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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REORIENTS

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Astrology, 90:Thus the usual process is reversed and the man reorients himself and "faces the East," as it isAstrology, 106:and ambition as the aeons pass away. When he reorients himself and mounts the Fixed Cross, he comesAstrology, 208:man of the world comes to himself and then reorients himself to the soul and its requirements. ThisAstrology, 208:degree - upon a higher turn of the spiral - reorients himself to the Monad and passes through mostAstrology, 390:form life is transcended and the inner man reorients and assumes an unchangeable direction. YouGlamour, 219:and deliberately withdraws the beam of light and reorients himself upon the mental plane. I wouldHealing, 13:only tends to energize the difficulty. When he reorients his thought to truth and the soul,Healing, 497:power of that directed potency instantaneously reorients the individual kamic man to the downwardIntellect, 33:gradually transcends his present limitations and reorients his mind to wider realizations. He willIntellect, 129:of the day through books and the spoken word, it reorients itself to new knowledge and begins toPatanjali, 201:himself, desires nothing in the three worlds and reorients himself to the conditions in the worldPsychology2, 342:with Self on its own level of consciousness. Reorients itself and thus occultly "leaves behind thePsychology2, 344:our studies to the task of the aspirant as he reorients himself upon the probationary path, andRays, 86:three worlds, and which eventually relates and reorients that will to the Will of God. These threeRays, 693:achieves the needed experience and consciously reorients himself to another phase of unfoldment.
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