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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RENDER

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Fire, 996:Heaven, put out the lower lunar fires, and render naught that lower 'fire by friction.' The BrotherGlamour, 10:individual life and action. I would ask you to render not only an intelligent interpretation of theGlamour, 19:the Telepathic [19] Communicators; here they can render potent service. Groups of sensitives ofGlamour, 23:training intuitives. Hence the service you can render to this general cause by offering yourselvesGlamour, 33:is to induce that clear thinking which will render the disciple free from illusion and give to himGlamour, 142:upon the service which you are seeking to render. If you pay this intelligent attention to theGlamour, 151:are their lives and such the service that they render to the souls of men." I would commend theseGlamour, 196:and used in order to dispel glamor and render a deeply esoteric service to the world. It might beGlamour, 207:and those profound inferiority complexes which render some people completely futile or leadGlamour, 209:reveal. It has no dissipating power, nor can it render existing glamor ineffective. It can onlyGlamour, 213:activity and are, therefore, in a position to render help even if they could not - alone andGlamour, 254:compliance with the requirements and fails to render that application which would be the guaranteeGlamour, 268:it is a dependable instrument and one which can render good service. Can it and should it beHealing, 405:ounce of service that he is in a position to render to those still under the Law of KarmicHealing, 425:significance of Christ's words when He said, "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's andHealing, 522:equally and assuredly dominate and eventually render futile the lesser laws of the form nature,Healing, 522:The Laws of the Soul, as they subordinate and render negative the Laws of Nature, are the highestHealing, 560:and the [560] constant small infections which render the life of the average man or of theHercules, 2:fixed Cross, demanding deeds to do, service to render unto God and man, and willingness to travelHercules, 108:has to slay that which he has created; he has to render helpless that which has been the greatHercules, 118:But what is the root meaning of "vice"? "To render ineffective", and that for Virgo is to negateHercules, 185:service. This is not the service that we render because we are told that service is a way toInitiation, 215:all the above terms. It is simply an attempt to render into English certain words used in thisIntellect, 251:entity, incarnate or discarnate; neither will he render up his hand blindly for any force to use.Magic, 85:possible. The man's work with his mind is to render it negative and receptive to the soul, and thisMagic, 178:it will be for the teacher on the inner side to render, through his agency, the knowledge to beMagic, 185:obligations in a man's present life as would render it impossible for him to function as aMagic, 353:are critical and all aspirants are urged also to render themselves sensitive to the voice of theirMagic, 473:of life engulf the swimmer, shut out the sun and render all plans futile. Discover that thou hast aMagic, 475:carrying forward of the magical work, and will render the mental body so clear and so powerful thatMagic, 504:to the every day affairs of life. [504] Learn to render heart service and not an emotionalMagic, 560:at the very roots of a man's life; but it will render back a thousandfold for all that it cutsMagic, 567:no matter what the magician is seeking to render objective. It refers equally to an organization,Magic, 568:the ability of that apparatus to oxygenate and render pure the blood, so will be the health orMeditation, 19:of that law to the body of causes so as to render it needless and thus effect its shattering.Meditation, 138:in hand. Sleep much and, in sleeping, learn to render the body positive; keep busy on the emotionalMeditation, 318:each pupil will realize the necessity and will render obedience from spiritual recognition. AsMeditation, 349:all the above terms. It is simply an attempt to render into English certain words used in thisPatanjali, 219:the ability of that apparatus to oxygenate and render pure the blood, so will be the health orPatanjali, 234:eye are negated (or withdrawn) and the yogi can render himself invisible. 22. Karma (or effects)Patanjali, 280:eye are negated (or withdrawn) and the yogi can render himself invisible. This is one of the mostPatanjali, 358:and the Halls of Learning and of Wisdom render up to him their secrets. He becomes a Christ, aPatanjali, 409:He seeks to quiet the brain cells, and render them negative, quiescent and receptive. TrueProblems, 139:of the humble Carpenter of Nazareth, she can render a world service and set an example which willPsychology1, 80:is laid thereon, and [80] on that cross must render up its life. Each builds a cross which formsPsychology1, 107:have much to work upon and much theory to render into practice, and this leaves the Masters freePsychology1, 261:lives with which he is linked, to which he must render service, and by which he can be served. ThePsychology1, 331:all barriers in his consciousness, and to render (simply and naturally) a rhythmic and completePsychology1, 386:one of the services therefore that England can render at this time is to come to the aid of worldPsychology2, 37:of the truth, and practice right will render to the Blessed One that golden thread which willPsychology2, 121:for all. Service is viewed as something we render to the poor, the afflicted, the diseased and thePsychology2, 123:- a service to be rendered as the Masters render it, and as the Christ demonstrated it for us inPsychology2, 138:and each ray worker and server will be found to render his service along peculiar and specificPsychology2, 244:man's own soul. The Hierarchy exists in order to render possible in form that sensed Plan andPsychology2, 247:age to age. Secondly, the constant effort to render oneself sensitive to the world of significantPsychology2, 364:divine energy. The service humanity [364] is to render is that of producing unity, harmony, andPsychology2, 464:Such expansions and attitude should not render a man anti-social or incarcerate him in a prison ofPsychology2, 486:seldom invoked and the processes pursued usually render the brain cells negative and quiescentPsychology2, 618:distress but it can also kill the group life and render abortive the efforts which could, if givenPsychology2, 629:the service which the Great Ones are seeking to render. This cooperative effort by the morePsychology2, 747:of that spiritual sensitivity which will render us aware of the impressions and impulses comingRays, 77:which, under the Plan, they are seeking to render to humanity. As we continue our study of RuleRays, 110:of men today techniques of will which would render their still selfish will effective. The mainRays, 211:with world need and with the service he can render, and - almost inadvertently, as it were - desireRays, 242:state. The only service which these hints can render (as to the sevenfold divine purpose and [243]Rays, 312:are related instead to the work which he has to render. This work concerns what I might callRays, 497:ultimate service which all true aspirants can render. Rays, 549:is to cultivate the higher sensitivity; to render yourselves so pure and selfless that your mindsRays, 760:of its origin, meaning and potency will render it far more effective. The year 1952 should see aReappearance, 100:service which, the legend says, the Buddha will render Christ. In symbolic form, the legend runsReappearance, 131:The greatest service a man [131] can render his fellowmen is to free himself from the control ofTelepathy, 85:sensitive than is the man struggling alone to render himself sensitive to impression. One of the
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