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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REPETITION

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Astrology, 312:we have already dealt and there is no need for repetition as we study the polar opposites of theAstrology, 325:and "cyclic impulsion," "intelligent purposeful repetition" and "conscious inbreathing andAstrology, 344:together the Mutable Cross. A certain amount of repetition is necessary and often helpful; itAstrology, 444:awakening; inevitably then there lies ahead a repetition of the process until the time comes whenAstrology, 475:It must be remembered that only through much repetition and frequent focused effort are theseAstrology, 519:attention to the following facts which will bear repetition: Our Earth, being a non-sacred planet,Astrology, 539:may prove useful, even if it is only a repetition of that earlier said: Constellation Ruler RayAstrology, 614:to achieve a vision of the whole, constant repetition has its place. We are now concerned with theAtomthere is in this series a considerable amount of repetition, as each lecture briefly reviews theAtom, 6:of the matters here discussed, the occasional repetition of the fundamental points may help to aAtom, 24:and by the method of cyclic development or repetition. The stages which distinguish theAtom, 103:of consciousness in a human being is but a repetition on a higher turn of the spiral, of the twoDiscipleship1, 501:personality equipment and you have, therefore, a repetition of 2.1 2.1. Ponder on this. What aidsDiscipleship1, 700:then you have (in terms of occultism) a repetition of the relation between the "Life" of the groupDiscipleship1, 717:and to become what he is. This is an esoteric repetition of the physical process of becoming aDiscipleship2, 624:then desire is evoked for the continuance or the repetition of the experience. If it is notEducation, 140:Much that I could say here would simply be a repetition of that which you already know and haveEducation, 142:Shall I increase your present responsibility by repetition? I think not. The new culture willFire, 61:a personality, or man as a unit. I make this repetition as it is very necessary that no mentalFire, 75:fiery increase until we have within the atom a repetition of what is seen within the causal body:Fire, 91:basic coloring or quality, and is produced by a repetition within the planet of the same processFire, 103:planes) a step forward and an expansion. A repetition of this takes place likewise in the system atFire, 116:read this treatise, and because the sequential repetition of fact makes for clarity, let us hereFire, 235:and repulsion. Cyclic progress, rotary repetition, coupled to spiraling ascension, and developing:Fire, 273:might pay us well to contemplate. 1. The Idea of Repetition This repetition involves the followingFire, 273:to contemplate. 1. The Idea of Repetition This repetition involves the following factors:Fire, 273:This repetition involves the following factors: Repetition in time: The thought of cyclic activityFire, 273:upon its axis are uniform on its own plane. Repetition in fact: This involves the idea of a keyFire, 274:in different octaves, beginning at the base. Repetition in space: This concept is involved deep inFire, 274:We have, therefore, cycles in order, and repetition in an ever-ascending spiral, under definiteFire, 274:The solar system repeating its activity - Repetition in Space. A planetary chain repeating itsFire, 274:A planetary chain repeating its activity - Repetition in Time. The constant consecutiveFire, 274:is called into objectivity by that note - Plane Repetition. The tendency of atoms to perpetuateFire, 274:of environment, and of vehicle - Form Repetition. When we carry these ideas on to every plane inFire, 274:Fire - Section Two - Introductory Questions 2. Repetition of Cyclic Action is Governed by Two LawsFire, 276:of a human being, and of an atom. Thus, through repetition, is consciousness developed, andFire, 347:only evidence of the steadfastness of the Law of Repetition by which every large cycle includes, inFire, 705:scale and involving millions simultaneously, a repetition of the selfsame struggle which embroilsFire, 1044:of spiraling progression, cyclic growth, rotary repetition, and the summation of each greaterFire, 1155:given in this Treatise. That a certain amount of repetition will be necessary is of value, and theGlamour, 190:from above downwards. The method is in reality a repetition of the involutionary arc in which -Healing, 106:faculty of sleep. In both of these you have a repetition or an analogy in the microcosm of LogoicHealing, 240:centers and the blood stream therefore warrant repetition and attention: The blood stream is theHealing, 282:the truth of what I say. This is again a needed repetition. Medical science, through its study ofHealing, 318:a great deal, and particularly as far as its repetition in another life is concerned. Many of theseHealing, 428:is known by the departing soul. If this involves repetition of what you already know, there areHealing, 467:withdrawing from that experience. It connotes a repetition on a tiny scale of the great planetaryHealing, 624:of the above is well known and in the nature of repetition. But I have felt it essential to repeatIntellect, 68:[68] and longs ceaselessly for the constant repetition of the ecstatic state to which his prayer,Intellect, 68:to Reality, and which are susceptible of repetition under the laws which the knower has learnt.Intellect, 133:of cases) no sense of security or certainty of repetition, and only a longing for the attainment ofIntellect, 229:in oneself an hypnotic condition by the rhythmic repetition of certain words. We are told thatIntellect, 229:a heightened state of consciousness by the repetition of his own name. This is not our object. TheMeditation, 83:comes the passing on and out, and again a repetition of the process. It is this work that is cloneMeditation, 102:that has lost its significance through flippant repetition, yet it is absolutely and entirelyPatanjali, 26:means literally constant practice, ceaseless repetition and the reiterated effort to impose the newPatanjali, 58:this interpretation, putting it as follows: "The repetition of the OM and meditating upon itsPatanjali, 261:be achieved with greater frequency by constant repetition, until the habit of stabilizing the mindPatanjali, 360:various places, for there is possibility of the repetition of evil." The yogin or disciple hasPsychology2, 646:will. 2. To prepare the men of good will for a repetition upon a far larger scale of the "act ofRays, 43:this time in relation to the soul, comes the repetition of the discovery of the Door, its use andRays, 360:energies. I have emphasized this by constant repetition on account of the great importance theRays, 604:of the earlier spring, thus evidencing the repetition of cycles; this repetition is distinctive ofRays, 604:thus evidencing the repetition of cycles; this repetition is distinctive of natural process,Rays, 697:the Refusal Initiation, there comes a cosmic repetition of the Renunciation experience, this timeReappearance, 24:presentation of the Christ, if it is true in its repetition of His words, that we can do "greaterTelepathy, 46:written in my various pamphlets; therefore repetition is not necessary. (A Treatise on the SevenTelepathy, 134:comments of mine, it is entirely intentional; repetition serves the purposes of accurateTelepathy, 164:the etheric body of the human being you have a repetition of the same process in the triangle of
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