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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REQUIREMENT

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Astrology, 345:time and space. It is always compatible to the requirement. Virgo - This is the nurturing force ofAtom, 62:in a form and shape adequate to its need and requirement, utilizing that form as a means ofAutobiography, 301:needed qualities and, therefore, in meeting this requirement. It is this factor that has given toBethlehem, 29:changes in the race. Aspiration is a basic requirement, both in the individual and in the race.Bethlehem, 97:The purification of the lower nature is a requirement which the Christian Church has everBethlehem, 268:true expression of the life of God. If the first requirement of the man who seeks to prepareDestiny, 36:mistakes must inevitably take place. The major requirement therefore at this time is the rapidDestiny, 132:the ancient highways on foot, conforming to the requirement of their time and age, and today travelDiscipleship1, 20:to it, therefore, that your conformity to the requirement is met in the measure of your [21]Discipleship1, 33:our plans, often isolated and alone. The main requirement in the group work which I seek at thisDiscipleship1, 47:possible. I have stated that the first requirement is sensitivity. What exactly is this? It doesDiscipleship1, 130:Therefore, for you, detachment is an outstanding requirement and a quality to be cultivated. ThisDiscipleship1, 174:work with me, what I consider your major requirement at this time. In the equipment of allDiscipleship1, 196:and no more and no less. This is the outstanding requirement and demand of your soul from yourDiscipleship1, 216:close of this life and, my brother, it is one requirement that you can fulfil. You can also guardDiscipleship1, 297:Pure channels and released minds are the major requirement at this time, and I call you all to aDiscipleship1, 307:and of family relations is a necessary requirement in treading the Path, and until a disciple seesDiscipleship1, 508:thing to request but if you conform to this requirement, the results may be more potent than youDiscipleship1, 582:sense of those words. Such a mind is a basic requirement for all disciples and for all candidatesDiscipleship2, 53:the "pull" of the Hierarchy, is the next major requirement. This will produce the right carryingDiscipleship2, 58:In October, if you have faithfully fulfiled requirement, I will outline the work next to be done.Discipleship2, 59:the soul powers, makes meditation an essential requirement, and is the mode - ahead of all others -Discipleship2, 204:and who will rapidly join the group. The main requirement is Meditation but - as you know - it isDiscipleship2, 569:of set meditations and definite forms; your requirement at this time is to start each day of yourDiscipleship2, 629:It is in the formulating of that need and that requirement that your progress will be made. I wouldDiscipleship2, 630:is the next needed truth, type of revelation or requirement which will enable you to move forwardEducation, 38:arithmetic are regarded as the minimum requirement; to know something of past events - historical,Education, 88:to the good of the whole, and that the major requirement is an attitude of goodwill and a constantExternalisation, 24:than I have done so far to help to meet this requirement? What more of my time can I give to helpExternalisation, 247:then - having fulfiled every physical plane requirement - to stand immovable. But you must standExternalisation, 340:must all give place to the one supreme requirement - the winning of the war and the releasing ofExternalisation, 629:the first prerequisite is courage. The second requirement for the workers of the Christ is to makeGlamour, 197:which holds humanity in thrall is an essential requirement for the race. The new era which willGlamour, 226:attacked. This "pooling of the light" is a major requirement and must ever be borne in mind.Hercules, 203:things. How shall we fit ourselves to meet that requirement, to possess those characteristics whichIntellect, 95:with the trial. The significance of the second requirement, spiritual reading, must also beIntellect, 96:- Chapter Five - Stages in Meditation The third requirement is obedience to the Master. This is noIntellect, 97:distinguish accurately between these three. This requirement, therefore, calls for that implicitIntellect, 206:but it can be entered upon at once. The latter requirement of stated concentration periods, canMagic, 207:conditions for the manifestation of the requirement. Learn to use the will through the developmentMagic, 342:After all, sound common sense is the special requirement, and also the realization that one's workMagic, 423:Ten - The New Group of World Servers The second requirement which will establish relation betweenMagic, 559:- The Precipitation of Thought-Forms The second requirement is detachment. The worker in whiteMagic, 560:to demonstrate it. Non-criticism is the third requirement. What shall I say about that? Why is itMagic, 560:about that? Why is it regarded as so essential a requirement? Because criticism (analysis and,Meditation, 304:the faculties inherent in the microcosm. By the requirement, demanded of all affiliated pupilsPatanjali, 87:the negation of all that does not meet that requirement, the emptying of the hands so as to be freePatanjali, 358:at further possibilities. Here the first basic requirement is touched upon, discrimination betweenProblems, 61:to the good of the whole, that the major requirement is an attitude of goodwill and a constantPsychology1, 190:and only those students who conform to the requirement of grasping the general outline and thePsychology2, 374:express that inclusive love which is his major requirement and to let go the narrow, one-pointedPsychology2, 600:(I might say, usually) the meeting of a sensed requirement or obligation which would serve theRays, 37:the needed soul focus. This is a fundamental requirement. These three forms of application areRays, 222:at the midway point. In the fulfilment of the requirement here enjoined, the group enters upon itsRays, 537:character which is rightly regarded as the first requirement when a man steps off the ProbationaryReappearance, 177:the first prerequisite is Courage. The second requirement for the workers of the Christ is to make
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