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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RENUNCIATION

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Astrology, 61:man reaches Capricorn." Then comes the Crisis of Renunciation. From the standpoint of the pledgedAstrology, 107:come twelve lives wherein the final stage of Renunciation is experienced and the disciple orAstrology, 110:of recreation, regeneration, reorientation and renunciation. Before taking up these matters inAstrology, 115:three keynotes which are Bondage or captivity. Renunciation or detachment. Sacrifice and death.Astrology, 116:worlds of human evolution. There is also a dual renunciation referred to in these key words, forAstrology, 124:into divine selflessness. Acquisitiveness into renunciation. Self-preservation into selfless worldAstrology, 382:producing finally the great reversal and renunciation. In this Cross, Taurus is the Initiator forAstrology, 472:Expansion Capricorn Cardinal 4. Crisis of Renunciation Crucifixion Gemini Mutable 5. Crisis of theBethlehem, 13:the Oriental teaching which is called the Great Renunciation. There is an initiation, called in theBethlehem, 23:48.) The Crucifixion. This is called the Great Renunciation, in the Orient, with its lesson ofBethlehem, 220:and realize for a brief instant that in this renunciation everything was at stake. Even theBethlehem, 222:He had to undergo the experience of an utter renunciation of all that had constituted His veryBethlehem, 228:The long journey ends thus, in the glory of the renunciation of personal desire, and in theBethlehem, 242:lesser renunciations prepare us for the great renunciation; all earlier deaths are but the preludeBethlehem, 282:Crucifixion initiation, and by the constant renunciation of everything that holds back theBethlehem, 282:the Resurrection, and which is called the Great Renunciation. Let us vision clearly just where weDiscipleship1, 312:the clinging hands of others. Just as the Great Renunciation of the fourth initiation is madeDiscipleship1, 314:of release, of relinquishment, and of final renunciation. [315] The ray of your mental body is theDiscipleship1, 465:by all who have passed through the fires of Renunciation, who are walking the way of humilityDiscipleship1, 499:for you, the way of the heart. It is the way of renunciation but always the way of joy. So, as youDiscipleship1, 499:The way of joy enriches all my life. 3rd month - Renunciation takes the place of grasping for theDiscipleship1, 663:of detachment, based upon conscious personality renunciation, upon a right orientation of theDiscipleship1, 663:of crisis and of intensification, added to renunciation, have been your lot for years, have theyDiscipleship2, 59:in a graded series of renunciations to the Great Renunciation, which sets the disciple free for allDiscipleship2, 76:lessons of adaptability, of impersonality and renunciation. He made one serious and irretrievableDiscipleship2, 254:the personality and preparing to make the Great Renunciation - a renunciation which the personalityDiscipleship2, 254:and preparing to make the Great Renunciation - a renunciation which the personality makes possibleDiscipleship2, 270:after the fourth initiation, that of the Great Renunciation. Everything is then relinquished inDiscipleship2, 365:into manifestation. The nature of individual renunciation. The one Life. Formula 6. Transition fromDiscipleship2, 391:who have taken the fourth Initiation of Renunciation and in whom the soul body, the causal body,Discipleship2, 398:agent of the soul. At the fourth Initiation of Renunciation, the destroying aspect of the Law ofDiscipleship2, 401:apprehension - at the fourth Initiation of Renunciation - of another phase of the divine,Discipleship2, 403:share during and after the fourth Initiation of Renunciation (which is presented to him in aDiscipleship2, 546:of your life towards the soul, the keynote of renunciation is wisely clear but you need to see toDiscipleship2, 546:wisely clear but you need to see to it that even renunciation is not over-emphasized and that itsDiscipleship2, 546:to that for which there is no call, because such renunciation would constitute an error. I amDiscipleship2, 546:I too must have this in mind reminding you that renunciation itself can be a glamor and a sixth rayDiscipleship2, 694:Detachement Liberation Relinquishement Renunciation Withdrawal Negation Rejection The OM All theseExternalisation, 359:a new race of men can gradually come into being. Renunciation and the use of the sacrificial willExternalisation, 605:is more accurately called in the East) the Great Renunciation, Christ, for the first time, anchoredFire, 878:finds them ready [878] for the final process of renunciation. The solar Lords, in their three majorFire, 1194:higher than whom, on account of his great renunciation and sacrifice for mankind, there is noneGlamour, 166:a new race of men can gradually come into being. Renunciation and the use of the sacrificial willHercules, 166:all upon the altar, not in the spirit of sad renunciation, bracing himself to be perfectlyInitiation, 20:the example it sets of service, sacrifice, and renunciation, and through the constant streams ofInitiation, 23:their great decision, and that inconceivable renunciation which leads them to stay within theInitiation, 24:of the personal self, and know that utter renunciation of all which is the lot of every aspirant atInitiation, 56:for the use of the Christ, and for the great renunciation which is the characteristic of the fourthInitiation, 89:It is the life of the man who makes the Great Renunciation, and even exoterically it is seen to beInitiation, 103:has served throw his gift back to him, scorn his renunciation, and label him with unsavory names.Intellect, 209:soul? Undoubtedly the solution does not lie in renunciation of the possibilities to which men inMagic, 117:The second set of principles is learnt through renunciation and service. A man looks away (havingMagic, 117:and consequently receives; he lives the life of renunciation and the wealth of the heavens pours inMagic, 577:as the "Sword of cold blue steel." The sword of renunciation, or that double-bladed axe which theMeditation, 44:goal is reached; it is reached by the path of renunciation. Perhaps it may mean the renunciation ofMeditation, 44:path of renunciation. Perhaps it may mean the renunciation of joy, or the renunciation of goodMeditation, 44:it may mean the renunciation of joy, or the renunciation of good reputation, or the renunciation ofMeditation, 44:or the renunciation of good reputation, or the renunciation of friends, and the renunciation of allMeditation, 44:or the renunciation of friends, and the renunciation of all that the heart clings to. I sayMeditation, 239:is developed. On the path of return, renunciation is the rule, in contradistinction to the earlierMeditation, 240:and the objective life of service. In service is renunciation, and, under the occult law,Patanjali, 170:proceed and eventually culminate in the great renunciation which once and for all sets a man freePsychology2, 40:for wisdom and truth; Sensitivity to the Whole; Renunciation of the great heresy of separativeness;Psychology2, 104:processes, until he has learnt the lesson of renunciation. The sequence is, first dispassion, thenPsychology2, 686:days of preparation are to be known as "days of renunciation and detachment". [687] The day of thePsychology2, 687:most intensive effort in service, leading to the renunciation of all which could hinder ourRays, 116:himself for the fourth initiation, the Great Renunciation, the Crucifixion, and thus fit himself toRays, 193:at the triumph over death and through the Great Renunciation or Crucifixion episode, a great andRays, 217:that it is called the life of crucifixion or of renunciation. We are, however, concerned with theRays, 220:ever seeking to bring about the esoteric "renunciation" of the causal vehicle. This point ofRays, 221:is no longer of major importance; the Great Renunciation takes place, and the causal body - havingRays, 224:and attainment ever holds good. The Great Renunciation becomes possible only when the practice ofRays, 224:of ambition, of all personality ties, and the renunciation of all that hinders progress as it isRays, 224:for the final great transference, based upon the renunciation of that which for aeons has connotedRays, 226:divine will. This marks the period of the Great Renunciation [227] and prefaces the completeRays, 290:that point He passed through the Gethsemane of renunciation. Rays, 290:initiation, that of the Crucifixion or the Great Renunciation. The numbers four and six are closelyRays, 290:and six are closely connected, and the lesser renunciation (great only from the human point ofRays, 290:from the human point of view) makes the higher renunciation possible eventually, and vice versa.Rays, 315:in the experience of the Christ. The episode of renunciation was a high point in the life of theRays, 340:Integration Direction Science Initiation 4. Renunciation Heart center 4th ray Buddhic planeRays, 353:for that initiation which we call the Great Renunciation is the electric energy of the entireRays, 354:effect upon the dense physical body. The Great Renunciation involves the rejection of the physicalRays, 354:involves its physical death. The Great Renunciation or fourth initiation has, therefore, twoRays, 455:this reason that the crucifixion, or the Great Renunciation, takes place. Forget not that it is theRays, 491:fourth initiation, called sometimes the Great Renunciation - the renunciation or the withdrawalRays, 491:called sometimes the Great Renunciation - the renunciation or the withdrawal from form life, bothRays, 492:idea of sacrifice as a process of giving-up, or renunciation of all that makes life worth living.Rays, 506:at the time of the fourth initiation, the Great Renunciation at which time the first aspect beginsRays, 507:body also vanishes in the same great process of renunciation, and the physical body (as anRays, 532:3 - The Transfiguration. Initiation 4 - The Renunciation. Initiation 5 - The Revelation.Rays, 598:is now dominant. In the next initiation, the Renunciation, this relationship becomes a dual oneRays, 602:and the Major Initiations Initiation IV - The Renunciation - Ray IV The Energy of Harmony throughRays, 604:ray. The effect upon humanity as a whole. The "Renunciation Initiation" is an expression of theRays, 605:When we study the fourth initiation, that of the Renunciation, the effects of its activity willRays, 606:spiritual values, thus leading to a collective renunciation of materialism, particularly in itsRays, 607:culminates when the fourth initiation, the Great Renunciation, is taken by man today, and byRays, 607:which produces, first of all, conflict, then renunciation, and finally emancipation; which producesRays, 607:produces. Conflict is always present prior to renunciation, and it is only at this fourth greatRays, 608:found in the passing through the Initiation of Renunciation. The Principle of Decision which
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