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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REMAIN

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Rays, 654:He intends to tread; some Masters decide to remain until the close of our planetary Life, at whichRays, 684:in situations which, for a long time, remain unclarified, and of a steady moving forward as bestRays, 724:chooses the Path of Earth Service and decides to remain within the field, scope or influence of theRays, 730:back to His original state of Being - to remain there throughout all the eternities. This is theRays, 736:no more a place on Earth." Two more initiations remain to be considered, but so high is theirRays, 768:one divine abstraction. Naught but the shells remain below, naught but the forms for use, and atReappearance, 36:the whole universe with a fragment of Myself, I remain." This God Transcendent has dominated theReappearance, 52:Accompanying those characteristics which as yet remain deplorable and which would appear to negateReappearance, 93:related to the Will aspect of divinity and which remain as yet the least powerful of the threeReappearance, 139:find so many adherents whilst the churches remain empty or are only attended by old people, theReappearance, 144:surely disappear; the fundamentals of faith will remain, upon which He can build that new worldReappearance, 145:this whole Universe with a fragment of Myself, I remain." God, greater than the created whole, yetSoul, 40:but the basic postulates of the Author remain untouched. F.B.) Thus we have distributed over theSoul, 52:been classified and labeled, and does there remain only the filling of blanks in the generalSoul, 101:conscious life. In sleep the organs of the soul remain in the heart, and there also they gather atSoul, 150:which is usually sensitive to magnetism, will remain suspended seemingly by air alone, if a magnetTelepathy, 20:list the divisions of this process. Much must remain theoretical, and little can, as yet, be workedTelepathy, 21:sensitivity and rapport between soul and mind remain for a long time relatively inchoate on theTelepathy, 78:the planetary Logos and yet, at the same time, remain creatively free as regards their reaction toTelepathy, 110:sources and modes of subjective knowledge still remain in a dark area of the human consciousness.Telepathy, 118:God. The ajna center is not involved and it will remain for several more centuries the agent ofTelepathy, 154:this whole universe with a fragment of myself, I remain." Telepathy, 158:call which determined all that was. Only the two remain to show the world the beauty of the livingTelepathy, 195:inner goal and not upon the outer service; they remain fixed upon the Master and His senior
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