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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REMAIN

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Astrology, 8:those whom you contact. Yet all the while you remain part of a phenomenal entity to which we giveAstrology, 29:response apparatus and his mechanism of reaction remain what is called "occultly unresponsive," forAstrology, 66:and 7th ray energy. For some occult reason, they remain unrelated to any other of the signs. [67]Astrology, 140:nature and fixed his qualities and, therefore, remain persistent and energetic, but the new andAstrology, 141:but the bulk of the initiates and disciples remain attached to the second center, that of theAstrology, 159:is the consummation of earthly grandeur will remain - but it will be beneath the feet of humanity.Astrology, 272:universe with a fragment of myself, I [272] remain." There is here an esoteric reference to theAstrology, 310:the control and can - because of this - remain uninfluenced. This fact will be increasinglyAstrology, 325:Logos - and the entire theme must therefore remain relatively obscure until initiation has beenAstrology, 328:this inner light and of its externalization must remain - from the standpoint of its cosmic effectsAstrology, 348:consider this phrasing. The opposites eternally remain from the point of view of human reason, butAstrology, 369:their rulers in each sign of the zodiac) must remain a difficult and abstruse problem until [370]Astrology, 394:practically the knowledge gained. It is apt to remain a mental acquisition and not a practicalAstrology, 439:understanding. The information must perforce remain academic and theoretical. Leo, which is theAstrology, 452:ajna center - Directed Mind Four other centers remain to be considered: the planetary throatAstrology, 489:is effective in this world cycle and will remain so until the end of the Aquarian Age. By [490]Astrology, 497:esoteric facts which must for a while at least remain hypotheses and theories to the averageAstrology, 505:we shall be dealing with factors which must remain incomprehensible. It is consequently a waste ofAstrology, 516:definitely constructed, these sciences will remain obscure to the average intellect. Once, however,Astrology, 558:expansion of consciousness, but what I say will remain far-off in the realm of the (temporarily)Astrology, 592:this whole universe with a fragment of Myself, I remain." There is next the will which bringsAstrology, 631:this whole universe with a fragment of Myself, I remain." This Trinity in manifestation knowsAstrology, 638:the best astrologers would fail, or at any rate remain imperfect, unless this dual action isAstrology, 640:the karma of the seven sacred planets will remain unknown. All that we can see is its working outAstrology, 641:[641] these various bodies upon each other will remain at its present stage - an unrevealedAstrology, 643:exoteric planets and three others which must remain nameless (Pluto and the two hidden planets.Astrology, 650:themselves through five planets, of which two remain to be discovered. The Sun (Substituted forAstrology, 651:true function of the seven sacred planets will remain unknown. Within this cosmic triangle are manyAstrology, 680:the occult Hierarchy, and that - though some remain with the chain - the remainder have returned toAstrology, 681:of the World Himself, is counted as one. There remain still with Him the three Buddhas of Activity.Atom, 128:hours out of every twenty-four. At present we remain unconscious of where the real thinking entityAutobiography, 2:changes in my attitudes to life and people. To remain static in a point of view strikes me asAutobiography, 11:and the disagreeable, sad or terrible things remain fixtures in one's mind? I do not know.Autobiography, 11:evil and the misery will pass but happiness will remain; above everything else will come theAutobiography, 18:us which remains unbroken and will forever remain unbroken. I have already mentioned my father'sAutobiography, 23:handing over my father's watch to my grandmother remain in one's memory whilst things of greaterAutobiography, 54:beside them and play checkers; be nice to them, remain [55] impersonal and, at the same time, giveAutobiography, 113:sent in and so many kind things were done that I remain eternally grateful. Custards, pie, portAutobiography, 121:in India and in Europe as well as here and they remain Jews, and in spite of their citizenship theyAutobiography, 164:an attitude of intense, positive attention. I remain in full control of all my senses of perceptionAutobiography, 250:of reincarnation, or of the soul and still remain a member of the school in good standing. NoAutobiography, 254:all be changed, though the instructions will remain as given. (These instructions are now availableAutobiography, 260:maintained at the required height, the pictures remain as clear and as perfect for study, as wouldAutobiography, 287:degrees has been carried forward and those who remain fall into two categories: [288] Those who doBethlehem, 7:the next, but its significance and its reality remain untouched, and require only reinterpretationBethlehem, 146:words spoken by Krishna, in The Bhagavad Gita, remain also true [147] as an ultimate statementBethlehem, 158:apostle, Matthew, have told us about it. We remain as onlookers, but it is an experience in whichBethlehem, 243:give. The ideals which Christ enunciated still remain the highest yet given in the continuity ofBethlehem, 246:and rest and inactivity for Christ whilst we remain unsaved; there is surely none for us who seekBethlehem, 260:era has thus emphasized these points. They still remain in many ways ideals, but are slowly inBethlehem, 262:citizen of the kingdom, [262] and these still remain our ideals. Therefore the question ofBethlehem, 262:objectives which Christ held before us. They remain objectives for all mankind, and are generallyBethlehem, 267:of love are strictly personal matters. Love can remain indefinitely a theory or an emotionalDestiny, 63:the souls, informing these nations or races, remain detached from identification with them untilDestiny, 107:the world of desire. The lines of demarcation remain ever entirely clear as far as the workers inDestiny, 124:however, of negligible use at this time and will remain so until such time as men are sensitive toDestiny, 133:detail from that of the past but the basic rules remain authoritative. The keynote, governing theDestiny, 136:objective manifestation since 1425 A.D. and will remain in incarnation throughout the Aquarian Age.Destiny, 142:into the background. RAY III - This ray will remain in objective incarnation from the point of viewDiscipleship1, 8:The spheres of service of individual disciples remain the same as before but to their differingDiscipleship1, 11:of disciples can see things as they are and remain untouched by the revelation of the desirable orDiscipleship1, 48:his own spiritual integration, and yet remain impersonally oriented towards other people. He seeksDiscipleship1, 56:the reflector of the mental life that he will remain essentially unaffected by any outerDiscipleship1, 79:Instructor who has taught you for many years. I remain the same individual and am in no wiseDiscipleship1, 126:field wherein you are, forcing yourself to remain. It should be the other way round and theDiscipleship1, 146:will be tried and principles established which remain as yet totally unknown to the majority. ThatDiscipleship1, 175:and has, produced results, even if you yourself remain unaware of them. Others are conscious ofDiscipleship1, 223:equal to the task your soul assigned. It will remain so and there is for you (as is always the caseDiscipleship1, 278:organized on the physical plane and intended to remain an inner group condition - which will giveDiscipleship1, 279:of the concrete mind be deliberately applied. Remain ever the Observer, using the concrete mind asDiscipleship1, 333:high a mental level and are impractical for they remain mystical and abstract, theoretical andDiscipleship1, 333:practice. They increase responsibility but remain relatively useless for they are futile upon theDiscipleship1, 347:with a constantly changing humanity? Principles remain eternally the same. But techniques andDiscipleship1, 396:and watching over one in a fog, and yet they can remain unrecognized. The point I am seeking toDiscipleship1, 420:hidden seeds of self-satisfaction, which still remain in your subconscious mind. I am speakingDiscipleship1, 424:goal and ideal, but the intermediate steps remain sealed to them. Go on, therefore, with your lifeDiscipleship1, 425:of truth in your enumeration, still your replies remain untruthful, for you omit all recollectionDiscipleship1, 479:you are and have been and such I trust you will remain. I say this for your strengthening andDiscipleship1, 521:that though the environing conditions may remain relatively the same, you yourself are not theDiscipleship1, 543:your life is slowly taking form - even if you remain as yet somewhat unconscious of it. How seldomDiscipleship1, 547:manifested self with one fraction of myself, I remain greater, wider and over-shadowing all myDiscipleship1, 577:a question of outer exoteric activity. That may remain the same or even quicken and become moreDiscipleship1, 581:it is essential that you focus yourself and remain relatively static within your chosen center forDiscipleship1, 608:have given you in my two previous communications remain still the basis for your personality life.Discipleship1, 640:you the intuitive insight you can use, if you remain humble and continue loving. Your physical bodyDiscipleship1, 657:truth in connection with yourself of which you remain as yet unaware? All that I can say is that,Discipleship1, 679:am the Life, and in that Life, all little lives remain." These words, chanted in the ancientDiscipleship1, 734:may know and recognize, and the vast number who remain unknown to them. An Ashram is one group orDiscipleship1, 750:in soul consciousness and the depths of his life remain undisturbed. This is not insensitivity or aDiscipleship1, 782:of reincarnation, or of the soul and still remain a member of the school in good standing. NoDiscipleship1, 786:locations are changed, though the instructions remain as given. Necessarily these people have, fromDiscipleship2, 4:in the life of the disciple. Let not your love remain theoretical, but give that true understandingDiscipleship2, 21:Being (the seven Rays) are widely different but remain non-separative. VII. We are also trying theDiscipleship2, 25:the Hierarchy and (in their brain consciousness) remain unaware of its Personnel, the Masters ofDiscipleship2, 28:new (reorganized) seed group only eighteen now remain working on the physical plane. Two of themDiscipleship2, 29:again to leave." Hold these brothers, who still remain your group brothers though temporarily inDiscipleship2, 78:the aspiring disciple and myself. Such it must remain for this immediate life cycle. The strengthDiscipleship2, 87:for probationers. It will consequently always remain relatively small. It is a school for adultsDiscipleship2, 90:been affiliated with my Ashram, only sixteen remain, and of these only eight are truly active; andDiscipleship2, 92:of which they were practically unconscious; they remain in this condition, awaiting another
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