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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REMEMBER

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Magic, 279:vibrates through the waters of space. Let him remember the order of creative work. The waters ofMagic, 279:form and transmit the vitalizing life. Let him remember that the cessation of the form ensues whenMagic, 288:the four words we have been considering. We must remember that "To Will" is the prerogative ofMagic, 291:must learn certain large generalizations, and remember that as the omniscience of the soul isMagic, 322:followed by you or not as deemed wise. We must remember that every aspirant is a focal point ofMagic, 341:- to be either discarded or vivified. Secondly, remember that all personalities (your own included)Magic, 344:thought will lead to the sphere of achievement. Remember too that it is not purposed that youMagic, 348:future is faced. Face that future, however, and remember that what the future holds is notMagic, 357:be offset. One of the first things we have to remember as we consider these types of energy is thatMagic, 362:fire will then rush up and become focalized. Remember always that in the vivification of a centerMagic, 362:the seven centers in the head rotate in unison. Remember also that just as the four minor rays passMagic, 368:work it into existence on the physical plane. Remember this, that the materialization of any aspectMagic, 371:goes contrary. One thing always would I have you remember. It is of vital importance. It is thisMagic, 378:to plan. Students of these mysteries need to remember that though Shamballa is spoken of asMagic, 384:Founding of the Hierarchy Students must always remember that all distinctions and categories areMagic, 390:or of fire is the most important. We need to remember that just as in particular incarnations, menMagic, 425:mechanism which goes with such a method of work. Remember that such groups are still greatly neededMagic, 438:- Astrology and the Energies Astrologers must remember also that there are several [439]Magic, 463:where to carry that which has been made. Let us remember in connection with this Rule that it isMagic, 463:and mind and soul. Again, it is necessary to remember that this Rule, being an expression of theMagic, 483:Eleven - Salvation from our Thought-Forms Let us remember first of all that no aspirant, no matterMagic, 498:necessarily out of his reach. It is useful to remember, however, that astrally and mentally theMagic, 502:This is the first and most important fact to remember and it will easily be seen how the trend of aMagic, 507:few words from them: "It might be useful here to remember that in the work of creation the whiteMagic, 524:as you study and ponder these Instructions and remember that, in the light of the future knowledgeMagic, 582:must govern and round out our racial progress. Remember that no man is a disciple, in the Master'sMagic, 601:into the shade. Students would do well to remember that in the reading of any basic textbook (andMagic, 609:interpreting the one to the other. It is well to remember that even the [610] members of theMeditation, 3:levels can then begin to be felt. You need to remember that they come via the causal body, theMeditation, 59:from the three worlds. The student must remember, nevertheless, that he has first to find hisMeditation, 69:organizations. In considering this you need to remember that the whole world becomes ever moreMeditation, 75:I seek to point out that the student must ever remember that here generalizations only are given.Meditation, 93:are to be seen in the esoteric life of service. Remember likewise that psychic phenomena are noMeditation, 98:and I advise all students of occultism [98] to remember that all the three bodies are of equalMeditation, 109:grades in the Hall of Learning. You need to remember that I refer not here to the mystic meditationMeditation, 115:karma that governs the affiliations. Let us remember too that as a man enlarges his capacity toMeditation, 128:This second point is more complex. You will remember how it has been said earlier in these lettersMeditation, 134:yourselves from attack. The Dark Brothers are - remember this always - brothers, erring andMeditation, 158:all forms are alike to the Initiate. You have to remember that at this point of merging a man worksMeditation, 169:The man who finds himself on one line has to remember that in time and before perfection isMeditation, 175:Therefore in studying occult lore you need to remember two things: You control elemental forces.Meditation, 182:though not as yet with the involving group. Remember this statement. The deva and human evolutionMeditation, 188:by water, by floods, by submerging; when you remember that water is the natural enemy of fire, andMeditation, 191:he may be possessed. The first postulate to remember in considering the collective use of form inMeditation, 205:the color aspect in this letter, begging you to remember always that all sounds express themselvesMeditation, 214:the puzzle. Certain things you must always remember in dealing with these colors: That I have givenMeditation, 216:set up by a cosmic ray, for you have to remember that this fifth ray (just as the fifth plane andMeditation, 220:and holds the key to evolutionary development. Remember, therefore, when studying the microcosmMeditation, 222:is differentiated color there is imperfection. Remember, color as we know it is the realization byMeditation, 292:He will see the room of the Master, and remember his associates in the work of the class. He willMeditation, 292:his associates in the work of the class. He will remember certain sentences, as spoken by hisMeditation, 292:of his group. He has made contact. He may not remember [293] in his physical brain, at first, theMeditation, 322:providing for each of the pupils (and you must remember that numerically they will not be large), aMeditation, 339:foremost head center, namely, violet and gold. Remember that the work is gradual, and as theMeditation, 343:give you in this connection may be of vital use. Remember always that material gain in knowledgeMeditation, 346:knowledge as a preliminary step. You must remember that the server passes through the Hall ofPatanjali, 9:of lower manas or mind. The student should remember that uncontrolled desire and an unregulatedPatanjali, 13:by the pairs of opposites. The student must remember that in this sutra it is the chitta orPatanjali, 18:the early dawn (of his endeavor. A. B.) let him remember that the orb is not yet risen. The clearPatanjali, 22:in many cases. Students will do well to remember that right activity of the mind and its correctPatanjali, 25:of course the mind. Occidental thinkers should remember that the Eastern occultist does notPatanjali, 30:It may be of value to the student to remember that heaven, the object of aspirational desire, whichPatanjali, 35:of the easiest ways to realize its meaning is to remember that [36] the word "Sama" has referencePatanjali, 52:more rapid progress. The occult student must remember that this process has gone on in the wheelsPatanjali, 54:Pranava. (See Book I Sutra 1.) Students should remember that there are three basic Words or soundsPatanjali, 62:to the physical body. Aspirants would do well to remember this and should seek to adjust thePatanjali, 93:the thought of the thinker). It aids also to remember: That on the physical plane the perceiverPatanjali, 99:spiritual being called Pradhana. Let the student remember here the following degrees or stagesPatanjali, 100:those of pure spirit. We need, however, to remember here that all these four stages are necessaryPatanjali, 102:being dominated and controlled. We should remember here that sattva has reference to the rhythm ofPatanjali, 108:the lower kingdoms in nature. Students should remember that it is only when man is really beginningPatanjali, 133:upon the previous one. The student should remember that the knower, the spiritual man, has variousPatanjali, 147:are inherent in all forms. The student needs to remember that every form on every plane is thusPatanjali, 153:purposes of study the student will do well to remember that he must investigate the nature of thePatanjali, 255:that every aspirant to the mysteries should remember is that growth that is gradual, and relativelyPatanjali, 290:of Raja Yoga. Will the students of this science remember here, [291] however, that these forms ofPatanjali, 302:nature and purpose of form." If the student will remember that the moon is the symbol of matter,Patanjali, 303:of human endeavor. We must be careful however to remember that the moon aspect is the governing onePatanjali, 310:the process of transmutation the student should remember that: The energy at the base of the spinePatanjali, 342:for all forms of magical work. Students must remember that this does not refer to the elements asProblems, 32:goals and carefully considered ideals. Let us remember, however, that visionary, mystical hopes andProblems, 48:and at the right time. Educators will need to remember that thousands of children have looked onProblems, 50:of the educational systems to avert it? Let us remember one important thing. What education can doProblems, 51:time Russia has used the same system. Let us remember that this demonstrated potency can work twoProblems, 87:outset of our discussion, it would be wise to remember that the entire problem we are consideringProblems, 100:to The New Testament); he is more apt to remember that Christ was a Jew and to wonder why the JewProblems, 124:of life exemplified by Him. Churchmen need to remember that the human spirit is greater than theProblems, 124:Churches I. The Failure of the Churches Let us remember: Christ has not failed. It is the humanProblems, 127:their men to think for themselves and to remember that the key to truth lies in the unifying powerPsychology1, 9:you may possess of the modern theories, and remember that the more truly you live as a soul thePsychology1, 10:will drive them forward to the goal, need to remember that theirs is the responsibility of addingPsychology1, 14:and at the same time extinguishes, duality. Remember that the entire story of evolution is thePsychology1, 25:the planet through which He manifests. You must remember that only a few of the planets are thePsychology1, 60:the relation of the seven rays to Deity if we remember that man himself (being made in the image ofPsychology1, 107:aspirant. Students of the times would do well to remember that it is the teaching that is ofPsychology1, 110:in the present volume, but students need to remember that they themselves evoke and call forth thePsychology1, 115:needy and waiting world. But it is important to remember that the attitude of the training initiatePsychology1, 163:Organization - the Mental body. [163] But again remember that the interrelation and interplay isPsychology1, 178:easier recognition of that which is on the way. Remember, revelation seldom [179] comes along thePsychology1, 195:to the quality aspect. Students would do well to remember that occultism may be the study of
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