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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REORIENTATION

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Psychology2, 274:of Appropriation comes as a result of the reorientation and the readjustment which takes place inPsychology2, 299:and personality are at war, when the battle for reorientation is at its highest and the aspirantPsychology2, 344:of consequent struggle, and of a hardly achieved reorientation towards reality. That period hasPsychology2, 344:aspirants. So widespread is the desire for this reorientation that it has produced the presentPsychology2, 344:as, having endeavored to bring about the desired reorientation, they learn the basic necessity ofPsychology2, 345:problems are founded upon [345] The process of reorientation with its consequences of personalityPsychology2, 350:this - he passes eventually through a process of reorientation. This reveals to him, as he slowlyPsychology2, 354:personality and soul. It is in the third life of reorientation that he gains the reward for thePsychology2, 417:The instinctual sense of divinity which leads to reorientation in the right direction. This leadsPsychology2, 424:slow transmutation of desire into aspiration. Reorientation to higher goals and the development ofPsychology2, 614:the stimulating but disrupting processes of reorientation, of recognizing duality and of fusion ofPsychology2, 747:be on our part, if we react to all this, the reorientation of our entire lives for the next fewRays, 78:the Path of Evolution. Secondly, a process of reorientation is going on which will eventuallyRays, 80:of the three worlds prior to the process of reorientation and the expression of developed idealismRays, 377:aspect of the will. Their development produces a reorientation which becomes a permanent attitude,Rays, 446:involves a strong mental attitude and reorientation of the mind to reality. As the disciple beginsRays, 447:of planned and carefully timed and directed reorientation or focusing. In this last process theRays, 523:Path, symbolically speaking, and by a process of reorientation, the aspirant who is seeking toRays, 571:by the time the year 2025 arrives. All this, reorientation and unfoldment will be the result of theRays, 575:life of the initiate has undergone a pronounced reorientation. [576] He is now capable of anRays, 576:of glamor are now all arrayed against him. The reorientation with which he is now faced has to beRays, 583:and true realization. This brings about a basic reorientation of the life of the initiate and ofRays, 647:materialistic thought-form on mental levels; the reorientation of human thinking, as this fact isReappearance, 114:it indicates a general process of spiritual reorientation, of submission and of acquiescence.Telepathy, 117:aspirants - in the early stages of their slow reorientation - work through the solar plexus center,
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