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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REQUIRED

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Externalisation, 198:it may fail to make an appeal. The quality required by those engineering this change of economicExternalisation, 208:of forgiveness and goodwill. Patience will be required, because the nervous strain of war and painExternalisation, 243:steps upon the physical plane and to pay the required price and tender the demanded sacrifices areExternalisation, 288:the needed perceptive faculties and the required persistence of search, plus the unfolding of theExternalisation, 309:(paralleling the outer activity) which is required. This is an activity which is preceded by clearExternalisation, 323:to salvage humanity. For this work, training is required, and the Arcane School provides this. 3.Externalisation, 336:is potent in results and will bring all that is required. Has there not been too much attention inExternalisation, 388:This combination is the one that is desired and required. These people are relatively few inExternalisation, 431:depends on humanity itself. A greater effort is required, particularly in America - an effort toExternalisation, 467:this demand. It is a selfless motive which is required and which must lie behind your individualExternalisation, 502:crying need of the many enquirers today. What is required is the revivification of the [503] oldExternalisation, 566:that the hierarchical form will no longer be required. The three [567] major centers will thenExternalisation, 611:preconceived ideas of humanity. That the major required preparation is a world at peace; however,Externalisation, 623:the people with the idea, and bring about the required measure of peace on Earth - a peace basedExternalisation, 628:return of the Christ, particularly if the aid required is the expenditure of money and time for theExternalisation, 628:of thousands of apparently unimportant people is required. I would say, my brothers, that the mostExternalisation, 629:movements always manage to accumulate the required funds, whilst other groups, and particularly theExternalisation, 630:of the cause for which the financial support is required. People may have the courage to speak, butExternalisation, 646:come through the relationships and adjustments required between capital and labor, and labor willExternalisation, 649:they will. It is nevertheless a task which has required the mobilizing of the entire planetaryExternalisation, 681:conditioning quality, the work can proceed as required. You will note, therefore, why I have soExternalisation, 692:the extent of the purificatory measures required. This is a point of danger for the disciple. TheExternalisation, 694:attending, in view of the coming adjustments required, is the discovery of aspirants and those whoExternalisation, 697:of drastic airport and seaport inspection are required by the authorities; such people as theseExternalisation, 697:among men, coming forth one by one, doing the required work, returning through the portals ofFire, 92:absorbs solar prana, assimilates, what is required, and radiates off that which is not essential toFire, 153:on their own axis, and conform to that which is required of all atomic lives. The seven spheres ofFire, 193:or language contains therefore all the elements required to move the different classes of Devas andFire, 219:or language contains therefore all the elements required to move the different classes of Devas andFire, 393:Man of another scheme. His cooperation was required. 38 The Causal Body. "This influence or force,Fire, 411:the limitation persists just as long as it is required in order to attain certain ends. It isFire, 462:of the occurrence in Lemurian days will not be required. Since the great division in the fourthFire, 530:concealed thought. - S. D., II, 28. Three things required before any form of energy can becomeFire, 715:of force for emergencies and for special work as required by the Great Ones. To act as a dynamo forFire, 750:and for as long as the vesture or sheath may be required. A hint is here conveyed which may be ofFire, 772:formula. At each incarnation, finer forms are required, and the formulas therefore grow moreFire, 773:for the particular type of vehicle which is required. Fire, 776:(3.) Building into the causal body that which is required for its completion. In the early stagesFire, 791:of force involved, so will the length of time required for the process be brief, or the reverse. InFire, 791:impulse is heavy and slow, and the matter required for the sheaths is of a correspondingly "low"Fire, 912:reserve intact spaces on the planet which are required to be kept inviolate; they defend them fromFire, 956:work, nor wise enough to dissipate them when required. This has brought about the thick swirlingFire, 969:idea. He begins first to organize the material required upon the mental plane. It is on that planeFire, 1004:response will be called forth from the matter required for the providing of the next, and denserFire, 1014:action emanating from the egoic center is required to continue the work. The note and vibration ofFire, 1022:energy are contacted, and expert knowledge is required to utilize the influences in due time, andFire, 1063:concealed thought. - S. D., II, 28. Three things required before any form of energy can becomeFire, 1186:is the medium of bringing together the material required by the free Spirits in order to constructFire, 1265:eye acts as a protecting shell; both parts are required, and neither can exist without the other.Glamour, 28:auras subordinate the negative auras. What is required is a combination of positive auras,Glamour, 75:and will find in the wilderness how little is required for full living, true experience and realGlamour, 126:Initiation, if he so desires and possesses the required fortitude. In the last analysis, theGlamour, 219:due practice and a faithful following of the required conditions, the aspirant will follow itHealing, 29:pool of waiting units," until they are again required for the use of incarnating souls. Again, onHealing, 48:higher standard of technical knowledge should be required. Medicine is entering slowly into a newHealing, 52:would have to be drawn up. There would be required the positive analysis of the astral forces asHealing, 128:free sharing, free circulation of all that is required for right human living will characterize theHealing, 156:of a deeply spiritual kind, and new forms were required through which this new spirit couldHealing, 207:of the healing group) of the united streams of required specific energy to the area diseased. ThisHealing, 236:of evil-doing will inevitably no longer be required and will disappear for three reasons: TheHealing, 251:war will be to force the needed changes, the required rebuilding, and the scientific nourishment ofHealing, 253:Yet still disease is rampant; more hospitals are required and the death rate soars. To theseHealing, 271:or unsuccessful diagnosis, will still be required until such time that physicians and surgeons haveHealing, 271:application of the right healing techniques, as required by the ray which conditions the patient'sHealing, 285:the results, and therefore the greater care required. Healing, 313:But careful watching and balancing will be required - balancing against the energies of the body.Healing, 319:know that the service of the form is no longer required and that it must be discarded. It will knowHealing, 334:group diet. No enforced elimination of meat is required or strict vegetarian diet compulsory. ThereHealing, 364:possible on the part of the watcher. All that is required and possible at present is simply toHealing, 372:where your destiny has cast you is all that is required of you. What are you accomplishing reallyHealing, 377:clairvoyant and clairaudient) will be required. There are many such growing up among the childrenHealing, 384:of despair and of fear. I refer also to the required attitudes which those seeking healing, theHealing, 406:immovable, and astral sensitivity is no longer required. There is a curious counterpart to thisHealing, 475:It withdraws from the extremities towards the required "door of exit" and focuses itself in theHealing, 484:due care must also be given to the formalities required by the state or the municipality. This timeHealing, 524:VII - The Fundamental Laws of Healing Qualities Required of the Healer In the laws and rules whichHealing, 526:how much knowledge and energy-control is required by the true healer. Power to utilize bothHealing, 538:perception and of mental understanding is required before the system I propose becomes effective.Healing, 549:and keep it free from disease. The knowledge required by the healer in the New Age is thereforeHealing, 601:a trained physician. The healer will provide the required occult knowledge. The time when any nice,Healing, 643:the personality) of the healer and - from the required center - to send it forth again into theHealing, 656:center. No physical contact by the hands is now required, and the healer must on no account touchHealing, 701:upon the spiritual way. Such advancement is required for correct finding of the ray quality. AHercules, 113:the one who dowered him with that which he required. And as he stood beside the dying queen, aghastHercules, 123:Rudhyar states that transfiguration is required rather than transformation. The three virtuesInitiation, 34:undergo the necessary discipline and to make the required stupendous effort, to enter the fifth orInitiation, 42:formed thousands of years before they will be required, and in the wise foreknowledge of theseInitiation, 67:In this linking up of the two planes people are required who are polarized in their mental bodiesInitiation, 117:the purposes of the Monad, and is no longer required, and the initiate stands free of both, fullyInitiation, 151:the power of the initiated vibrations build the required forms out of their own substance. Third.Initiation, 156:when the adept employs formulas of words only as required to carry out specific purposes along twoInitiation, 185:we have as yet apprehended or developed those required for traversing the Probationary Path, not toInitiation, 190:acts as a protecting shell, and both parts are required, and neither can exist without the other.Intellect, 78:it will fail in its objective. Fanaticism is not required. This is made clear in the Bhagavad Gita:Intellect, 208:to find it much easier to obtain the extra time required for the soul. He has always time for theMagic, 55:that, when dealing with individuals, the work required is twofold: To teach them how to link up theMagic, 79:any work of a magic nature. The amount of force required to effect certain results does not warrantMagic, 250:itself felt on the physical plane, a brain is required which is receptive to higher impulses andMagic, 399:devoted to the spiritual ideal. They were not required to possess active mentalities, and theirMagic, 532:the other forms retire, and that which is required to nourish and keep strong the outer, lacks. But
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