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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REMEDY

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Atom, 6:no panacea lies ready to our hand whereby we can remedy the world's ills, yet the very fact that weDiscipleship1, 657:unless I, at the same time, point out the remedy or the way of release? And, at the same time, canEducation, vi:theme of the present work. For the future, the remedy for the social schisms and psychologicalEducation, x:the new synthesis can move and grow. There is a remedy for "the sickness of modern man" and many ofFire, 929:defect, evolution itself and experience will remedy, and as the consciousness becomes alive toHealing, 71:It is not much use at this time to talk of the remedy. One does not say to an influenza patientMagic, 303:glimpse as is now the case. So again, the remedy remains the same: the establishing of such closeMeditation, 46:meditations that will intensify the virtues and remedy the defects. The field opened up by theseMeditation, 121:the reward of success. In the first two, the remedy lies within the student himself and in the wiseMeditation, 121:more careful following; in the third case the remedy must be sought in various ways which I willPatanjali, 73:the seven obstacles earlier considered. Obstacle Remedy 1. Bodily disability Wholesome, sanePsychology2, 459:cannot be controlled and for which there is no remedy but the protection of the man from himselfRays, 338:made of the ray implications. This I propose to remedy. Each of the seven initiations, for
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