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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REPUTABLE

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Autobiography, 156:The evidence was too good and the witnesses too reputable. An old friend of mine of long standing,Destiny, 135:and the intangible simultaneously. The mass of reputable testimony will prove incontrovertible. TheGlamour, 75:desire for possessions is not regarded as so reputable a desire as formerly, and a desire forHealing, 273:its practice (when in the hands of a sound and reputable surgeon) can and frequently does produce aHealing, 277:comes into its own and is developed into a reputable science, the charts of the soul and of theHealing, 277:astrological lines as is now given to training a reputable physician, a chemist or a biologist.Healing, 284:group is to work in cooperation with some reputable doctor and in relation to the center [285]Healing, 286:be that the patient will be in the hands of a reputable physician for diagnosis and medical careHealing, 286:should always be in the hands of a good and reputable doctor, and if not, should be encouraged toHercules, 132:their success, the dark spots in the lives of reputable men, the clever ways by which they evadeIntellect, 16:residue of testimony and a sufficient number of reputable witnesses, substantiating this testimony,Intellect, 149:language, the testimony of the many thousands of reputable witnesses and the similarity of theIntellect, 172:they are not the psychopathics of the race, but reputable and substantial workers in the varyingIntellect, 212:and - as we have been told by certain reputable schools of psychologists and endocrinologists -Soul, 72:structure of deduction, emanating from sane and reputable thinkers, philosophers and scientists,Telepathy, 110:is one reason why it is not yet regarded as a reputable, proved and provable capacity of the human
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