist, or any religious organization. Only principles ofPsychology2, 680:must not be subjected to attack. Racial hatreds, religious differences, and national ambitions arePsychology2, 680:never to identify themselves with any political, religious or social propaganda. Such propaganda isPsychology2, 681:will may themselves be members of political, religious or other organizations committed to activityPsychology2, 681:international understanding, mutual cooperation, religious unity, and economic interdependence.Psychology2, 682:between the races, and to harmonize religious distinctions and class wars. A study will be made ofPsychology2, 690:understanding, economic interdependence and religious unity. [691] When these three groups ofPsychology2, 730:of the new civilization - working, through the religious organizations, the educational systems ofPsychology2, 731:educational institutions and groups, through the religious bodies and through all men and women whoPsychology2, 732:to spread good will, world understanding and religious unity. The idea has been reassuring and wePsychology2, 733:land with the forces of construction - national, religious and economic - can change the aspect ofPsychology2, 739:see in every country, in every race and in every religious body, thus coloring every ideology orPsychology2, 739:or school of thought (economic, political and religious) those who are moved by love of theirPsychology2, 739:the following point: A man's political and religious affiliations can be strongly held and inspirePsychology2, 748:interference in the affairs of any political or religious group. They must endeavor to expressPsychology2, 748:recognize if you are full of racial, national or religious prejudice. Put these people in touchRays, 139:physical plane. The doctrine of Avatars. This religious history reveals. The nature ofRays, 254:or if you exclude those who labor in relation to religious and other fields in a manner differentRays, 300:every political party, every social group, every religious cult or sect, and every organization -Rays, 301:itself not [301] because they are orthodox or religious in the generally accepted sense of theRays, 301:which repudiates all man-made theologies (religious, scientific, political or economic) and says toRays, 318:by matter over the soul; the great goal of all religious teaching will be the resurrection of theRays, 331:that which the Masonic rites can reveal or that religious rituals and ceremonies can disclose; theyRays, 364:is that the word "spiritual" refers neither to religious matters (so-called) nor to the Path ofRays, 365:of what is now regarded as "spiritual" by the religious devotee and by the man used to the wordingRays, 381:which - from that time on - has conditioned all religious teaching. The withdrawing Masters hadRays, 430:It involves the Jews (who are not a nation but a religious group) the Near East and Russia. In theRays, 500:phrase solely in terms of religion, whereas the religious interpretation is but one mode ofRays, 500:interpretive of divine purpose, and whether the religious Christian speaks of the Kingdom of God,Rays, 534:was their reverting to a dispensation and religious ritual which had passed and gone (the religionRays, 548:Jewish dispensation through the medium of its religious presentation throughout the era of theRays, 597:upon the astral plane, we are aware of the religious impulse, of mysticism and of the emotional andRays, 617:locality of the focal point; if it should be the religious organizations of the world, it may proveRays, 622:by governmental interference, pressure groups, religious organizations, or by any dictating partiesRays, 623:in her myriads of diversified sects and religious groups, in her manifold languages and in herRays, 624:case elsewhere in the world, party politics and religious cleavages condition her many peoples. TheRays, 628:France cannot grow; there is no basic religious or spiritual sense to be found on a large scale,Rays, 666:intelligentsia. Its experience is not basically religious, as the orthodox churchman understandsRays, 747:throughout the world. All of them have a religious and spiritual side; all of them are tainted withRays, 748:and culture. I did not say towards a more religious expression of truth. A more spiritualRays, 748:in reality, looking for the Christ to come as a religious leader; they look for Him to come to themRays, 750:cleavages which distinguish the political, the religious, the social and the economic life ofReappearance, 5:anticipated. Always in the past, it has been the religious teachers of the period who have fosteredReappearance, 13:- all working in the many groups, religious, political and economic. To the above must be addedReappearance, 17:was held in the vicious grasp of the Jewish religious leaders, and the Pharisees and the SadduceesReappearance, 22:minded people, the enlightened statesmen, the religious leaders and the men and women whose heartsReappearance, 30:after His reappearance, the goal of all the religious teaching in the world will be theReappearance, 33:interest in current world affairs and not in religious and church matters only; he is distinguishedReappearance, 34:and not just in his own [34] particular brand of religious belief, and also by his capacity to liveReappearance, 36:remain." This God Transcendent has dominated the religious thinking of millions of simple andReappearance, 37:world of men, and not alone to the churches and religious faiths throughout the world. Around Him -Reappearance, 40:theologian or an exponent of one phase of religious, wishful thinking. I speak because many knowReappearance, 40:"every eye shall see Him." (Rev., I, 7.) The religious livingness or spiritual history of mankindReappearance, 41:Succession, culminating for us in the great religious leaders who have come out among us since 700Reappearance, 47:(by men of unusual potency) of the political, religious, economic and social life of humanity. AllReappearance, 60:is in process of returning. The Christ has no religious barriers in His consciousness. It mattersReappearance, 90:reactionary forces of the world - political and religious - desired the resurrection of the old andReappearance, 91:and national background, his tradition and his religious and civilized reactions. These forces areReappearance, 103:of all the world religions, and which modern religious teachers should be presenting to the publicReappearance, 109:life, communal living, business relations, religious and political contacts, governmental actionReappearance, 120:today to conduct rightly and correctly their religious, political, economic, communal and privateReappearance, 137:spiritual release and truth, and that the truly religious spirit is more fundamentally alive thanReappearance, 137:a true search and a vital demand for light. The religious spirit of humanity is today moreReappearance, 138:now fails to do so. Sincere but unenlightened religious men are deploring the revolt of youth fromReappearance, 138:will not come, as far as one can see, from any religious organization, whether Asiatic or Western.Reappearance, 138:Why have the so-called spiritual leaders of the religious world proved themselves incompetent toReappearance, 139:the people away from orthodox organizations of a religious nature? Why does Mental Science, theReappearance, 141:brought about; it rests upon the failure of the religious organizations throughout the world toReappearance, 142:These young men enter upon their religious training and preparation for the ministry with highReappearance, 142:not where to lay His head. The presentation of religious truth in the past has blocked the growthReappearance, 142:truth in the past has blocked the growth of the religious spirit; theology has brought mankind toReappearance, 152:for use at this time by the Hierarchy. This new religious science for which prayer, meditation andReappearance, 154:of a certain uniformity in the world religious rituals will aid men everywhere to strengthen eachReappearance, 159:from ignorance to wisdom. If the great organized religious groups of churches in every land, andReappearance, 159:God works in many ways, through many faiths and religious agencies; this is one reason for theReappearance, 161:reappearance is in line with general [161] religious belief and the major hope left in the minds ofReappearance, 173:human relations. [173] Into the churches and religious groups throughout the world. Here (againReappearance, 173:might have occurred ere now had the churches and religious organizations everywhere done theirReappearance, 173:by the separative tenets of the donors, or the religious prejudices of those who control theReappearance, 173:of the funds. In the quarrelling over ideas, religious theories and ideologies, the true assistanceReappearance, 175:what the color of the skin, or what the religious belief - is clamoring for peace, justice and aReappearance, 181:in every country and in all the organized religious groups and all other groups, dedicated to theReappearance, 183:and women of every nation and race and of all religious organizations and humanitarian movementsReappearance, 185:and are willing to sink their national, religious and organizational differences in the carryingSoul, 23:not a branch of literature, or philosophic or religious speculation. 'Mind' will give way toSoul, 66:space so long ago as 1875, and treated it from a religious point of view in that much criticizedSoul, 84:which engross the interest of the religious man, the psychologist, the scientist, and theSoul, 90:visionary mystic and the superstitions of the religious theologians. Secondly, by means of theSoul, 154:modern Western thought regarding it. The phrase religious insight is in itself vague. Is it notSoul, 156:humanistic level for mediation appears on the religious level in the form of meditation. Religion
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