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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELINQUISHING

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Astrology, 96:and pain of the Fixed Cross. Pisces sees the relinquishing or the death of all the influences whichAstrology, 148:destruction of that which hinders without the relinquishing of any true values of which humanityAstrology, 200:life experience, to aspiration and finally the relinquishing of desire in Scorpio. Aquarius,Autobiography, 196:heads of the T.S. to belong to the E.S. without relinquishing affiliation with us. This is allBethlehem, 241:behind, what is about to end for them, and the relinquishing of all they have gathered in life,Destiny, 76:sacrificing herself for the common good and of relinquishing her dreams for France in the vision ofDiscipleship1, 61:the achieved soul contact. Then, the conscious relinquishing of personality reactions. Next, theDiscipleship1, 78:and consecrated effort are two of my reasons for relinquishing my anonymity. Another reason is thatDiscipleship1, 85:of all disciples and aspirants is the detached relinquishing of pet theories as to life,Discipleship1, 86:the immediate cycle. He is ready for the instant relinquishing of all that seems futile andDiscipleship1, 119:to use the assets in the group and to aid you in relinquishing the liabilities. ...I would ask you,Discipleship1, 153:upon an inner freedom which makes possible the relinquishing of outer shackles and chains, thusDiscipleship1, 206:opportunity but which can be carried out without relinquishing right and inescapable obligations. IDiscipleship1, 401:patience. It will, I believe, aid you in the relinquishing process and help you to readjust yourDiscipleship1, 515:that which you hold. Stand free at any cost, relinquishing that which holds you back. During theDiscipleship1, 615:time in your life, to work as a humble server, relinquishing all plans, all big ideas, and for theDiscipleship2, 173:will but thine be done." Those words marked the relinquishing of the vehicles through which he hadDiscipleship2, 611:purification, upon hard demanding work and upon relinquishing that which the personality holdsDiscipleship2, 636:necessitate sacrifice upon your part and maybe a relinquishing of lesser goals. If recognized byDiscipleship2, 685:search for liberation, based on a planned relinquishing. Sixth ray aspirants have a particularlyEducation, 125:expressions of a basic subjective reality, and - relinquishing no part of the truth which has setExternalisation, 83:have been often used: by holding, man loses; by relinquishing, he gains; by seeking to grasp thatExternalisation, 310:and with their own small efforts, instead of relinquishing everything in an endeavor to unite onExternalisation, 433:them to a position of cooperation and to a relinquishing of some of their separative ideas. Externalisation, 470:of its old ideas and modes of living, the relinquishing of its materialistic goals and its damningGlamour, 82:characteristics, he is well on the way to the relinquishing and the dissipation of all glamor. I amGlamour, 182:called, in preparation for the revelation: The relinquishing of the Higher Way. The return to theGlamour, 234:of all on the mental plane and then on the soul, relinquishing all thought of the glamor, knowingHealing, 268:end his isolation, to bring him to the point of relinquishing material goals, of renouncing aHealing, 399:such is the glory of the human spirit) that the relinquishing of the values for which men haveHealing, 427:to be regarded as an act of simple and conscious relinquishing of form, temporarily taken for twoHealing, 475:for him and will rejoice with him because he is relinquishing the body. At present this is notHealing, 478:vital correspondence, and finally it is the relinquishing of the subtle body or bodies, accordingMagic, 465:anent the rules governing the taking and relinquishing of form, found in much of our puerilePsychology2, 76:- that of taking and giving, of grasping and relinquishing, of establishing a hold upon that whichPsychology2, 103:- The Seven Laws of Soul or Group Life c. The Relinquishing of Gain This is the basic theme of ThePsychology2, 103:and thereby lay the foundation for later relinquishing which can be effected without [104] pain andPsychology2, 109:is that for which They search. The spontaneous relinquishing of long-held ideals when a greater andPsychology2, 582:goal, is always at a cost and through the relinquishing of that which has hitherto been held dear. Psychology2, 648:new social order, free from the ancient hatreds, relinquishing the memory of the old mistakes inPsychology2, 727:a given radius of contact and the temporary relinquishing of personal ambitions and methods inRays, 341:This involves, speaking esoterically, the relinquishing of all separate personality reactions in aReappearance, 23:[23] of its old ideas and modes of living, the relinquishing of its materialistic goals and its
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