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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REORGANIZED

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Astrology, 60:[60] the new orientation and the embryonic reorganized inner life will be noted and studied, and inAutobiography, 303:to see how the work could be picked up again and reorganized and refinanced and again beDiscipleship1, 73:into other groups or form the nucleus of a reorganized unit. All the teaching on the groups ofDiscipleship2, 7:is necessary if the work is to go forward in a reorganized and more vital manner. If this New SeedDiscipleship2, 28:Of the original twenty-four members of the new (reorganized) seed group only eighteen now remainDiscipleship2, 108:groups as well as those who were or are in the reorganized group. The names will be sent to youHealing, 477:as the energies of which it is composed are reorganized and withdrawn, leaving only the pranicIntellect, 32:it actually rests; the whole Being of man is reorganized accordingly... therefore, an education toMagic, 191:humanity and the most "alive", require to be reorganized, reoriented, and to be brought from aMagic, 381:those of the group. Gradually the teaching was reorganized, and the curriculum increased; little byRays, 597:disciplines; the emotional nature has been reorganized and made receptive to spiritual impressionReappearance, 183:years, this New Group of World Servers has been reorganized and revitalized; the knowledge of its
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