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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REMEMBER

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Astrology, 13:eventuate. Students would also do well to remember that the twelve constellations which constituteAstrology, 29:exemplify the will-to-know. I would have you remember that I am talking entirely in terms ofAstrology, 39:nature, particularly along sex lines. We must remember that the Hierarchies work under the Law ofAstrology, 49:this analogy into consideration. It is useful to remember the place of these Hierarchies in theAstrology, 75:for those upon the Path. It will be necessary to remember nevertheless that there are an infiniteAstrology, 83:and the Cardinal Cross. [83] I would ask you to remember that though I shall trace the progress ofAstrology, 111:three Crosses to our planet. Ponder on this and remember also that our Sun is traveling throughAstrology, 115:in terms of our own finiteness. Let us always remember this. The mechanism for divine perceptionAstrology, 131:man. Bear this in mind and - at the same time - remember that we are occupied with the GreatAstrology, 134:movement in the world today. I would ask you to remember this and to regard yourselves asAstrology, 180:the servers of humanity would do well to remember these two stages and not confuse them as theyAstrology, 185:constellation which we are now considering, and remember that the same basic streams of energy willAstrology, 190:apart from thought, and I would have you remember that thought is power. This is a statement uponAstrology, 200:ray activity. This is of great importance to remember. I would also ask you to link this thoughtAstrology, 205:which are: Pride, separativeness and cruelty. Remember that the worst kind of cruelty is not of aAstrology, 216:the astral plane. Astrologers would do well to remember that the influence of the constellations,Astrology, 218:initiation, but it is an interesting fact to remember for it is in the connection between the sixthAstrology, 264:of divine manifestation. It is of value here to remember certain points which are: Nine is theAstrology, 328:world civilization. It is valuable also to remember that in the studying of the ray forces andAstrology, 364:every ray. This is an interesting point to remember if you will realize that the great MasonicAstrology, 383:what the higher Self is to the Personality. Remember that the planet Venus is one of the sevenAstrology, 386:the eternal round of the wheel of life. You will remember how Hercules upon the Fixed Cross had toAstrology, 399:This is a point for astrologers to remember. This process of interplay brings about two phases ofAstrology, 403:apparatus." When thus bewildered let him remember that potentially he possesses the creativeAstrology, 449:of return. In this connection it is well also to remember that the series of triangles with whichAstrology, 452:The Triangles and the Centers It is necessary to remember that all influences which impinge uponAstrology, 453:of my books and of The Secret Doctrine must remember that any contradictions which may appear areAstrology, 546:These are points which thinkers would do well to remember. In mystical Russia, the seeds of theAstrology, 592:experiment, if I might so formulate the idea. Remember, therefore, that all through theseAstrology, 597:attraction and to establish relationship, but - remember this - relationships which are entirelyAstrology, 607:the real implications of my remarks. You have to remember, therefore, as you study these mostAstrology, 613:cosmic seed of understanding. It is necessary to remember that on the Path of Initiation, the wholeAstrology, 620:aspect) of divinity expresses itself. You will remember that there is a close connection betweenAstrology, 633:Appearance. Body. Intelligence. Individuality. Remember, nevertheless, that these Three are One.Astrology, 651:are accurately given. The student, however, must remember three things: That every planet is theAstrology, 684:evolution. Perhaps some idea may be gained if we remember that, in an occult sense, Venus is to theAtom, 16:process as a whole becomes clearer. We have to remember in connection with every statement of truthAtom, 32:of the broader-minded scientists. [32] You will remember that last week I endeavored, in a broadAtom, 37:calls "primordial ether," though we must ever remember that the ether of science is many, manyAtom, 67:set of forms, and it is very necessary for us to remember that the triple life back of all forms isAtom, 108:and sorrow in the world, and yet we must remember that through [109] this reaction of the self toAtom, 114:been laid upon its ceremonial aspect. We need to remember that every great unfoldment ofAtom, 115:us, have had and will have our share. If we can remember this universality of initiation we shallAtom, 120:into the realms of the unproven, and we should remember that, until recently, science has refusedAtom, 121:to that greater one which enfolds it. You will remember that in trying to explain the differenceAtom, 129:we should like to see realized. It is good to remember that the more we think along such definitelyAtom, 148:human family is in the atomic stage, but we must remember that it is a protective and necessaryAutobiography, 9:the statement is true. I do not like much that I remember about my childhood though many of myAutobiography, 10:to say, I fell back on my own experience and remember so well saying to her, "Well, darling, oneAutobiography, 11:I do not intend to inflict upon you what I do remember. Many of the causes lay within myself, ofAutobiography, 12:but which is seldom recognized. I cannot remember the time when I was not thinking, and puzzlingAutobiography, 15:University to win distinction and - if I remember correctly - she did this twice. She was quiteAutobiography, 19:in a statue in a square in Leeds, England. I remember a few years ago arriving in Leeds to lecture.Autobiography, 19:age of 29, when I was only six years old. I do remember her beautiful golden hair and herAutobiography, 19:hair and her gentleness, but that is all. I also remember her funeral at [20] Torquay, Devonshire,Autobiography, 23:he died en route to Tasmania from Australia. I remember well the day when word came to myAutobiography, 23:word came to my grandparents of his death and I remember also later when his valet turned up withAutobiography, 24:I have two recollections of that library. I remember standing at one of its windows and trying toAutobiography, 24:governess we had applied it. The only one I remember in those early days was called by the peculiarAutobiography, 25:schoolroom, indicating the next duty. How well I remember going over to it and asking myself: "WhatAutobiography, 25:anxious eyes of our governess. To this day I can remember going off into a reverie or day dream (asAutobiography, 27:these obligations must be met. The other thing I remember vividly was the beauty of the countrysideAutobiography, 32:to investigate the country side. To this day, I remember our intense excitement when the two cratesAutobiography, 33:and how I taught it is quite forgotten. All I remember is a lot of laughter and noise and muchAutobiography, 35:dressed in European clothes (very well cut, I remember) but with a turban on his head. He came inAutobiography, 36:a minute to give me a look which to this day I remember very distinctly. I did not know what toAutobiography, 46:and I love the sea no matter how rough. I cannot remember any personal friends except one, and sheAutobiography, 51:of the presentation. But such is not the case. I remember once when eight or nine people (all ofAutobiography, 55:lines went well and then I stuck; I could not remember what came next. I had to come to a deadAutobiography, 56:Belfast saw me break free in that connection. I remember once being sincerely flattered over theAutobiography, 58:there were eggs in boxes under my bed. If I remember rightly, there were one hundred thousand eggsAutobiography, 59:in her views than were her workers. I can remember her twinkling at them and saying nothing. We allAutobiography, 61:it. I do not know that I would have blamed them. Remember that girls did not have the freedom thatAutobiography, 65:little at that time - practically dormant. I remember that first trip so well. There were two womenAutobiography, 66:men were unbelievably [66] good to me and I remember them with affection and gratitude. It was theAutobiography, 66:to me and attended to all the business details. Remember, again, that I was young, pretty, and thatAutobiography, 69:future. I have been - as a general rule - but I remember him with gratitude, even though I haveAutobiography, 76:as literature and poetry it is just too awful. I remember one night at Chakrata I had announced theAutobiography, 77:and, alas, loaded up with tracts. I can only remember two of the [78] tracts today. One was called,Autobiography, 79:him down the railroad. I would ask you to remember this wasn't done in my day and my conduct wasAutobiography, 87:imagined myself in love many times. I can well remember a major in a certain regiment (now a famousAutobiography, 92:have an idea that I had lost my punch. All I can remember was the tremendous kindness of a ColonelAutobiography, 93:our arrival in Bombay and going to the hotel. I remember going up to my room and lying down on myAutobiography, 93:I have been too run down. The second thing I remember was being taken on board the P. & 0. boatAutobiography, 93:I could not stop however hard I tried. I only remember laughing twice and then I really did laugh.Autobiography, 94:and I was with my beloved Miss Sandes. I can remember the relief I felt and the feeling that nowAutobiography, 95:so utterly sick at heart that the next thing I remember was being picked up by a policeman. He setAutobiography, 98:more frequent. The work was very heavy and I remember with gratitude the goodness and the kindnessAutobiography, 100:"Comics" in the Sunday papers and I can never remember a joke; but I have a sense of humor and haveAutobiography, 105:Constitution has already solved it for them. I remember at Lane Theological Seminary a NegroAutobiography, 106:my daughters asked him if he was married. I well remember his turning to her and saying: "My dearAutobiography, 115:getting abroad that Walter Evans was not sane. I remember one night waking up and hearing a man goAutobiography, 116:and no hope was held out for her recovery. I remember so well a blazing hot summer's day, duringAutobiography, 121:would, of course, have to know the details. I remember well the evening in which I put theAutobiography, 124:After six months of this kind of life, if I remember correctly, I saw the Bishop again and told himAutobiography, 126:a factory hand and. work in a sardine cannery. I remember the time of crisis when I came to thisAutobiography, 126:were not as good as somebody else's. I remember pondering one day on the verse in the Bible, "TheAutobiography, 127: Autobiography of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter III I remember so distinctly the depths of my despairAutobiography, 129:you and to stop anybody being rude to you, just remember I'm here." He never intruded again but heAutobiography, 130:probably a bad egg." I am quoting literally. I remember once the foreman of the factory was
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