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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RESEMBLANCE

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Astrology, 132:of the decanates and between them there is much resemblance but there is, however, an importantAstrology, 478:disciple can express in himself the integrated resemblance to these three aspects, he will not beAstrology, 603:are not the same. In the first case there is resemblance but not in detail. In the second, there isAtom, 79:the human being as an atom, and traced the resemblance of man to an atom; we found that heBethlehem, 237:us that the mysteries of Osiris bear a close resemblance to the Christian teaching, and that afterExternalisation, 442:(esoterically understood and bearing little resemblance to what is usually understood by thoseExternalisation, 516:manifest the ancient way to heal which has small resemblance to the modern methods of the mentalExternalisation, 526:the Hierarchy may impose upon Itself bear small resemblance to the adjustments which you have toFire, 84:Seventh. Thus in all the three bodies will the resemblance clearly be seen, and the working out inFire, 92:human beings owing to the fact of the essential resemblance of their bodily substance to man'sFire, 245:there will be found unchangeable points of resemblance, but in development the stages of growth mayFire, 246:as he is by limited apprehension. The points of resemblance between the four might be summed up asFire, 305:of Their Own Nature, yet the analogy of resemblance must not be pushed to extremity. Man reflects,Fire, 329:analogies be worked out, for ever this Law of Resemblance holds good; yet ever must it beFire, 458:Holy Spirit, the manas aspect. Think out this resemblance, and trace the analogy between the cosmicFire, 544:the causal body, we shall have noted the close resemblance between that egoic body, viewed as aFire, 630:even further back and thus bear in mind the resemblance between microcosmic and macrocosmicFire, 846:may be gathered if it is stated that there is a resemblance between this vibration, or thisFire, 891:an evolution of a peculiar nature, with a close resemblance to the human. They have bodies of aFire, 897:interior caverns of the planet. The microcosmic resemblance to the great Life of the planet is seenFire, 941:aspects of the macrocosm. Here too is found a resemblance to the work of the first three SephirothsFire, 1056:is exceedingly strong, and has a curious resemblance (as far as the physical planet is concerned)Fire, 1056:and potent effect upon the human atom. The resemblance must not be strained, for it should be borneFire, 1195:though there is close connection, there is no resemblance. The "Rays" are but the primordial formsHealing, 20:Western theologian. The real truth bears little resemblance to our modern formulations. I am,Healing, 589:into expression. There is, therefore, a curious resemblance between the three divine aspects inMeditation, 227:most misleading. The red, for instance, has no resemblance to that termed red or rose on the lowerProblems, 106:warrior would appear to have no point of resemblance except their color - constantly fighting amongPsychology1, 127:lies in similarity of color, which entails a resemblance in note and rhythm. When, therefore, a manPsychology1, 127:is on the blue and yellow rays, with a secondary resemblance to the yellow, there may bePsychology1, 233:of our animal bodies, our [233] appreciation of resemblance and of identical possibilitiesPsychology1, 270:that on the surface there may appear no point of resemblance; yet basically both of these attitudesRays, 348:which he may joyously pass has no faintest resemblance to the truth; the idea that a man of a niceRays, 418:certain Sirian institutions and bearing a slight resemblance also to our hierarchical life - asSoul, 94:Prasad in Nature's Finer Forces, pp. 187-188. A resemblance between the luminiferous ether of theTelepathy, 179:center in a planet or in the human body, and the resemblance - based upon what I gave you herein in
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