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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REQUIREMENTS

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Externalisation, 191:nation, upon its own internal resources and the requirements of its people. All this will be workedExternalisation, 197:have their place; they will know their national requirements (based on population and internalExternalisation, 222:culture. Many refrain from specification of the requirements of such a Coming One today, because ofExternalisation, 311:of humanity and a sense of proportion. The only requirements today for disciples and aspirants mayExternalisation, 363:an enforced return to simplicity of living and requirements may save the coming revelation from tooExternalisation, 441:much can then become possible if hierarchical requirements are met. A year of preparation for theExternalisation, 507:brotherhood and the right understanding of the requirements of all souls, be they far advancedExternalisation, 558:in order to be affiliated with Christ. The requirements are to love your fellowmen, lead aExternalisation, 587:him. Unless he fulfils within himself the requirements enumerated in this section of our study, heExternalisation, 679:thought. There are, however, three fundamental requirements which must condition and color all theGlamour, 61:glandular equipment, as the result of the above requirements. Ponder upon this thought. Most ideas,Glamour, 74:freed Themselves from the control of material requirements, from the thralldom of money and theGlamour, 75:as the more elevated and less material requirements of the mystic or hermit. We are rated asGlamour, 190:an enforced return to simplicity of living and requirements may save the coming revelation from tooGlamour, 225:all sixth and fourth ray initiates. One of the requirements in this group work is a most carefulGlamour, 254:daily, unchanging compliance with the requirements and fails to render that application which wouldHealing, 7:patient? Two words I give you which embody the requirements of all true healers, and towards whichHealing, 80:(when dealing with the section on certain basic requirements) I shall elaborate the theme muchHealing, 166:if they had the ability to add to all the above requirements the use of certain Words and Mantrams,Healing, 166:knowledge would indeed be needless. But these requirements are not and can not be met. Healers, asHealing, 253:frequent inspection, pure food laws, legal requirements and better housing conditions are allHealing, 272:on a sure knowledge of anatomy, its diagnosis of requirements can be intelligently controlled, andHealing, 283:using the energy of the mind for mainly physical requirements have soundly negated its basicHealing, 326:mechanism can stand the pressure of the soul requirements, as they must be met in each specificHealing, 334:individuals, need, in what manner their bodily requirements can best be met, and what type ofHealing, 380: Esoteric Healing - Chapter IV - The Basic Requirements for Healing Part Two The Basic RequirementsHealing, 380:Requirements for Healing Part Two The Basic Requirements for Healing We are now entering upon a newHealing, 384: Esoteric Healing - Chapter IV - The Basic Requirements for Healing Along every line of man'sHealing, 384:that we can now start considering the basic requirements which man must meet before he can moveHealing, 384:must cope, principally along mental lines. These requirements will evoke the mental attention ofHealing, 386:into the Master's ashramic group. These ten requirements may appear simple but are not so by anyHealing, 388: Esoteric Healing - Chapter IV - The Basic Requirements for Healing It will also be obvious to youHealing, 391:with which we are now engaged, called The Basic Requirements, has reference in reality to theHealing, 391: Esoteric Healing - Chapter IV - The Basic Requirements for Healing We are therefore considering,Healing, 394: Esoteric Healing - Chapter IV - The Basic Requirements for Healing You will note that the variousHealing, 394:words I have chosen in considering the basic requirements have been so chosen for their specificHealing, 397: Esoteric Healing - Chapter IV - The Basic Requirements for Healing Present Attitudes to Death IHealing, 400: Esoteric Healing - Chapter IV - The Basic Requirements for Healing The problem of death, needlessHealing, 403: Esoteric Healing - Chapter IV - The Basic Requirements for Healing The occultists of the world,Healing, 404:also from a sense of responsibility and to meet requirements which an earlier breaking of the lawsHealing, 405:have [405] imposed upon him. When these requirements, soul necessities, experiences andHealing, 407: Esoteric Healing - Chapter IV - The Basic Requirements for Healing We shall therefore consider theHealing, 410: Esoteric Healing - Chapter IV - The Basic Requirements for Healing On Death Excerpts from otherHealing, 413: Esoteric Healing - Chapter IV - The Basic Requirements for Healing A Treatise on Cosmic Fire: TheHealing, 416: Esoteric Healing - Chapter IV - The Basic Requirements for Healing Death and the Etheric Body AHealing, 419: Esoteric Healing - Chapter IV - The Basic Requirements for Healing Second. The etheric double of aHealing, 428:body of a certain caliber, adequate to the requirements and age of that soul. Energized thatHealing, 485:is necessary from family feeling or municipal requirements, cremation should follow death withinHealing, 502:disciple; the soul is no longer subject to their requirements, and the man is free because diseaseHealing, 504:Three, the last point which deals with the Basic Requirements, and must now consider the use of theHealing, 521:or planetary. I then dealt with certain basic requirements of conditions and attitudes which mustHealing, 522:which, [522] when full grown, will indicate the requirements for those who - having achieved theHealing, 524:of the healer are mentioned and certain needed requirements are indicated. These we should registerHealing, 528:Laws of Healing In the study of these requirements there is no need for discouragement. Such aHealing, 528:many healers who will fulfil to some degree the requirements which I have listed above. TheHealing, 536:discouraging you - certain of the essential requirements of the healer in the New Age, and alsoHealing, 600:he so chooses and is willing to conform to the requirements. The current idea that a person is aHealing, 671:your attention also to the three fundamental requirements for a successful approach to thisHealing, 672:to consider with you the nature of the three requirements presented as essential for a certainHealing, 672:which must be used, but love. These three basic requirements concern attainment on various planesHealing, 675:may exist between patient and healer. To these requirements I would like to add another factor:Healing, 675:therefore be apparent how these three divine requirements (when stepped down for the use of theHealing, 677:Only as the healer has cultivated the three requirements, and has therefore developed himself as aHealing, 677:determination to heal the patient that the three requirements are neglected. Then both he and theHealing, 677:to effect a healing. Let him ponder on the three requirements, particularly the first, and let himHealing, 677:and let him fulfil within himself these three requirements as far as in him lies and his point inHealing, 704:circumstances. There are certain elementary requirements or conditions in which the healer shouldHercules, 30:and has been promised that if he fulfils the requirements he will be translated into the kingdom ofHercules, 70:of purity of motive, a willingness to fulfil the requirements, and the satisfaction that they haveIntellect, 78:of meditating is itself accompanied by the other requirements under the "ordered process" (such asIntellect, 91:intellectual aspirant, there are certain basic requirements which must precede any definiteIntellect, 91:the goal is ever to be attained. The preliminary requirements need only just be noted, for they areIntellect, 215:upon these assumptions, have fulfiled the needed requirements, and - as a result - have changedIntellect, 216:We proceed, therefore, to comply with the first requirements and endeavor to bring to bear uponIntellect, 219:for the Westerner the sitting attitude; the main requirements are that we should sit erect, withIntellect, 246:of the soul is totally unable to measure up to requirements; there are aspects of their life uponMagic, 54:this book are prepared to carry out the simple requirements, to read what is written thoughtfully,Magic, 136:inaugurate the New Age, can measure up to the requirements. Magic, 169:is given; from a study of himself and of the requirements he arrives at the conclusion that perhapsMagic, 174:spiritual aspiration are basic and unalterable requirements, yet more is needed if the right toMagic, 174:and no earnest, sincere soul, who meets the requirements, ever receives a rebuff. There is noMagic, 192:subordinating [192] elemental lives to the requirements of spiritual being, and bringing intoMagic, 200:answered. I will state therefore the necessary requirements as succinctly as possible, giving themMagic, 207:time. And what shall I say about the last three requirements? Nothing much, for the time is not yetMagic, 398:for work and who have measured up to the requirements, have found their way into the ranks of thoseMagic, 414:of names is kept, and there are only three main requirements: A certain amount of at-one-mentMagic, 416:of contact can be all subordinated to the group requirements. Magic, 456:To do this he has to fulfil certain initial requirements, which might be briefly stated as follows:Magic, 543:one thing: - all students realize that certain requirements must be met if a man is to be entrustedMagic, 545:Quaternaries to be Recognized The clue to the requirements of a more esoteric kind is given to usMagic, 549:words and note how the concept of the ideal requirements which constitute the equipment of theMagic, 557:be of use here if I expressed quite simply the requirements needed to bring about the manifestationMagic, 583:a life which is an example to others. These four requirements may sound at the first superficialMeditation, 22:of that body measures up to certain requirements. The whole process is one of Law and not, as is soMeditation, 26:a better; he has a desire body of more refined requirements (note the occult significance of thatMeditation, 88:necessary rules, to conform to the prescribed requirements, and to make the comprehended mentalMeditation, 90:and stable. Who as yet answers to all these requirements? I am endeavoring to give you a generalMeditation, 102:is to take that body, realize its defects and requirements, and then deliberately set in and buildMeditation, 301:aright that the superstructure measures up to requirements. [302] 1. The One Fundamental School ItMeditation, 311:school. Generally speaking (for national requirements vary much), the school for the preparatory
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