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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELIGIOUSLY

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Autobiography, 77:They discovered, with astonishment, a somewhat religiously flippant young woman in a white dressAutobiography, 85:little fool. I was left with a small handful of religiously minded soldiers (irreverently calledBethlehem, 273:long as they are separative or nationalistic, or religiously bigoted, or commercially selfish, theyDiscipleship2, 225:people, of all true esotericists and of the religiously inclined man whose heart and understandingExternalisation, 618:we shall see the end of tyranny, politically and religiously. I refer here not to modern democracy,Fire, 88:term "living"; which, if studied scientifically, religiously and philosophically, may lead to theMagic, 17:up on a scripture of the world, and being religiously inclined, accepts the postulates of religionMeditation, 68:expert guidance - to influence politically and religiously [69] the world of men, and to speed thePsychology1, 276:remains unrelieved. They may perhaps turn to the religiously minded people and seek out thePsychology1, 291:Many men everywhere are becoming politically, religiously, scientifically, or artisticallyPsychology2, 403:light that are at present only accepted by the religiously inclined [404] and by the pioneeringPsychology2, 480:at this time, due to the activities of various religiously or psychologically motivated groups, toReappearance, 164:we shall see the end of tyranny - politically, religiously and economically. I am not here
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