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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REPRESENT

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Astrology, 130:definite changes in the solar system. They represent the three divine potencies of matter and ofAstrology, 525:group - the leaders of the Allied Cause who represent their nations. No matter what past historyAstrology, 543:who in both nations (and there are many such) represent the "lighted Way" were so imprisoned inAstrology, 656:or planetary Logoi." (C.F. 553) "Cosmic Avatars 'represent embodied force from Sirius, and fromAstrology, 660:ascertained." (C.F. 699) Cosmic Avatars "...represent embodied forces from the following cosmicAstrology, 685:planetary, and human) two points of the triangle represent each a different polarity, and one pointAstrology, 688:planetary, and human) two points of the triangle represent each a different polarity, and one pointAtom, 157:animates all matter, they may perhaps [157] represent the negative aspect, whose polar opposite, orAutobiography, 189:in order to put into power a man who would represent the committee. The committee was organized toAutobiography, 189:a rival and most sectarian organization. They represent the fundamentalist attitude in the T.S.Autobiography, 189:with one or two other Theosophical groups who represent the point of view of the orthodoxBethlehem, 43:In the life of Christ there are episodes which represent great points of attainment, all climaxingBethlehem, 69:the vegetable kingdom. The ox and the ass represent the animal nature, but they represent also farBethlehem, 69:the ass represent the animal nature, but they represent also far more than that. The ox stood forBethlehem, 181:of the Zodiac, while the signs themselves represent the basic fundamental elements of life, Fire,Destiny, 55:and blend. Brazil will - at some distant date - represent a linking interpreting civilization,Discipleship1, 117:enough you and your fellow-disciple B.S.W. represent the two extreme poles in this process ofDiscipleship1, 140:this I freely give. A soul, I walk on earth. I represent the ONE." Your work in my group and yourDiscipleship1, 267:disciples from the potency of the group which we represent. The risk of over-stimulation is alwaysDiscipleship1, 382:to the fact that it is one of service; those who represent us are alive and active in the work toDiscipleship1, 554:and to align them with myself and with what I represent than any other one thing. It will aid inDiscipleship1, 745:the work of the Buddha and the Christ, as they represent the point of tension at Shamballa and inDiscipleship2, 437:threefold light of his soul which (when blended) represent two great lights; as he moves forwardDiscipleship2, 449:you and seek to weave the energies which they represent into your life pattern, welcoming theDiscipleship2, 503:they must now link up with the sources which I represent if their leaders are to present fresh andEducation, 59:is, then every scientist and every mystic would represent the approach of the mental type and ofExternalisation, 34:the mass of world aspirants and servers (who represent the current civilization and currentExternalisation, 48:advanced humanity of our present period. They represent culture and understanding, no matter whereExternalisation, 48:of animal-men became human beings. They today represent civilization and the masses of ordinaryExternalisation, 76:of energy. The reason for this is that they represent the energy and the life of the previous solarExternalisation, 292:because They are divine-human Avatars and represent something which humanity can more easilyExternalisation, 316:of them are not known to any of you. But they represent the working groups of all the Masters, andExternalisation, 421:of human and spiritual unity, and will represent the effect in the human consciousness of the workExternalisation, 478:people claim that the statements of those who represent the Hierarchy on earth have beenExternalisation, 527:and these "seven which are the forty-nine" represent in their totality the seven rays with theirExternalisation, 553:at the June Festival a second ray disciple will represent the Christ in every land. This can meanExternalisation, 556:as to who will be chosen in the various lands to represent the Hierarchy, in deed and in truth, theExternalisation, 564:response to new situations and developments. To represent, finally, within the Hierarchy, theExternalisation, 599:- in synthesis and symbolically - link up and represent the Father's House, the Kingdom of God, andFire, 91:in connection with the Sun and realize that they represent the feminine pole as they themselvesFire, 91:represent the feminine pole as they themselves represent the masculine (the fourth CreativeFire, 97:them descend into our system of planes... They represent in due order what are commonly called theFire, 122:which the Hierarchy is divided, and therefore represent in their particular sphere the threeFire, 210:The two Masters Who thus sponsor the initiate, represent two polarities of the electric All; partFire, 374:[374] planetary Logos passes, and because they represent the third and second aspects. We need toFire, 375:planetary, and human) two points of the triangle represent each a different polarity, and one pointFire, 378:Who may be stated (esoterically understood) to represent Himself. Fire, 412:in the Secret Doctrine, (S. D., I, 493) Who represent the three other Logoi, and so make focalFire, 589:them descend into our system of planes... They represent in due order what are commonly called theFire, 626:[626] the Deva Lords, Agni, Varuna, Kshiti, 4 represent in the exoteric teaching the substanceFire, 634:physical plane, our systemic astral plane. They represent, as I have before hinted, the sympatheticFire, 634:just as their brothers of the seventh vibration represent the sumtotal of the circulatory or bloodFire, 682:linked with the highest spiritual essences, and represent the lowest manifestation of forceFire, 698:and the dense physical become a unit. They represent a peculiar type of electrical force; theirFire, 723:to clarify our ideas: 1. Cosmic Avatars: They represent embodied force from the following cosmicFire, 723:of our third major Ray. Our cosmic center. They represent entities as far removed from theFire, 734:the Law of Will of God to the lesser devas who represent living substance. It will be apparent toFire, 769:till the entire energy and force which they represent is gathered up, and absorbed by the centerFire, 819:these solar Pitris in their ninefold formation represent and make possible the unfolding of theFire, 841:is fully unfolded. They are so called as they represent on the physical plane the fully activeFire, 884:by the adepts who present him, and who each represent one of the two polarities of force. This isFire, 887:All these forms of divine existence represent - in their own place - aspects of positive force. WeFire, 887:lesser builders in the three worlds, those who represent the negative aspect of force, being on theFire, 902:and also to the systemic triangle which they represent, and further, to the three modes of divineFire, 943:time. [943] Certain intermediary agents who represent (within these three groups) the seven RayFire, 1036:of the nature of the planetary Logoi which they represent, and produce, therefore, the distinctionsFire, 1107:through the process of attraction and repulsion represent, in the mental body, dual force, for itFire, 1110:The Knowledge Petals These are the petals which represent the lowest aspect of the Triad and areFire, 1156:from the point of view of the Logos they represent more accurately, highest, intermediate andFire, 1235:man is responsible for his peculiar nature. They represent the subjective aspect or life. Then,Glamour, 14:instance, the three lines forming a triangle) represent such and such an idea or truth or teaching.Healing, 197:The life, the quality and the energy which they represent are conveyed to every part of theHealing, 203:(the highest head center and the basic center) represent the great duality of spirit and matter,Healing, 642:soul energy is not that of those energies which represent and lead to the expression of soulHercules, 35:forth riding upon a white horse. Black horses represent the lower mind, with its false ideas andHercules, 44:signs are both cosmical and spiritual, they represent the basic elements resembling our humanHercules, 45:rhythm and unity. The bull and the cow together represent creation, and so Taurus and Venus areHercules, 47:stars found in Orion's Belt. The Three Kings represent the three divine aspects of Will, Love andHercules, 64:of the Great Bear. These two groups of stars represent God, the macrocosm, whilst in Gemini, CastorHercules, 64:and Hercules, "the one who comes to labor". They represent, therefore, the two aspects of man'sHercules, 144:and desire for power. The last three heads represent the vices of the unillumined mind: pride,Hercules, 221:three main crosses which in their symbology represent the three divine aspects, Spirit, Soul andInitiation, 29:a group of other highly evolved Entities, who represent his own individual karmic group and thoseInitiation, 47:or magic, just as the three departmental heads represent the three major rays of: Will or power.Initiation, 53:of co-workers, or evidence an inability to represent the truth. If he does well, and the workInitiation, 109:As has been said, these three great Beings, represent the triplicity of all manifestation, andMagic, 80:which it hinders those races who so paramountly represent it. By its intense activity andMagic, 281:processes stands the Hierarchy. Both represent centers of energy; both work under Law creatively;Magic, 312:the ring-pass-not of our solar system. They represent, in the planetary sense, two groups of lives:Magic, 406:figures as in the past, but groups who represent certain ideas. It is of profound importance thatMagic, 407:who are reactionary, and separative. They represent separative nationalism, boundaries, servitude,Magic, 527:world of phenomena. The members of the hierarchy represent those who have achieved peace andMagic, 527:and can be impressed; aspirants and disciples represent those brain cells which are beginning toMeditation, 166:Lord of Civilization. These three Departments represent in the Hierarchy the three aspects of thePatanjali, 53:of one of the three planetary spirits who represent the three major aspects, [54] These are againProblems, 122:who attempt to teach religion, who claim to represent the spiritual life, to direct the spiritualProblems, 133:suffers sadly through the contrast which they represent and seldom permits them to rise to placeProblems, 134:are an integral part of the Kingdom of God; they represent Deity in a manner which the greatProblems, 164:and for human and spiritual unity; it will represent the effect in the human consciousness of theProblems, 177:everywhere and - when organized and mobilized - represent a vast section of the thinking public. It
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