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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REMAINS

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Initiation, 34:is called the Portal of Initiation, and still remains open upon the same terms as laid down by theInitiation, 42:of office of all the Manus overlap, but there remains no representative of the third root-race uponInitiation, 90:Initiations After the fourth initiation not much remains to be done. The domination of the sixthInitiation, 111:unknown to the children of men everywhere, but remains as yet an ideal and a far-off possibility.Initiation, 113:without them, and should they be absent, the man remains practically unhandicapped in his contactsInitiation, 180:of the five planes of human evolution. It remains for him then to take the two final initiationsInitiation, 190:incarnation driving him on. This esoteric group remains with the Logos on the atomic, or firstIntellect, 16:neurotics may be equally true; but there still remains a residue of testimony and a sufficientIntellect, 36:much one may seek to explain it away, the fact remains that man goes questing through the ages, andIntellect, 58:unseen factor which he senses, but of which he remains personally unaware. Now he enters upon aIntellect, 74:proven experience. The statement of St. Paul's remains only a concept and a possibility until,Intellect, 92:the divine Reality which we hope exists. But it remains for us a matter for faith, and we wantIntellect, 109:consideration of the object so chosen. The mind remains focused and is continuously active duringIntellect, 114:symbols of life - what that Life itself may be remains as yet a mystery. The subjectiveIntellect, 126:some realization of group relations. But more remains. Third: From the earliest stage of humanIntellect, 150:and not merely felt, and often that knowledge remains an abiding possession which no criticism canIntellect, 172:the illuminati of the world. Much investigation remains to be done along this line, and muchIntellect, 195:united with the All. Individuality, however, remains in consciousness, but it is so identified withIntellect, 219:present and in the West. These postures are the remains of a day when the race was being trainedIntellect, 250:mind has recorded and stored up much of which he remains for years totally unaware. Then he beginsMagicand a steady perseverance that overcomes and remains unmoved by aught that may eventuate, is aMagic, 9:homogeneous becomes the heterogeneous, and yet remains a unity; the one manifests in diversity andMagic, 22:unseen part which we sense, but which remains in a large sense unrevealed, end unrealized even byMagic, 39:the infinitely vast is assumed; but it remains as yet a concept until such time as theMagic, 48:now. The lower aspect is functioning. The higher remains unknown, but that which links them (and atMagic, 68:certain position cases arise where choice still remains in which neither common sense nor logical,Magic, 68:should be entered is unrecognized and the man remains in the state of constant indecision. WhatMagic, 134:and not of its failure but, because much yet remains to be done, the work of the Lodge is oftenMagic, 138:with increased brilliance; they note whether it remains hidden and dim through the whirl of astralMagic, 165:vibrations and the phenomena of other realms but remains unaware of the process whereby he has doneMagic, 168:and its Thought-Forms All this time the aspirant remains in ignorance of what has happened and isMagic, 170:as fact past all controversy. No doubt remains in the disciple's mind. 2. There is recognized anMagic, 185:indicative of the finding of the Path and there remains then for the man to study and understandMagic, 192:been only latent and quiescent. Nevertheless, it remains a fact that when the energies, latent atMagic, 239:a generalization that one can admit, yet which remains profoundly difficult to apply individually.Magic, 278:all form-building the technique of construction remains basically the same, and the rules andMagic, 289:work is over. I, the Creator, Am. Naught else remains but Me." Magic, 303:glimpse as is now the case. So again, the remedy remains the same: the establishing of such closeMagic, 310:first. Once they have been dominated all that remains is right orientation and polarization in theMagic, 353:first initiation is [353] attained. Much then remains to be done. The analogy is complete. ManyMagic, 375:His consciousness for a long period of time remains predominantly that of the form. Gradually thisMagic, 413:both for good and for evil. As long as the form remains of secondary importance and relativelyMagic, 422:and linking triangle, the physical brain, remains totally unresponsive to the waves of forceMagic, 455:potent on the physical plane just as long as: It remains consciously in its Creator's thought. ItMagic, 464:system and therefore speculation about them remains unrewarded, except in so far as it tends toMagic, 485:of the thought-form (in this case an aspirant) remains responsible. The form remains linked to himMagic, 485:case an aspirant) remains responsible. The form remains linked to him by his living purpose andMagic, 497:that which conveys the life impulse or urge remains still anchored in the heart. There is life butMagic, 498:whereby he can contact the physical plane. He remains aware of the states of feeling and of theMagic, 522:awareness and capacity to respond which remains its permanent possession when the divorce betweenMagic, 529:it is not all of the plan for man, and when this remains the prime objective, a man is dangerouslyMagic, 542:the standpoint of the masses of humanity, it remains unrecognized. That which lies closest to usMagic, 552:in that peculiar form as long as his thought remains dynamic." These words are an attempt toMagic, 583:the best product of his own period and yet who remains unsatisfied and with the [584] inner longingMagic, 605:much as the human state of being and awareness remains a sealed book to the animal. This is aMagic, 624:of physical pressure, though the inner life remains poised and normal, sane and rightly oriented.Magic, 632:clear, nor their natures so disciplined, there remains the important work, on a lower level, ofMagic, 636:the factors which must be eliminated. It only remains therefore to point out the penalties whichMagic, 638:I have considered earlier in this treatise. It remains now for all of you to study it with care. IMeditation, 26:from physical to emotional polarization and remains there. Not till the seventh cycle of theMeditation, 35:plane. For a long period of lives the Ego remains practically unconscious of the Personality. TheMeditation, 115:produce through wrestling and strenuous endeavor remains forever our own, and vanishes not intoMeditation, 132:all past effort has been futile and that naught remains but to die. At such times he needs much theMeditation, 133:and that the stable center of consciousness remains there, untouched by aught that may betide. HeMeditation, 239:into wisdom. The forms go, but the life remains. The colors are gradually reabsorbed, but theMeditation, 239:forms are no longer required, but the life ever remains and returns to its parent ray. It is [240]Meditation, 281:facilitate his approach to Them. What now remains to be done? To indicate five things that may beMeditation, 287:but always the fundamental coloring or tone remains. The next or fifth round will show the greatestMeditation, 317:where he stands, what he must do and what remains to be done, and it rests then with him to aid theMeditation, 332:is over as regards the personal life, - naught remains but the life of the Spirit, and theMeditation, 344:But nevertheless the aim of personal progress remains secondary. Meditation, 349:and reproof assail him, provided his inner self remains calm and non-accusing; he cares not if heMeditation, 349:sense of contact with Those Who guide and lead remains unbroken; he cares not if he seem to work inPatanjali, 24:down) and their known gratification. This remains equally true of the memory of a gluttonous man,Patanjali, 61:of knowledge becomes available, naught further remains for the man to do. 32. The modifications ofPatanjali, 129:process of incarnation, the veiled point of life remains in ignorance of that which lies outside ofPatanjali, 130:own form is the sole thing it is aware of and it remains in ignorance of all outside of itself. ThePatanjali, 131:cannot be too frequently emphasized that there remains much unknown even to the adept, and that thePatanjali, 176:known all that was to be known. Nothing further remains to know!' His place on the ladder isPatanjali, 176:He can say now "I have reached my goal. Nothing remains to attract me in the three worlds." DesirePatanjali, 189:ritual yet the thought back of the observance remains still the truth. So little is as yet knownPatanjali, 212:mind or mental body. In this transfer, the brain remains keenly alert and the withdrawal isPatanjali, 234:celestial, for the recurrence of evil contacts remains possible. 52. Intuitive knowledge isPatanjali, 257:even duality is seen to be a limitation. Naught remains but awareness of the self, of thatPatanjali, 358:he will employ the occult powers, but he himself remains detached, and freed from all karmicPatanjali, 358:celestial, for the recurrence of evil contacts remains possible. Rama Prasad's translation isPatanjali, 369:of knowledge becomes available, naught further remains for the man to do. 32. The modifications ofPatanjali, 390:the six lower principles), yet the life itself remains, and after the [391] destruction of the soulPatanjali, 394:millenia of years may have elapsed, the memory remains with the ego or soul. In due time, underPatanjali, 415:not the case. But with it all, much confusion remains as the result of our modern tendency to deifyPatanjali, 417:true, therefore, that for the yogin nothing remains hidden or unknown. Information on all subjectsPatanjali, 418:the Self and acts as a unifying agent. Nothing remains for the spiritual man to do in connectionPatanjali, 427:of knowledge becomes available, naught further remains for the man to do. The dual work isProblems, 21:Rehabilitation of the Nations Russia Russia remains a great enigma for the rest of the world today.Problems, 73:what they do - fight or resign - the situation remains unchanged. It is too big for the individual.Problems, 74:are national and international in scope. It remains to be seen which of the two will eventuallyProblems, 82:is released into constructive channels and if it remains safely guarded by the right men, theProblems, 88:constructive aspect of any nation anywhere; it remains still a dream, a hope and, let us [89]Problems, 93:The ideal is universally recognized even if it remains as yet a dream. As we face the world pictureProblems, 98:with his money when asked for it but - he still remains apart. The Ghetto tendency, as one might
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