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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REPEATING

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Atom, 85:vibratory capacity; he is now utilizing it, and repeating, within his own sphere of influence, theDiscipleship2, 346:presented ideas. Even though I realize that I am repeating what has been earlier given, I must -Discipleship2, 717:give You. It is not my intention to continue repeating what I seek you - and all of you - to be, toFire, 272:in relation to the cells in His body. Man is repeating His endeavor up to the fifth InitiationFire, 274:expressed likewise as follows: The solar system repeating its activity - Repetition in Space. AFire, 274:- Repetition in Space. A planetary chain repeating its activity - Repetition in Time. The constantFire, 831:when they will come in as planetary Rays, thus repeating upon monadic levels in the next systemHercules, 118:Go rest, my son." We offer no apologies for repeating the words of the myth as told by the Tibetan;Psychology1, 266:This process they constantly enact and re-enact, repeating the drama of birth, death andRays, 534:comes in the sign Aquarius. Otherwise they are repeating their ancient sin of non-response to theSoul, 56:make positive statements instead of continually repeating that "the Eastern psychologist believes"
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