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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REPRESENT

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Psychology1, 351:forth into the universe of stars, and there they represent the Father. The younger four go forthPsychology1, 387:and love. The United States will therefore represent a fusion of races, with the Anglo-SaxonPsychology1, 387:element dominating. Brazil will later represent the best of that which the Latin races havePsychology1, 387:expression lies thousands of years ahead) will represent a linking interpreting civilization, basedPsychology2, 85:good inclinations and attempted sound qualities represent the emergence into expression upon thePsychology2, 272:the Great Approaches of the Hierarchy, and they represent the soul of humanity within the racialPsychology2, 643:political party and every world religion. They represent an attitude of mind. The members of thePsychology2, 749:of Service and use care in choosing those who represent the work you have all undertaken. Let theRays, 53:the AUM and the OM are in conflict. This may represent a new idea to you, but it conveys an idea ofRays, 92:of Civilization. These three Great Lords thus represent the three divine Aspects in the Hierarchy;Rays, 203:I would venture to suggest that in reality, they represent nothing, and this because the goal ofRays, 268:plane are to the disciple and the initiate. They represent in action: The concrete or lower mind ofRays, 272:the German race). In some peculiar manner, They represent in Shamballa the soul of each of theseRays, 272:different to that of his two Associates. They represent - in Their lowest aspect - the threeRays, 389:The general idea of all aspirants is that They represent Those Who have achieved freedom, have beenRays, 397:objectives - with the life and conditions they represent - present to the Master a vision ofRays, 705:intended, the Christ. Symbolically, the Jews represent (from the point of view of the Hierarchy)Rays, 724:with the Council Chamber at Shamballa. They represent - in Their totality - the three Rays ofRays, 750:It is not possible to list the cleavages which represent men's failure to establish and hold goodReappearance, 10:Because They are human-divine Avatars, They represent what humanity can easily understand; becauseReappearance, 45:- in synthesis and symbolically - link up and represent the Father's House, the Kingdom of God andReappearance, 156:of human and spiritual unity, and will represent the effect in the human consciousness of the workTelepathy, 185:is composed of the three Buddhas of Activity Who represent conscious intelligent life, conscious,Telepathy, 185:Civilization and the civilizations of humanity represent progressive growth and unfoldment. Only in
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