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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REPUDIATION

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Externalisation, 544:the love which He preached and in His constant repudiation of theological Judaism (the SadduceesFire, 810:will produce in the human family a collective repudiation of. the present conditions. When menGlamour, 262:which is regarded as the Not-self; it involves a repudiation of similarity; it marks theGlamour, 262:meant when the word is used. It is active repudiation without any concentration upon that which isGlamour, 264:himself for the final stage of indifference or repudiation of all forces except those which he -Hercules, 148:a higher dimension, hate is transmuted into the repudiation of all that is unreal. When hate isMagic, 357:great heresy of separateness and the "fallacy of repudiation", as it is sometimes called, can beProblems, 112:by the Negro himself who wants none of it; his repudiation of it demonstrates a sound sense ofProblems, 154:in the new generation lies hope - hope through repudiation of the ancient and undesirable, hopePsychology2, 157:of opposites. Discipleship and the repulsing or repudiation (over a long period of time), of thePsychology2, 164:desire First ray force The Law of Repulse The repudiation of desire 6. Attention CorrectPsychology2, 351:love of power must dominate. There must also be repudiation of those forms which wield no power.Rays, 706:a Jewish body, but their materialism and their repudiation of spiritual opportunity has negated HisRays, 731:the "death" of the personality or, rather, its repudiation and renouncing of all that is material.Rays, 753:a greatly increased mental development, with the repudiation of the Hierarchy by the bulk of
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