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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REORIENTING

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Astrology, 373:you would become aware of such a refocusing and reorienting on all sides. Again, however, the timeAstrology, 557:man stands forth as an aligned person, slowly reorienting himself to a higher vision, a widerBethlehem, 20:coming spiritual revelation. Today the world is reorienting itself to the newer influences, and inDiscipleship1, 324:orientation be purely personal. The task of reorienting people can be yours. Some people work withDiscipleship1, 641:bring you personality satisfaction, require reorienting to the present life demand and to theDiscipleship2, 296:systems upon a planetary scale, and then man the reorienting aspirant, will become man the acceptedDiscipleship2, 734:of the glamor and by this remark I may aid in reorienting your thought and dissipating some of yourHealing, 352:en rapport with his soul and the consequent reorienting of the life to the eternal verities. ItMagic, 89:solar Angel, the soul, is organizing itself and reorienting itself so that its power can beMagic, 89:that the soul is organizing itself for effort, reorienting its forces, and preparing for a freshMagic, 296:mastering the technique of development, and of reorienting it to wider experience and of preparingRays, 374:those who are making definite soul contact, reorienting themselves and nearing the periphery of theRays, 615:This spiritual inflow will bring about the reorienting of human desire and will evoke the emotional
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