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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REMINDING

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Autobiography, 248:I would call your attention to this last theme, reminding you that A.A.B. has never made theDiscipleship1, 115:in process of preparing you for initiation. I am reminding you of these two facts for the followingDiscipleship1, 125:the two major rays are predominantly focused, reminding you that the task is to relate two energiesDiscipleship1, 287:in which to work. Of this I feel the need of reminding you. The goal is intensification of theDiscipleship1, 582:a problem. Upon it I need not enlarge, beyond reminding you that a sixth ray astral body (where aDiscipleship1, 780:I would call your attention to this last theme, reminding you that the true initiate has never madeDiscipleship2, 9:thought to what I have said. Hence the need of reminding you of my major points prior to continuingDiscipleship2, 269:Will aspect. When I say this I give you a hint, reminding you that the candidate for initiationDiscipleship2, 291:Let me now expand the concept further, reminding you of the phrase so oft employed, "the All-seeingDiscipleship2, 419:inferences contained in this seventh hint, reminding you that each separated phrase, statement orDiscipleship2, 493:and common sense. For this I commend you, reminding you always that soul contact is universal andDiscipleship2, 546:meditation. I too must have this in mind reminding you that renunciation itself can be a glamor andDiscipleship2, 757:need? I will tell you the truth as I see it, reminding you however that it is the truth as you seeEducation, 2:lies as yet in the future. I would reply by reminding you that "As a man thinketh, so is he." ThisEducation, 116:of the reasons for the present world unrest, reminding you that many of them are based upon causesExternalisation, 70:book (Education in the New Age, Pages 116-125) reminding you that some of the causes lie in soExternalisation, 348:of the peoples of the world. His task of reminding aspirants continuously of the possibility ofExternalisation, 379:this type of person I write. I would start by reminding the general public of one important fact.Externalisation, 681:The idea may perhaps be clarified for you by reminding yourselves that some who read these wordsFire, 519:on each plane, 69 with the seven subplanes, reminding the student that we are speaking of theHealing, 135:occult therapy for which mankind is now ready, reminding you that the presentation is naturallyHealing, 392:He chided them when they evidenced sorrow, reminding them that He was going to His Father. Being anHealing, 472:sequence of events which happens at a death bed, reminding you that the points of final abstractionHercules, 64:in brightness and eclipsing his brother, so reminding one of the words of John the Baptist, spokenHercules, 123:its opposite, and all that occurs in between." Reminding one again that eight energies play throughMeditation, 211:again to enumerate them thus, only this time reminding you that the one Ray of which all the othersPsychology1, 18:of the Christ of Galilee. He was constantly reminding the people that He was not what He appearedPsychology2, 442:case, giving you the governing ray energies and reminding you that their fusion is the objective.Psychology2, 445:I can but briefly indicate some of them, reminding you that, in the case which we are considering,Psychology2, 547:might be of service if I [547] listed them here, reminding you that the centers up the spinalRays, 19:for groups in preparation for group initiation, reminding you that such groups are ever composed of
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