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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REQUIRE

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Patanjali, 190:a term will stand for an entire idea and will require several phrases in order to convey the trueProblems, 5:correctly appreciated self-interest; others will require foresighted planning and a long patienceProblems, 38:"things" in order to live "reasonably well". We require so much more than our forefathers needed;Problems, 60:many of them are by no means new but that they require new emphasis. Now is the day of opportunity.Psychology1, 71:fourth ray are not easy of comprehension. They require an exercise of the intuition and arePsychology1, 254:the second one, are of vast intricacy, and would require many volumes to be properly elucidated.Psychology2, 80:They appropriate dynamically that which they require. They brook no hindrance in the satisfactionsPsychology2, 82:ray egos select what they, in time and space, require in order to manifest. The third type ofPsychology2, 318:many difficulties and strains and stresses which require careful adjustment, and with the beliefPsychology2, 462:adolescence when so many difficult adjustments require to be made. It is too late to do thisPsychology2, 674:servers and workers. [674] This program will require patience and much cooperative work. ThePsychology2, 727:their ears of the world distress. [727] It would require the individual formulation of the ideals -Psychology2, 747:the immediacy of the day of opportunity; it will require the development in all of the spirit ofRays, 101:and radiant light for all that the Master may require. This will be a perfect body, utterly adaptedRays, 307:the spiritual will to bring about, and does not require simply the withdrawing of the attention ofRays, 369:the whole subject is too abstruse and it would require another Treatise like that on Cosmic Fire toRays, 657:them. This obviously we cannot do, for it would require research into all the known and the unknownRays, 691:Both integration and direction, he discovers, require [692] understanding of occult, scientificRays, 712:plane, and that all intuitions when regulated require the use of the creative imagination in theirRays, 735:as Their work may dictate and Their service may require. It is there also that he goes for theReappearance, 189:to reach the spiritual Hierarchy. This will require sacrifice, understanding and a deep love of ourReappearance, 189:and a deep love of our fellowmen. It will also require intelligence and wisdom and a practicalSoul, 58:to that realization. The three higher planes require no comment in this elementary discussion. In
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