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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELINQUISHMENT

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Astrology, 97:final death is covered by the words liberation, relinquishment and final initiation, and meansDiscipleship1, 260:issue as yet remains undecided for the task of relinquishment is not easy. I would suggest to youDiscipleship1, 314:may greatly aid in this process of release, of relinquishment, and of final renunciation. [315] TheDiscipleship1, 570:the life of full surrender, of discipline and of relinquishment. I could not put this to you soDiscipleship1, 570:upon one of the following terms or phrases: Relinquishment Silence Discipline Horizontal livingDiscipleship1, 571:the science of detachment, and the discipline of relinquishment. This I have told you before, butDiscipleship2, 651:for you also, if you learn the hard lesson of relinquishment, and when next year closes you mayHealing, 267:which he should assimilate. It will come by the relinquishment of pride of race and of the conceptProblems, 171:educative) of adjustment, of concession and of relinquishment; we can have a period of rightPsychology2, 76:by those who are in the process of this relinquishment. The stage of appropriation is undergonePsychology2, 76:give no thought to the time when there must be a relinquishment of the hold on physical existence.Psychology2, 77:of Masonry. It is an elucidation of the Way of Relinquishment. The Path of outgoing in order toPsychology2, 78:not of further physical plane experience. The relinquishment of form life. The period whereinRays, 318:place and be known as the disciplining urge to relinquishment and to the ending by death of theRays, 729:fixed decision, and there is no turning back or relinquishment of it, nor (so free is the MasterReappearance, 115:In establishing right human relations, relinquishment, renunciation, submission to existent facts,
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