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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REQUEST

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Autobiography, 74:had said not a word of censure, of criticism, of request or pleading. They were certainly a bunchAutobiography, 191:touch with the Masters of the Wisdom. The latter request always amused me. I'm not one of thoseAutobiography, 250:a course of study and that at the very earnest request of many students. Also, some of the teachingDiscipleship1, 62:three months' careful work has been done. I request that you give careful, patient attention toDiscipleship1, 106:- B.S.D. June 1933 You have acceded to my request, my brother, and I believe see now the reason forDiscipleship1, 141:press of work permits (you see, I make not my request imperative) I would like you to write anDiscipleship1, 151:of surrounding [151] need and of hierarchical request for help in world work should galvanize youDiscipleship1, 484:the power to draw others to one with the request - spoken or implied - for spiritual help and thenDiscipleship1, 507:that time consciousness - I must love. Only one request do I make to you, my brother, and that isDiscipleship1, 508:quiet and relaxed. It is but a small thing to request but if you conform to this requirement, theDiscipleship1, 558:of service and of usefulness. It is not my request that the three questions I put to you earlier inDiscipleship1, 600:is right and wrong! But should I accede to your request and tell you what you want to know, whatDiscipleship1, 686:hint which the Master may give? Must every request and suggestion be accepted? Must all that aDiscipleship1, 782:a course of study and that at the very earnest request of many students. Also, some of the teachingDiscipleship2, 92:once or twice eliminated it altogether at the request of A.A.B., who knows the Western mind betterDiscipleship2, 455:time, during each morning meditation, I would request you to call him by name three times, and thenDiscipleship2, 474:to him a responsive thread of understanding and request and - as his intuition develops - heDiscipleship2, 587:of A.A.B. Did you realize, as you carried out my request, that I was seeking the aid of yourDiscipleship2, 667:Triad. I would have you note the wording of this request with especial care. This will tend toDiscipleship2, 717:results and you will never regret acceding to my request. The best lies ahead for you. You areDiscipleship2, 725:One of them was supposed to be in response to my request for a paper, but another paper which IEducation, 51:form of astrology. I would here make a simple request to the earnest student. Ponder on theEducation, 109:Note the manner in which I have worded this request: first, regard; then, train. First, faith as toExternalisation, 61:concerned over world events. I am asked to request you to continue with the goodwill work at allExternalisation, 350:for them the needed aid. One thing I would request. Set no dates for the appearing of the ComingExternalisation, 445:women of goodwill has been presented to you. The request for the forming of triangles of light andExternalisation, 467:upon the decisions of men. I would ask you to request and expect the needed enlightenment for thoseFire, 219:correspond to every trinity in Nature and I request you will search for further information in theFire, 543:of the egoic Ray and fire of mind, I would request the student to bear the following points inGlamour, 16:for your service along these lines, and I request also that you give increased attention at theHealing, 352:or chronic, or with death and destiny. No request for real aid must ever be refused, however. AHercules, 196:that his life be spared. Hercules conceded his request. Driving the blood-red cattle before him,Hercules, 205:prepared by Dorothea Cochran at Mrs. Bailey's request and was found among her papers. This excerptIntellect, 65:The thought held is that of desire, and of request; and the source of the desire is the heart. ButIntellect, 66:and disease, and seek to make God answer their request for revelation. But it is asking, demandingMagic, 165:them. I would call attention to those words, and request their careful study. A mechanism in thePsychology2, 180:will succeed. The word has gone forth with the request for this united activity, and the urge toRays, 52:life of desire, of aspiration, of dualism and of request. It involves the attitude of giver andRays, 398:Saviors or Spiritual Regents; They act at the request of Sanat Kumara, given on higher cosmicRays, 400:Path of Earth Service (either temporarily at the request of Sanat Kumara, or until the end - of the
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