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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REQUIRED

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Magic, 541:We will, therefore, consider the qualifications required of those who are entitled to thisMagic, 577:others via the left. Much knowledge is therefore required in order to work scientifically. I haveMagic, 580:of purpose and recognition of the type of force required, then there is an instantaneous effect.Magic, 604:as now understood and needed will no longer be required. The detachment between a man and hisMeditation, 18:and every effort to the contemplation of what is required, and in sacrifice for that person orMeditation, 77:and when this is accomplished in the order required by the man's primary ray, then the work isMeditation, 80:and transmission, and instruct him in the order required for its convolutions along the path of theMeditation, 107:that necessitated some specific vibration and required therefore certain differentiated material.Meditation, 112:move quickly and rapid mental decision is required. He detests abstract thought yet appreciates itMeditation, 158:be surprised how seldom these forms will be required, and how few in number therefore they are. TheMeditation, 163:or when the united power of the Lodge is required to effect desired ends. Great events areMeditation, 173:and gains the light and information [173] required. He mounts likewise by entering into theMeditation, 202:of the ceremony. The only qualification required will be the capacity to align with the higher, andMeditation, 239:are dispensed with and the forms are no longer required, but the life ever remains and returns toMeditation, 278:needed rate of vibration can be held, that the required eliminations have been made, and a certainMeditation, 327:meals and recreate himself. All pupils will be required to retire to rest at night by ten o'clock,Meditation, 332:They see few as yet ready for the service required. But likewise They see some who, with a certainMeditation, 335:of water, externally and internally, is vitally required. By sleep. This should be always betweenMeditation, 346:these days, as a rule, four times as much as is required. He ceases from work when (throughPatanjaliof the will to some one truth (or principle) is required. 33. The peace of the chitta (or mindPatanjali, 72:of the will to some one truth (or principle) is required. It would be wise here, if the aspirant toPatanjali, 108:right proportions. The senses are no longer required by the onlooker except in so far as hePatanjali, 204:in the preceding sutra that the purification required is four fold and concerns four vehicles. ThePatanjali, 353:when an expression of the intensest rapidity is required. In the yogin his acts on the physicalProblems, 41:and to equip them with what is immediately required. They certainly do not want a horde of [42]Problems, 60:opportunity, plus the recognition that the required shift in objectives and change in methods willProblems, 66:neither of these planetary resources will be required? These are two instances of the fundamentalProblems, 66:from the grueling labor and the long hours today required in order to provide a living wage and theProblems, 70:exploited the world's resources and the staples required for civilized living; they have been ableProblems, 80:to do to aid humanity cannot be done without the required funds; the churches are materialistic inPsychology1, 20:gathered to Themselves that substance which They required for manifestation and built it into thosePsychology1, 59:embody divine purpose, express the qualities required for the materializing of that purpose, andPsychology1, 219:and the vegetable kingdom. The mineral content required for the skeleton structure is thereforePsychology1, 232:of the race must perforce provide that which is required. Also, in so doing we work for the comingPsychology1, 306:the altar of sacrifice, and the self-abnegation required in the life of the family are tremendousPsychology1, 306:and developing potencies. The celibacy required is that of the higher nature to the demands of thePsychology1, 355:times, the yoga of the age which produced the required at-one-ing or unification (preceding thePsychology2, 81:thus grasped into the form or appearance required, enduing it with the quality needed in a dynamicPsychology2, 82:so in the case of souls on the third ray the required material is chosen here and there, but thatPsychology2, 131:I am not here speaking of the qualifications required for the treading of the Path of DiscipleshipPsychology2, 176:of the type of discriminations which are required. These he will learn to distinguish instinctivelyPsychology2, 226:we dealing with the development [226] of those required characteristics which precede the stage ofPsychology2, 314:and hold coherently together the substance required by the soul with which to create a form ofPsychology2, 395:my attempt to show the vastness of the knowledge required When a man begins to use these three seedPsychology2, 410:comprehension of the resultant phenomena is required, and most careful handling. Arising from thesePsychology2, 447:crisis have been surmounted and passed, and the required fusions (which are simply stages inPsychology2, 476:interest in the world of glamor and illusion is required of all wise aspirants and disciples soPsychology2, 637:given the needed financial assistance to do the required educational work and goodwill propaganda,Psychology2, 657:very effort so to think is part of the technique required to expand the present humanPsychology2, 725:been accomplished, and that which is no longer required becomes, in its turn, a menace and a sourcePsychology2, 748:personal expression in the world. As regards the required united work, I can but indicate theRays, 25:and the testimony of the ages warrant the effort required for the expressed requirements. This isRays, 36:into the same group development is not required. Basically, what I am endeavoring to say anentRays, 112:the future of humanity and prepare to take the required steps to meet man's advancing aspiration. IRays, 137:and group approach to the Center of Life. The required mode of life and the needed individualRays, 162:purpose and having endowed man with certain required assets - consciousness, feeling, sensitivity,Rays, 175:Master or an adept of the fourth initiation) is required before the star can shine forth - theRays, 184:also be related, but such relationship is not required by the initiate who has consciouslyRays, 216:the personality vehicle nor the soul body is required, as under the old conditions. Their place canRays, 223:between man and the Father is any longer required; the Monad and the personality are in completeRays, 242:of our entire planetary manifestation. It required an instrument in which the cells and atoms ofRays, 279:hands, eternal in the Heavens," is no longer required; it has served its ancient purpose, and thatRays, 297:the same time subjecting himself to the training required in order to enable him to take his nextRays, 305:final rule) is asked to bring about? What is he required to destroy? Why is this destructionRays, 326:of the conscious building of the antahkarana was required; thus the gap between the mental unit andRays, 327:spiritual future indicated. It is that which is required now, for many are attaining the goalsRays, 346:statement. He will learn, therefore, the lessons required by one who is to work in an Ashram andRays, 352:have been hitherto needed but are no longer required. The electrical energy of the astral orRays, 391:made by the Master enables Him to take the required training to enter His chosen Path, and thisRays, 402:His magnetic power, He concentrates the energy required. Then through this triangle of force, asRays, 411:on to the seven Paths; only a certain number are required to fulfil cosmic intention; it wasRays, 439:without hesitancy and concern, take the next required steps. It is hard for the disciple -Rays, 440:existence"; not all the Masters make or are required to make the sacrifices which work for theRays, 475:plane. The "divine intermediary" is no longer required. The "Son of God Who is the Son of Mind"Rays, 507:though it persists and serves a purpose when so required by the Monad. From the form aspect, youRays, 510:real progress in the preparatory understanding required by all who hope some day to takeRays, 528:"a way of escape," and embody in Himself the required vision or goal. You will note here that IRays, 580:order; it provides a point of crisis and the required point of tension which will enable thoseRays, 595:and a growing sense of oneness which is required in order to take this initiation, and it is theRays, 643:of no service to you, as you are not yet of the required initiate-consciousness.) You can see,Rays, 680:process, the liberty to decide on the required form of government or of religion - these are theRays, 685:enforces and makes possible the hard work required to pass the grade. All these four techniquesRays, 689:is purely preparatory to this type of service required from an "energy transmitter." That is why,Rays, 705:instantaneously and by an act of the will, when required. The majority of the Masters who areRays, 710:the soul body nor the thread are any longer required; they become now only the symbols of aRays, 727:of the initiating group (when such a group is required), but the major factor is the developedRays, 758:argument for its usefulness or its potency is required. The usual invocative appeal has hithertoReappearance, 59:preconceived ideas of humanity. That the major required preparation is a world at peace; however,Reappearance, 102:consciousness of the men of Their time certain required ideas and concepts of truth. When TheyReappearance, 122:restoration, to the platform upon which the required teaching can be based and the structure whichReappearance, 162:coordination to prepare them for the service required, [163] before the reappearance of the ChristReappearance, 171:with the idea of His coming, and bring about the required measure of peace on earth - a peace basedReappearance, 171:or taken for granted), and the preparation required is that of working, with strength andReappearance, 177:the return of Christ, particularly if the aid required is the expenditure of money and time for theReappearance, 177:of thousands of apparently unimportant people is required. I would say that the most needed qualityReappearance, 178:movements always manage to accumulate the required funds whilst other groups, and particularly theReappearance, 179:of the cause for which the financial support is required. People may have the courage to speak, butSoul, 25:and the 'You' are merely compulsory expressions required by the necessities of language." - Prince,Soul, 59:with that sufficiency of experiments which is required to an accurate determination and [60]Telepathy, 38:embody the first steps leading to the attitude required in true hierarchical work; this is the
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