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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REPRESENTATIVES

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Astrology, 85:of the seven planetary Logoi Who are Their Representatives and to Whom They stand in the relationAstrology, 269:spirits before the throne of God." These are the representatives of the seven Rishis of the GreatAstrology, 270:seven planes of consciousness and manifestation. Representatives because responsive to The sevenAstrology, 422:of the seven planetary Logoi Who are Their Representatives and to Whom They stand in the relationAstrology, 589:of the seven planetary Logoi Who are Their Representatives and to whom they stand in the relationBethlehem, 144:Mount of Transfiguration of Moses and Elias, the representatives respectively of the Law and of theDestiny, 20:disciples and all working initiates, finds its representatives in every group of idealists andDestiny, 144:the Lords of the Rays, through Their planetary Representatives, constitute a body of directingDestiny, 146:earth of the New Group of World Servers, whose representatives are found in every land and in everyDiscipleship1, 240:or which of certain guiding personalities are my representatives. Your problem is whether yourDiscipleship2, 68:of the mass of humanity, working through their representatives, chosen or imposed, in everyExternalisation, 158:Forces include the Lord of the World and the Representatives of the seven sacred planets Who areExternalisation, 158:to these fundamental recognitions, Their three Representatives within the limits of the HierarchyExternalisation, 160:process. There and at that time, the three Representatives of Shamballa within the Hierarchy - theExternalisation, 200:of nations. This league, being formed of the representatives of all the nations and its innerExternalisation, 214:responsibility of the national leaders, of the representatives of the people in the governments, ofExternalisation, 264:God has revealed and sent His Messengers and Representatives to aid and guide humanity. But thisExternalisation, 302:of the evil Lodge, working through their seven representatives in Germany. Once the Germans who areExternalisation, 328:[328] free minds in all countries, or their representatives in the occupied lands, are alreadyExternalisation, 403:they are the flower of evolution and the tried representatives of God. In the indictment of theExternalisation, 465:so divine that we can only know Him through His representatives) can be called into a new and mostExternalisation, 535:the Purpose of Sanat Kumara and the Plan of His Representatives may progress unimpeded from pointExternalisation, 580:then the other Ashrams will slowly send in their representatives to cooperate and to continue withExternalisation, 582:be regarded as a circulation of its life and representatives between the two major planetaryExternalisation, 590:perfection through the Christ and other divine Representatives will for a time relegate theExternalisation, 593:of Angels and of men. The Exponents and the Representatives of all the world faiths are thereFire, 378:Sons of Brahma, the five true Kumaras and their representatives on our earth planet, Those WhoFire, 412:forces within our chain. In each chain such representatives are found, six focal points embraced byFire, 413:and in a subtle sense they are not only the Ray representatives but likewise the link between theFire, 468:the matter of the seven subplanes. Fourteen representatives of the Rays, Who cycle into and out ofFire, 468:waxing or waning. Four devas who are the plane representatives of the four Maharajahs (the Lords ofFire, 468:but the whole system works through graded representatives; the same laws govern these agents ofFire, 673:poureth forth its most glorious waves." They are representatives for us (the poor children of theFire, 949:care of the brothers of the shadow, and those representatives of what may be called "cosmic evil"Fire, 1142:a center in Sirius through the medium of three representatives. These form a group around the solarFire, 1183:of the circle the four Maharajahs, their representatives. So is the equal armed Cross formed - andGlamour, 137:of God and a wide vision of the Plan. Such great Representatives of Deity have the freedom of theHealing, 298:the Lord of the World in Shamballa. They are the Representatives of the seven ray Energies WhoHealing, 619:Rays which emerge out of the one Source, as Representatives of the manifold Creator. Within theInitiation, 40:there is a group of four Beings who are the representatives upon the planet of the four Maharajas,Initiation, 145:whilst the three Buddhas of Activity (or their representatives at the first two initiations) takeInitiation, 158:of which the three Heads are the Planetary representatives). When any initiate desires to use, forMagic, 379:the Himalayan and southern Indian adepts are the representatives, though the work is materiallyMeditation, 302:by the Himalayan Masters, has its other representatives elsewhere who all carry out specific workProblems, 69:nationalism, voiced by some Senators and Representatives with their racial hatreds, their separateProblems, 82:remain in the hands of the people's chosen representatives and are not the secret possession ofProblems, 137:churches have stood and the failures of their representatives to teach the people aright be sweptProblems, 152:become the genuine dispensers of truth and the representatives of the kingdom of God on earth? TheProblems, 153:exists for the churches and for the professional representatives of organized religion as much asProblems, 153:of the churches rests on the humanity of its representatives and on their innate divinity as surelyPsychology1, 75:of the divine program. The work of the representatives of that mysterious power which we callPsychology1, 75:which we call cosmic evil, and their responding representatives, is indeed worthy of the wordPsychology1, 293:legal measures, or of decisions by the people's representatives to meet the disasters of the hour;Psychology1, 398:true legality. The other group of disciples, the representatives (in their day and age) of thePsychology2, 656:the New Group of World Servers are the outer representatives. This appearance can be called (inPsychology2, 694:country and environing conditions. [694] The representatives of the various Units of Service in theRays, 90:the united work, as yet, of the two highest Representatives of the second divine aspect whenRays, 90:of the World and the Hierarchy, via His four Representatives: the Buddha, the Christ, the Manu, andRays, 384:response was evoked from Shamballa, via its ray Representatives, working with directed energy inRays, 430:who are sound in their thinking and not their representatives in Congress. It is not for me to tellRays, 526:that development which had been reached. These Representatives of Deity have been of all grades,Rays, 733:but work through Their trained and developed Representatives. [734] Reappearance, 7:know is that, down the ages, great and divine Representatives of God embody divine purpose, andReappearance, 37:of Angels and of men. The Exponents and the Representatives of all the world faiths are thereSoul, 110:time the nucleus of the upadhis as well as the representatives of the Self in the respectiveTelepathy, 186:(though the hour is not yet) He will place His Representatives as the central points in both theTelepathy, 187:in Shamballa over-shadowing and informing His Representatives in the hierarchical and human
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