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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REMAINS

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Rays, 529:with initiate experience. That the personality remains as an instrument or vehicle of expressionRays, 559:of ancient organized civilizations and cultural remains, plus indications of inter-worldRays, 578:astral plane no longer exists, and that all that remains of that ancient and potent aspect of hisRays, 599:body of sensitive response which is all that remains of what has been called the astral body. ThisRays, 648:man. A revelation which is not perceived, which remains unrelated and unexpressed, is of no trueRays, 651:the orientation and the focus attained remains a permanent condition. This prefaces an entirely newRays, 676:ruler or controlling factor. All, therefore, remains within the area of material control andRays, 677:of the astral body and nature; much still remains to be done; old desires, ancient astral reactionsRays, 681:development of humanity. The world today still remains divided into people of evil intention andRays, 690:out into the world, in spite of the fact that he remains unconscious of its presence. [691] TheRays, 699:and death. Yet the true root of the word remains the same and gives the true significance: "Sacer,"Rays, 717:it is being attained, but the true objective remains still an obscure mystery - guarded rigidly inRays, 727:evil, I am stating a truth, but a truth which remains as yet meaningless to those who have not beenRays, 727:been put in touch with the completed purpose; it remains a mystery, for the true nature of light,Rays, 733:and all forms upon and within our planet and yet remains - greater than our planetary Life, moreRays, 757:The possibility which He there expressed still remains distant, except in connection with theRays, 759:- far more than may appear to your eyes. Much remains to be done. I would ask all students, all menRays, 761:five senses to be but illusion, and that naught remains save the two ahead, can be admitted intoRays, 769:That Flame absorbs, revolves, receives, and remains. When all that is has traversed the Flame, thenReappearance, 62:light and love, received full expression. It remains now for the highest of the divine aspects, theReappearance, 81:to them? The difficulty with the Jew is that he remains satisfied with the religion of nearly fiveReappearance, 94:we are dealing with major mysteries. A mystery remains a mystery only when ignorance or unbeliefReappearance, 106:Christ (for the exact date of Christ's birth remains debatable), the first dim influences of theReappearance, 117:by the unfulfilment of the past; by the remains, the failures of the past - preserved in theReappearance, 118:has done more harm than good. Only one factor remains of value: the existence of a Law of RebirthReappearance, 137:are distressingly true, but the fact still remains that human beings everywhere are searching forReappearance, 150:entire Universe with a fragment of Himself, He remains." God is immanent in the forms of allReappearance, 173:of the One Humanity is overlooked. The fact remains that had the directing agencies (through whoseReappearance, 176:and finance. In the meantime, humanity starves, remains uneducated, and is brought up on falseSoul, 10:she has successfully achieved the integration remains for the reader to decide. But the attempt isSoul, 51:subject is in an experimental stage, and much remains to be done. Clearly, however, there is aSoul, 72:of neurotics, and of pathological cases, there remains a residue of testimony and a structure ofSoul, 84:temporarily to be dissecting. But the whole remains intact, and our realization of this RealitySoul, 85:to account for man. An anthology of the soul remains as yet to be compiled, the very magnitude ofTelepathy, 21:on the mental plane. That which is sensed remains too vague or too abstract for formulation. It isTelepathy, 22:and brain. In [22] this stage the mind still remains the recipient of impression from the soul but,Telepathy, 48:to the human society and interplay, and remains as yet a hope and a wish. When, however, theTelepathy, 55:the aspirant's surroundings but to which he remains as yet unawakened and unenlightened. I amTelepathy, 85:tried and is proving successful, though much yet remains to be done. Telepathy, 88:of the life processes and of some contact which remains for them unrecognized and unchecked orTelepathy, 90:go the slow way, but his state of consciousness remains one of a developing reaction to hisTelepathy, 112:of the spiritual man; at the same time, he remains in active possession and use of his personalityTelepathy, 143:related to a particular center, then that center remains quiescent and unawakened; when it isTelepathy, 147:medium solely for a very long time. This still remains true, for the life aspect of energy animatesTelepathy, 180:of consciousness are many and diverse, yet life remains ever the same and indivisible, for it is
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