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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RENOUNCED

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Astrology, 392:There comes a dramatic moment when all desire is renounced; the will of God or the Plan is seen asHealing, 264:came as a member of the Jewish race and they renounced Him. Today the law is working, and the JewsHealing, 691:there is etheric. The principle of life is renounced and returns to the reservoir of universalInitiation, 89:of sacrifice, and stands bereft of all. All is renounced, friends, money, reputation, character,Intellect, 168:love for God. To generous souls who have utterly renounced themselves, God never fails in theseProblems, 14:disunity. Had all nations seen clearly and renounced their individual selfishness in 1939, the warPsychology2, 271:which is undesirable and must be changed and renounced, and which thus transforms life by the lightRays, 314:the Whole. The soul, in this statement, is renounced, and the monad, as a point of centralization,Rays, 524:there, [524] felt the agony of human need and renounced His own life and gave His all (againRays, 651:and also his spiritual realization - have been renounced. He stands entirely free from every aspectRays, 666:Having achieved its purpose, it is then renounced, and the "lighted Way" of occultism is thenRays, 702:liberation. The Masters have each and all renounced that which is material; They have been liftedRays, 704:they are integral parts of his intention. Having renounced the three worlds, and having returned -
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