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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REPULSIVE

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Fire, 154:in connection with the Moon, which no longer is repulsive to the earth, and is giving of her veryFire, 157:work out these four effects: Separation, or the repulsive effect, Momentum, or the interior effect,Fire, 1041:vibrations (which are either attractive to, or repulsive to, the sun) are understood, much will beFire, 1045:and these effects work either as Attractive or repulsive impulses. Retarding or acceleratingFire, 1106:the sheath manifests in the attractive and repulsive action of the individual atoms, and thisFire, 1217:an occult phrase in a certain old book: "This repulsive force drives in seven directions, andPsychology1, 227:If you could enter into the attractive and the repulsive consciousness of a piece of iron or lead,Psychology2, 161:bias. Repulsion, the desire to repudiate, and repulsive attitudes, words and deeds evoke in ourPsychology2, 172:force attractive. The magnet poured its force repulsive. It reduced the chaos until its forms noPsychology2, 317:of energy manipulation, of the attractive or the repulsive aspect of force, and it is with this
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