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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RESENTMENT

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Autobiography, 16:of us in our early years and also our father's resentment over our existence, particularly, forDestiny, 59:hate and with the minimum of persecution and of resentment; she stands steadily for peace, noDiscipleship1, 100:must, however, be disrupted and you must feel no resentment. The rhythms of the personality areDiscipleship1, 242:circle of human contacts and have a feeling of resentment - oft unrecognized - when this is not theDiscipleship1, 300:drove you behind this wall in hurt pride and resentment [301] that your brothers should know yourDiscipleship1, 301:unloving that knowledge need evoke criticism and resentment, instead of love and understanding?Discipleship1, 508:you like, but sit still. Love and quietness, not resentment and restlessness, are your immediateDiscipleship1, 508:life during the coming months. Restlessness and resentment, self-pity and suspicion are yourDiscipleship1, 508:discouraged by the cropping up of the hydra of resentment and of suspicion with its many heads. YetDiscipleship1, 738:If this process, when applied by him evokes resentment and disappointment upon their part, then theDiscipleship2, 92:when I attempted to help them along these lines, resentment only was evoked. In many cases (as IDiscipleship2, 570:of achieved progress is of any importance. Your resentment of criticism (which is sharp andDiscipleship2, 570:in fancied achievement but is more a fierce resentment over failure. You add your own criticism ofDiscipleship2, 682:two reasons: Your judgment is clouded by your resentment to what you, perhaps naturally, regardedDiscipleship2, 682:loyalties are based on a class idea and on class resentment and not on clear thinking through toDiscipleship2, 683:clear thinking and then decision, but prejudice, resentment and fear. But today I shall not dealExternalisation, 326:(which I have made in other writings) has evoked resentment in the minds of those who believe thatExternalisation, 327:First, the steadily mounting feeling of intense resentment (amounting to hate in the case of someHealing, 13:His inability to see the true uses of pain. His resentment at suffering. His misunderstanding ofMagic, 620:the growing impersonality of the age is one of resentment, or do they find that this relatively newRays, 72:attitude of theirs evokes in him, when sensed, a resentment and a criticism which he realizes is
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