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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REMARKED

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Astrology, 65:of the development of the individual. H. P. B. remarked in The Secret Doctrine that for some peopleAstrology, 270:upon our planetary forms of life. It has been remarked by a profound astrological expert Who [271]Atom, 38:one mode of activity to another. One writer has remarked that "absolute intelligence thrillsAutobiography, 60:you mind looking at his forehead?" I looked and remarked that it seemed very low. She noddedAutobiography, 145:I am inclined to agree with a friend of mine who remarked that the real founders of America wereBethlehem, 265:which will warrant immortality. Someone has remarked that our troubles at this time are due largelyDiscipleship1, 138:and unimportance. This is coupled, as I remarked earlier, with a sense of futility where making anyDiscipleship2, 320:- Part VI The Formulas It might sometimes be remarked that these formulas are attempts by advancedDiscipleship2, 417:It [417] is for that reason that I earlier remarked that my one effort at this time, as far as youDiscipleship2, 533:will disappear. Men climb a wall, the sage remarked, and sit athwart the top. Then they climb down.Discipleship2, 730:of you in this group which I am instructing), he remarked: "The soul is after all a Master, andExternalisation, 522:as one [522] of the Masters, unknown to you, remarked at a meeting of Members of the Hierarchy aFire, 407:or perfected man, the initiate. It might also be remarked that more and more will the control ofFire, 472:fifth essential). "At the same time it must be remarked that the result of human existence is notFire, 648:initiation. Man. Animals. It should be here also remarked that in the logoic manifestation one ofHealing, 124:of the one affected; the adjustments, as I have remarked above, have to be made from the otherHercules, 58:One, within the Council Chamber of the Lord, remarked: "He has done well. Continue with the tests."Hercules, 127:One within the Council Chamber of the Lord remarked: "The lesson of true balance hath been learnt.Intellect, 206:that he needs is perseverance. Here it might be remarked that two things aid in the work ofPsychology2, 350:This is a statement of importance. It might be remarked - speaking loosely and generally - that InPsychology2, 473:that which has been revealed. It might justly be remarked that all human beings are the victims ofPsychology2, 728:of good will, which, as has been well and truly remarked, is the active principle of peace. AndRays, 640:regard as their paramount duty. As I earlier remarked, if the trends which are today being
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